Monday, May 28

Fishing Day at the Res

This is Jen and Merrick pulling in the next whopper, it was really fun and we couldn’t have done it without Merrick’s help. The fish are bigger in real life.

Jen and the twins came and after some off-roading through poison ivy with the jogger stroller she found a place in the shade to relax with the twins.

We had a great fishing day at Lafayette Reservoir. Pat Carver planned the whole trip in a day. Pat was blessed by catching the majority of the fish. Chris Heyman provided the entertainment when his fish wrapped around a log. I (Tyson) was completely satisfied jumping in the water for snags and taking the hooks out of the fish’s mouth, especially when I got this picture with the guys.

Friday, May 25

Dancing with the Stars and 24...

...a surprise and a disappointment. I was so happy that Apolo won the Dancing with the Stars competition. I loved watching Apolo and his partner Julianne dance together. They were pretty amazing! I was so DISAPPOINTED in this whole season of 24! It ws so lame. That season finale was anti-climatic and boring. I hope next season is better.

Tuesday, May 22

Happy Birthday!

I had a wonderful birthday! We were with Tyson's family. I had a birthday breakfast, which consists of birthday cake, peaches, pears, and eggs. I opened presents, and Tyson remembered everything I said I wanted. We went shopping, I got phone calls, emails, and text messages from friends, and also went out to dinner with our friends before driving back to Northern California. I had a great birthday! Thank you Tyson and family!

Monday, May 21

The Cows and Amy's Ice Cream

There is this great place in Texas called Amy's Ice Cream. It is like Coldstone where they mush up your ice cream with toppings of your choice. The best part about Amy's Ice Cream though, are all the freaky people who work there. They have all kinds of piercings, colored hair, mohawks etc. They also do tricks with your ice cream after they make it. The flip it up in the air and make it land in your cup. It isn't just ice cream, it is an experience! After we get the ice cream, we go down to the marble cows to eat it. This is a outing I did many times while in highschool. I am happy I got to take Tyson and the twins there.

Monday, May 14

Greenville, Texas.. not where you want to live

We were stuck in a hotel in Greenville, Texas while Tyson was checking out a clerkship. Well, we weren't really stuck, but it is so hard to go out with the twins by myself, I didn't have car, and I was just a visitor to the most boring town in all of Texas. The hangout is Wal-Mart, that is how sad this town is. :) We did go to Wal-Mart to buy diapers, and while we were there, everyone asked us about the twins. Greenville, Texas is not ready for unique names like Merrick and Berkleigh, so we changed them while we were in Wal-Mart. When we told people the twins real names, the "Greenvillians" didn't know what to say, but after we changed them to "Billy Bob" and "Betsy Sue", they immediately gushed over them. :) Do you see why I can't live there?

Meeting More Friends

Twins with Cameron

Twins with Brianna

Twins with Matthew
The twins met a couple more aunts and uncles over the past two weeks.
Tyson and I are lucky to be apart of two great families. You guys are great aunts and uncles...

Next on the list to meet:
Brittany (aunt)
Megan and David (aunt and uncle)
Ethan, Nataleigh, and Jacob (cousins)

Our First Swim

I took the kids to the hotel pool while Tyson was busy with his clerkship during the day. Again, this was the twins first swim, but all I really did was stick their feet, and occasionally a bum in the water.

R. Cameron Scott, MBA

CONGRATULATIONS CAMERON! We are so proud of you. We know it has been a hard road, but you did it.
R. Cameron Scott, MBA you are an example to us, and we love you!

3 months!

The twins continue to grow! At their two month appointment, Berkleigh weighed in at 9 lbs 11 oz, and Merrick weighed in at 9 lbs 10 oz. That was about a month ago. I am sure they have doubled their birthweight by now. Can you see a difference?

Deep in the Heart of Texas

We took a trip to Texas so Tyson could check out a residency program there. The clerkship went well, but I did not like Greenville, Texas. I hope he likes another residency program better. We then headed to Austin to see Cameron, the rest of Tyson's family who were flying in for Cameron's graduation, and my family who drove up to see us... or to see the twins.

Zilker Park is in downtown Austin. It is the "Central Park" of Austin. This is one of my favorite places. It has outdoor plays in the summer, a natural spring pool, a minature train that travels around the park, hiking trails, canoe rides, and lots of great play structures. We are standing in front of the Barton Spring Pool.

Outside the Captial building.

Looking up at the dome inside the capital.

We are standing right under the dome, surrounded by the Six Flags over Texas.

Closer up...

We Got Our Wings!

The twins went on their first airplane. We were really nervous that people would be annoyed to see twin babies on their plane ride, that the twins would scream the whole 4 hours, and how we were going to get through the airport with all our stuff. Babies need so many things! Our first flight was a redeye from Oakland to Houston. Merrick and Berkleigh slept the whole time. Everyone was excited to see twin babies, and everyone was super helpful. We had the same flight attendants on the return trip as well, and they just loved the twins. The best part of the plane trip... the twins got their first set of wings!

Mom and Merrick sitting in our seat.

Dad and Berkleigh looking at the big planes out the window.

Standing outside the Austin, Texas Airport.

George Bush, Tyson and babies at the Bush Airport in Houston.

Saturday, May 5

Getting Ready for Texas

Merrick and Berkleigh tried on their cowboy boots in preparation for our week long trip to Texas! They look pretty cute as little cowboys!!

Thursday, May 3

Twins take San Francisco

We took the twins to the city for their first trip. They of course slept the whole time, but we had fun! The saw the seals at Pier 39, went to In and Out, went to Fisherman's Wharf, saw the cable cars, went to Ghiradelli Square, and rode the BART and the Muni all for the first time.