Tuesday, June 30


Eighth Day of Fun at the Bolsa Chica Wetlands.

Eight million birds flying eight inches away from our faces.

Eight degrees outside.
(Sorry the blur starts again... I need a new camera.)

Eight fingers and two thumbs intertwined while bird watching.

Eight letters will tell you how much these two love each other. :)

Look at Days 5, 6, and 7

Saturday: We bought a $5 pizza and ate it at the beach, walked around, and played in the sand.

Look at that happy boy!

Look at the ocean!

Sunday: We went to the Scott's because Brianna and "friend"were there. :) We ate, played badminton, and opened gifts from Italy. 
(I got a green pashmina, and couldn't be happier!)

Look at the determination! 

Look at Brooke's face! (and my new skirt! Love it!)

Look at that shuttlecock!

Look at that form!

Look at that concentration!

Monday: Beach day (I lasted 45 minutes until I was an ice cube.)
                A walk to Lake Park with the girls in my neighborhood.

Look how good I look blurry! :)
From June 09
Look at that pouty face!

Look at that cute thang!

Saturday, June 27


What a weekend.

Tyson has a conference at Disneyland with a bunch of other foot surgeons.

The twins had fun days everyday with grandma and grandpa and their awesome backyard.

And I had a blast as girls camp. (I am wasted, and I didn't even go to camp for the full 4 days.)

Our EQ had a white trash pinewood derby, and it wasn't for the little folk in blue. It was for the "men".

Here are my white trash kids...
Tyson dressed Berkleigh, and I dressed Merrick. I love the no pants. It is cracking me up.

The proud white trash girls, cheering on the men folk.

They had three races. The regular pinewood derby race, a speed race (where you could use anything, like a rocket, to propel your car), and a destruction race (where you tried to knock the other pinewood derby cars off the track.)

So fun... i hope it becomes an annual celebration.

Wednesday, June 24

Day 2

Ran 2 miles

Got shredded with 2 of my friends.

Went to story time.
You can see the stamps from Storytime on his hands. He always wants two. :)

Went to the park.

Monday, June 22

Taking Advantage

We live in a beautiful place. We live 5 minutes from the beach. We have great friends who live right next door and all around us. Summer just started. We will take advantage. I am determined to do something FUN everyday for the WHOLE summer.

Here is Day 1:

2 mile morning run with friend/neighbor Kristy.

Got shredded. :)

2 mile morning bike ride with SIL Brooke.

Relief Society Beach "Park" Day every Monday at 10:30.

Love this picture.

Buried alive.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but I am determined to have a fun summer.

Sunday, June 21

To the Hands On Dad...

Dear Dad,

You are the greatest dad. You play with us all the time. You let us do funny things to you.

You take us on adventures. 
You get us up, and outside, and laughing.

Thanks for supplying our family with quesadillas, jam sandwiches, and bicycle rides.

Thanks for working hard for us, so we can stay home and do fun things.

We love you! We starting asking for you every time we get in the car, every time we see a picture of you, and every time we think about you.

Have a good Father's Day! 

We love you!

Jen, Merrick & Berkleigh

Friday, June 19


like babies, but bigger.
Berkleigh says, "My bu bed."Translation: "My Big Bed."

They aren't how I want them. There are other pieces of furniture that I found on the street that need to be painted and put in the room. The room will be switched around. The easel won't be that close to the bed, stuff needs to be put on the walls, the beds need to be painted, and the quilts need to be finished. I have crafternoon planned for the next 6 months. :)

Thursday, June 18

8:34 pm

...and all through the house no creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

The twins were put in their toddler beds tonight, for the first time...

They have been there for 30 minutes.

Let hope they stay there.

Live update tomorrow morning.

Sunday, June 14

Up and Away

We went Up yesterday... yes up in that bright orange hot air balloon...
...and did I tell you, you can go up for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

The twins will tell you all about it...

While we waited for the wind to calm down...

we climbed trees.

Here it is right before we boarded...

Tyson was freaking out... (He is scared a of heights, way to get back on the horse!)

Way up high... 40 stories or 400ft to be exact.

Just so you can gauge how high we were...
this is the parking lot with our car.

What a fun trip... now anyone want to go with us? We want to go again!

Thursday, June 11

Creatures of Habit

4 Months Old

28 Months Old