Monday, February 28

Belated Birthday Present: Merrick

Tyson loves to fish.

He wants a fishing buddy.

Tyson took Merrick fishing.
Grandpa came too.

They are guys and only took 5 pictures.

Oh, and they caught NO fish... in a stocked lake.
Although no fish were caught, Merrick cannot stop talking about his fishing day with Dad and Grandpa.
It was really special for him!

Saturday, February 26

Belated Birthday Present : Berkleigh

Berkleigh has a best friend. Her name is Molly.

They love Rapunzel.

Ginger is her mom. She is my friend. We are good moms.
We let Berkleigh and Molly go on a special date with us.
To Disneyland.
Wearing their princess dresses.
We waited an hour to see Rapunzel.

We rode one ride.

We ate lunch.
We took the girls to get mani/pedis.
It was a princess pamper day for their birthdays!

I made them each fluffly little "Rapunzel" slippers to wear that day.
(idea from the overpriced version at Gap Kids.)

It was such a fun day.
Stay tuned for Merrick's Belated Birthday Present...

Wednesday, February 23

Honest Abe

We had a holiday on Monday, and you know me, I can't pass up a holiday!
We read this book, which I love.

I find it informational, hilarious, and I love the pictures.
I used it when I taught US History in 5th grade...

Then we waited until Tuesday (cause we were blocked out on Monday) to go to Disneyland to go see Moments with Mr. Lincoln.

It was fun!
We also got to see our long lost friends that just moved to Idaho!

A successful couple of days.

Tuesday, February 22


Tyson showed the kids this video of a 5 year old breakdancer that was on Ellen.
Berkleigh decided to show us her skills.

There are no words...

Sunday, February 20


We have been inside with cold weather and rain. How dare it actually be the temperature it is supposed to be! I shouldn't complain, I have already had my first sunburn for the summer, and it is still winter.

The rain makes me get a little more creative...

We tried to learn how to wink...

We made up a toss the rings/horseshoe type game!

The Pied Piper played and the little mouse chased him.

We played Chutes and Ladders.

And when the rain stopped it became "Mud Puddle Day"!

We had lots of water in our boots!

Oh, and I finished this book!

Wednesday, February 16

What happened here?

I love that I captured this on camera! Can you tell what is happening in this picture?

Tuesday, February 15

Birthday Weekend

On Sunday night, we had Grandma and Grandpa over for pre birthday celebrations. We had these amazing taquitos from this site. Please make them and LOVE them. Because we decided to have a Mexican fiesta, we had to have some Jarritos. Yum.

I found this AMAZING cake on I am Baker. I am not a baker, but I thought I would try it. It was the perfect birthday cake for the twins!

Tyson couldn't believe I was attempting this cake. He has lots of faith in my baking abilities! hehe. So he took a bunch of pictures of the process.

Surprise!! Can you tell that is a heart?

On the twins actual birthday, Valentine's Day, we had our usual birthday breakfast.

The menu included:
Spinach Smoothies
and heart eggs in toast!

Then we opened presents! They got such fun things from eachother and from Grandma's and Grandpa's!

Tyson and I got the twins bikes!

How we acquired those bikes is a great story..
We had four grown up beach cruisers in our garage. Mine, Tyson's new one, and then his old one without a chain, and one we found by the dumpster.
We sold his old one (remember the one we got for $50) and the one we found by our dumpster for $50 on Craigslist. That sounds like it went smoothly, minus the two guys that came to see the bikes at the EXACT same time, and threw around the f bomb and almost some punches! Crazy.
Scary then, funny now.
Then we headed out to the swap meet to find some bikes for the kids. I ALWAYS wanted Berkleigh to have a beach cruiser, but new they are $200! We found one in great shape for $30!
We found Merrick's at Play it Again sports for $20!
Even Steven! Equal trade. We paid nothing for their bikes! I love that!

Anyways, we had a fun birthday picnic with friends in our complex, and passing out our Valentine's to our friends in our complex, and our preschool friends
. (Simplifying remember, simplifying)

This is what I came up with this year...
From untitled event

Tyson came home early, so we took them on their first bike ride on the beach.

For Valentines Dinner, the tradition lives on to have TV dinners. We love this tradition. We get to stay home all comfy cozy, and eat food we never normally eat, and we miss the crowds!

I love my Hungry Man!