Tuesday, August 31


and Sunday...
Saturday we took our free Whale Watching tickets and went again because Tyson would not be able to go any weekend in September. What a blast! We saw 4 Blue Whales, 1 Fin Whale, a pod of dolphins and a couple of seals.

It was so cool to see the whales, but as you can tell by the pictures they look like huge rocks with water coming out the top! The dolphins are almost more fun to see because they play!

We did see one whale fluke though!
(Obviously not my picture! We were not that close, and I didn't get my camera up in time for the beautiful sight.)

Here were the whales we saw!

and this is a pretty small fish, but Tyson can fish anywhere!

After whale watching we came home and went to our wards Potato Car Races. It was so fun!

Sunday, August 29

Knuffle Bunny

This is one of the first days I thought of when deciding to do this Summer of Books! I put it towards the end of the summer so I could have something to look forward too. We love this book. Again, it is a Mo Willems book, he also wrote "Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus".
We had so much fun on Thursday, reading this book, taking our favorite blankets and stuffed animals to the Laundomat to clean them up a bit.

(Lame, I know, that I have to tell you this, but in the book the illustrations are black and white photographs with draw characters. I love it, so I tried to recreate it with my photos, I kept the twins in color and made the background black and white... told you cause you can't really tell!)

With our dirty monkeys and blankets!

Goofing off!

The machines!

Preparing the wash!

Ready to be cleaned!

While drying we...
had cart races, pushed lots of buttons, and climbed in and out of the washers and dryers.
We were the only ones in there, so I let them go crazy!

We even stopped the fun to watch our friends in the spin cycle!

Finally clean!


On Friday we read this book...
We read this book and did lots of things that start with P all at the SAME time!
We were outside for like 5 hours. It was heaven!

We had a Pool Party and ate Pizza in the Pool!
Then we Painted the sidewalks with water.

Merrick drew and "I" and a "snowman"!

Wednesday, August 25

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Today we went to the free movie at our local theater. We saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, so we read the book before we went! What fun. Thanks girls!

The twins took a SUPER long nap today.. which is a novelty these days. They only really nap every couple of days, so I took the opportunity to do a little dinner prep. We tried a new recipe that was DELICIOUS.
I am going to post the recipe on THIS blog, so go get it if you know what is good for your stomach. :)

Bread and Jam for Frances

Love this book...

I have waited for this day! We needed more jam... and I didn't want to buy store bought jam.
I love homemade bread and jam! This book has been a favorite of mine FOREVER. I was excited to share it with my kids!

Who planned to bake on such a hot day! I am dumb... but the kids loved it and it was so fun!

Pouring in the freezer pectin and sugar.

Smashing the strawberries and mixing the sugar, pectin and strawberries together.

And done!

Then we made the bread!

And if I wasn't in the kitchen long enough, we made these scrumptious things...
TJ's I love you. I really do!