Monday, September 27

Our Bed is Happy

My bed has a wish list. Doesn't yours? Lucky for it, and for me, our bed has been lucky enough to get what it wants.

On its wish list was this duvet from Anthropologie...
Unfortunately, I only had a gift card that could cover the duvet cover. which for some strange reason was 50% off, and not the {$$$} pricey Euro Pillow Shams or dust ruffle!

Then I found a dust ruffle that went on sale at the Anthropologie that matched, but didn't, which I love so I forked over the $10 for it. A steal right?

Still the Euro Shams have left our little bed sad and unfinished...

So to make our little bed happy, I decided to take the matter into our own hands! I took some vintage hankerchiefs that used to be my grandmas, and used them to make new Euro pillow shams for our bed.
Aren't these handkerchiefs amazing!

They turned out great! I love them, and more importantly our Bed is Happy!

103 degrees

It is Monday, September 27!!!
So my question is, "Why was it 90 degrees yesterday and 103 today?"
I thought I was going to die.

What do you do when it is this hot and you don't have AC?

Here is what we did...
We went swimming at our friend's grandma's pool for 3 hours.
Then we came home, tried to nap, but it was 90 degrees in our house, so we went outside and played in a baby pool. We were outside from 11-5:30!

We enjoyed some mini ice cream cones.

Caught a breeze on the rope swing.

Then we had cold tubby time at 5:45, ate dinner and were off to bed! I love early bedtimes more than naps I think!

On Saturday, another HOT day, we went down to the beach. The tide was SOOO low. It was fun to walk out 100 yards more than normal and still have the water ONLY hit our ankles.

Ok, Summer, I know you are hangin' on, but we are ready for you to leave.

Saturday, September 25

Its all about Buzz

We were at Goodwill the other day, and found this bad boy for $2.99. There was almost a brawl in the Goodwill because some SUPER WT woman asked where I got it and said we better leave before her son sees it because he will fight to the death for it. I thought, yea, your son, the one playing with those two barbies, I bet he can fight to the death, pansy.
But still I have had a couple of confrontations in Goodwill. People are crazy for a good deal.

Anyways, the day we got it, Merrick would not put him down. He told me, "Mom, I love Buzz."
Best three dollars I ever spent!

Yesterday we went to see Toy Story 3 at the dollar theater with some friends.
Oh, how I love that movie.
I cried again.

Buzz himself, loved to watch it with Merrick.

Here are some old, never posted pictures of Merrick pretending to be Buzz.

With every superhero there has to be a villian. Berkleigh was pretending to be Zurg!

Ok, sometimes he likes to be Zurg too.

I am glad he has such a great role model to look up to!

Friday, September 24

A "hot & cold" date at the Pond

I got to go with this "hot" guy to the "cold" pond for some ducks watching!

One of Tyson's attending has season tickets to the Anaheim Ducks. We even got to park in his special parking spot that was right next to the Honda Center.
It was fun and free! Gotta love that!

I am not a sports watcher. I love going to a live game of anything, because I think there is a lot of excitement in the air, but I DON'T watch the game while I am there.. Wednesday, I did.
I think I like Hockey!
I think I like feeling scared sometimes, and I did feel scared the whole time.
That puck flew right at us like 5 times!

We were in Row 4. It was awesome!

The fight.

It was lots of fun!
And the Ducks won! Not bad!

Tuesday, September 21

i MADE it! {A Photo Shoot}

Ever read the blog Made? I am sure you have! It is one awesome blog.
Dana is super creative, and I love the clothes she makes for her kids.

Plus, I just won my first giveaway.. and it was from her blog! I am super excited to get the wall hanging. I really wanted this one bad, and I won!

Awhile ago some friends and I made the Market Skirt.

While my mom was here, we made Berkleigh the Shirtdress out of one of Tyson's old shirts! We had extra, so we made one for her doll too!

And then last night I just finished another Market Skirt in hopes of lessening my project pile!
I loved how it turned out, so Berkleigh and I set off after church on Sunday to have a little photo shoot..

Thanks Dana for your inspirations, patterns, ideas, and my giveaway prize!

Monday, September 20

Quick Getaways

On Sunday, church ended earlier than normal, and now that my kids don't nap, the day seemed to drag on! I remember looking at the clock and thinking, "It is only 1:45!" So we packed up our kids and the neighbors (hehe) for a quick little getaway to Balboa for a nice afternoon stroll.
It was beautiful.
We stopped to check out our canoes, tie up the row boats, and play in the sand.
What a beautiful day by the bay.

On Monday, Tyson got home a little early from work, so we booked it San Clemente with Kenz and went surfing. Well, I didn't surf, but I took my crazy zoom lens and took pictures of Mackenzie and Tyson while they surfed.

Today the twins went back for their second week of preschool.
They took their newly decorated buckets which they use instead of backpacks.
And now I am sitting at my computer, listening to Vampire Weekend, waiting for my neighbor to be ready to run, and then I will shower (a long one), get ready (first time in a week), and go run some errands.

I love little getaways!