Wednesday, March 31


My friend got tickets to Dancing with the Stars. She asked if I wanted to go.. and who would say no!

So I dropped the kids off with my wonderful mother in law and headed to LA and CBS Studios.

We ALMOST didn't make it in last night, but last minute the sent us in! I have never been in a room with so many celebrities, B list or not! It was so fun.

Buzz Aldrin? Pamela Anderson? Kate Gosselin? Shannon Doreghty? Jake? It was so fun.

My friend Melody is a crazy. She was all about getting to talk to the celebs. We leaned over the balcony and chatted with Jake and Vienna. She is actually really pretty. The camera really does add 10 lbs. cause she is teeny tiny. They didn't look in love though, and her eyes are wacked. You know.. has to be a lazy eye.

Anyways, Melody said, "Jake and Vienna, we love you guys!" and he said, "Thanks", and then he asked if we voted. We said yes, although none of us vote, and we don't like them together, but hey what would you say to semi famous people?

Tom Burgeron and Brooke Burke walked right pasted us to film, Tom said hi, he is nice. Brooke is SOO skinny. And when Tom and Brooke are on the balcony, my friend Megan is wearing a bright pink dress and she was LEANING, so you could see her. I laughed when I watched it today. :)

Then we walked around the Grove. Did a little shopping, and ate at Maggiano's where most of the DWTS cast goes for dinner after.

We got a picture with Mark Ballas... again, because of Melody. I don't do well around famous people.

Super Fun! Thanks for the invite!

Monday, March 29

Some things Easter..

Next week is Easter, but Easter also falls on our General Conference for our church, so this past Sunday was our Sunday to wear our new Easter wear.... and wear they did!
My mom bought the pink shirt, I made Merrick's tie out of some leftover Amy Butler fabric I had, my mom bought Berkleigh's yellow cardi, and I made the skirt with the GINORMOUS blue flower. Inspiration here. I also thought that huge flower was not enough... so I had to make more flowers for her shoes.

Our little block got together for an egg hunt on Saturday. We did some of the commercial Easter things together because most of us will be out of town for real Easter.

There were so many eggs! It was awesome!

Saturday, March 27

the difference between boys and girls:

An experiment in the making...

Someone once told me that having boy/girl twins is the greatest experiment between male and female this world has ever seen.

I believe he was right.

The funniest things happen between these two rascals, and I love to see their gender shine through. They are definitely different!

Exhibit A:

While outside today, Merrick chose to find bugs:

Berkleigh chose to push her doll around in the stroller, and to feed her cereal bits (what a good mom!):

Merrick wanted nothing to do with our little photo shoot:

Berkleigh wanted everything to do with our little photo shoot:

Let the experiment continue!

Wednesday, March 24

Progress after Day 1:

I am going to do ONE AT A TIME! I felt like I was in the bathroom all day! I mean, I know everyone says that, but with one kid you are probably in the bathroom quite a bit, but with TWO, man, once one was done, I had to get the other on the pot!
(I think that is a run on...)

Lets see who I pick to potty train first?
Berkleigh totally caught on to the idea that you get something if you pee in the toilet. She peed in the toilet a couple times, and wore her underwear ALL day.

Merrick could care less. Loved the underwear, but I think he thought it was just a thin diaper. Probably 6 wet accidents and, I hate to say it, but a poopy one too.

I will be potty training Berkleigh first. :) I am not superwoman.

Who knows though, I might be a gluten for punishment and try them both again tomorrow. :)

And after potty training...

Get rid of this habit!

Gotta go to bed! I need all the sleep I can get!


Satisfying and Unsatisfying...

Yesterday was Free Cone Day at Ben and Jerry's. We enjoyed ourselves some! It was delicious. There is something satisfying about walking into a store, getting something, and walking out without having to pay... (without stealing!)
It only took us like 10 minutes to go from the end of the line to getting our icecream. Not bad! I have waited longer at 31 flavors, and I don't even love it!

The UNSATISFYING thing... starting Potty Training today!!!
Wish me luck!
Any advice?
Anyone done two kids at the same time?
I am in for it! :)
Stay tuned for the accidents and the successes.
I am sure there will be plenty. :)

a prehistoric FHE

So my Father in law is Mayor Tempore. That means he is Vice Mayor. He has been the mayor before of the city they live in. He is good at what he does. He works really hard, but plays really hard. He is a great guy!

He helped in the construction of this beautiful community center in their city. For FHE we went... it was so fun. My father in law acted as docent, and we marched around Laguna Hills looking at fossils. Apparently Laguna Hills used to be where a major river ran through, and tons of fossils can be found.

We went to a park that had fossils:

Then on to the community center to see the fossils they have found in Laguna Hills:

Then we headed to City Hall, where my father in law discusses political city issues with the other city councilmen.
Berkleigh was excited to see Grandpa on the wall:

They just commissioned an artist to come paint some murals in the city council room to depict what Laguna Hills was like in the past.

Here he is telling us about it:

Aren't they beautiful?

Thanks Craig for a great FHE!

Saturday, March 20

Give a Day

I was on a walk the other day with my friends Amber and Kristy. Amber was telling us about how she did the Give a Day get a Disney Day Service Project. (If you do service you get in free for a day.)
I thought I couldn't do it, cause the day couldn't be put towards renewing a pass if you already had a pass... but Amber is SO smart. :) She found the loop hole. She let her pass expire. Did the Disney Service. Will get a new annual pass when she gets her voucher. BRILLANT!

So Kristy and I signed up! We must have been some of the last people to sign up because they just reached their million volunteer mark and stopped the program. My MIL watched the twins, and we jumped in the car and drove to Orange to work at a preschool for 4 hours.

They had us clean the furniture and draw things for them. How easy is that! We felt good about ourselves and we each get $70 towards our new annual passes... ahh!

Thanks Amber for the brillant plan, thanks Jackie for watching the kidlets, thanks Kristy for coming with me, and thanks to Disney for fun weekday activities. :)

Thursday, March 18

little green guy

St. Patrick's Day involved the usus...

wearing green...

and trying to capture a leprechaun...
(That little green guy got away but not without leaving green shamrock pancakes and his footprints everywhere!)