Monday, April 30


I have needed a new sewing machine for like 3 years.
I had one of those Oldies by Goodies, and then it DIED.

We were in residency, and being stingy as I am, didn't want to fork out money for a new one.
So I borrowed my neighbors whenever I needed one. 

That seems mooch-ish, doesn't it?
Well, I was ok with and my bestie was too cause it was kind of an exchange.
I drove her everywhere, and she let me use her sewing machine.
Seriously, we could be sister wives. :)

Anyways, we got a big boy job, and moved to Oregon, and I didn't have access to my neighbors sewing machine.
It was time to get a new one!

But what to get?
I feel like I have enough sewing skills and would use it enough, that I didn't want to get the "JoAnn" $100 special, BUT I am not that good, or use it enough to want some $3,000 sewing machine.

I was guided to Berninas from my friend Laura.
There are really high end Berninas, but then some pretty affordable ones.
I saved money Tyson gave me (early Christmas present) and my mom paid for the rest (early Christmas present!) and VOILA! 

Here she is.
Her name is Bernie.

And these are the sewing projects we have worked on together since we came into each others lives...

Hankie Shirt
Made with two handkerchiefs that belonged to my grandma.
Tutorial found here

And with jeggings and a smile? 

And cause they were too cute to pass up!

Car Seat Cover


Dinosaur Tail
(My mom crocheted the hat for Easter.)

Baby bedding

Blessing Dress

Swifter Cover
tutorial found here

the Door Silencer :)
Inspiration here, but why buy when you can make?


So it was 9 am on Friday morning, when my friend Raegan called me.
So, uh, do you want to go to OMSI today?

Ok. Lets go.

So an hour later, we had a 7 yr old, two 5 year olds, one 4 yr old, and two 5 month olds in the Pilot
and we headed to Portland for the day.
This was also a trial run to see if we could do it, and get ourselves to California together on a road trip.
Come to find out her uncle is Tyson's uncle...
So we could go down together, share costs, and she could go to her aunt and uncles house, and I could go to my in laws...

Anyways, different story.

We headed to OMSI to see this special exhibit...


Love the crayons!
(really love the peeled one!)

Ripping himself open.

Picking his arm off.

So fun! Thanks for the invite Raegan!

Friday, April 27


Quincy loves Rice Cereal.
The best is the "mmm" sound she makes while trying to eat it.

She is growing up to fast.

Wednesday, April 25

Princess Cafe

Berkleigh REALLY wanted Tessa to come over for a tea party and to play with her new Rapunzel hair that my mom made her for Easter.

So we cordially invited Tessa for an outing to the Princess Cafe.

Oh man, there is nothing funnier than two little girls dressing up like princesses.
Tessa has on an Ariel dress, Rapunzel wig, Aurora crown, princess shoes, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings.
They were CRAZED princesses, but so gracious and very proper with their Princess Pinkies.

The bummer with having boy/girl twins, is that when they are older and LIKE boy or girl things, it is hard to have play dates with their friends cause one or the other feels a little excluded.
"Merrick and Jackson won't play dolls with me." tear tear.
"Mom, Berkleigh and Tessa are trying to make me have a baby." ha ha.

So I had to get creative! Berkleigh/ Tessa, princess extravaganza and tea!!
What will Merrick do?
Well, we decided he could be the server...

He put on a white shirt and tie, and hung a towel over his arm.
He said things like, "What can I get you, my lady?"
"Would you like more tea?"


Berkleigh is killing me with her poses.

I am glad Merrick likes to be a part of Princess Tea Parties, because I am pretty sure we will be having many more! :)

Monday, April 23


This weekend has been GORGEOUS! 
Like 86 degree high GORGEOUS.
Oh Sun, please never leave me again.
This is coming home from our friends BBQ.

I have been waiting for this weekend, as my weather app on my phone has said it would so so pretty!
Saturday morning I grumbled in my house as the clouds were still hovering so close to the earth...
and then around noon they disappeared, and left a beautiful weekend.
My friend Rachel and I went to the park, and each are now sporting some awesome sunburns, like I could teach Farmers Tans 101 and I haven't even been in the sun for longer than a day. :)

We wore sun hats, saltwater sandals, and squinted a bit!

I just laid on the grass and read a book, Q sat in her bumbo and Merrick and Berkleigh colored, oh! and I took pictures of our beautiful cherry tree in the front of our house!...
Yes, I am obsessed much with these trees!

Popcorn really was popping uh... on the cherry tree.

Then today, after church, we had a lovely BBQ with our friends. The kids played in the backyard and we just sat around and talked. It was a perfect day.

Best news, the sun is coming back tomorrow and Tuesday!

Saturday, April 21

5 months

I am almost sad...
How is Quincy five months old? 
That means that next month she will be half a year old.  (I am quick, aren't I?)
Where does the time go?

But who can be sad, when you get to stare at this yummy thing everyday.

She wakes up so happy after her 4 hour naps.
I have dream nappers, and it take a little longer for them to sleep through the night, but I will take two 3 to 4 hour naps!

Is she trying to be consumed as my mid morning snack?
Who actually sleeps with their hands together (other one is hiding under the swaddle) next to their head like in cartoons.

I love seeing the bonds she is forming with the twins.
Quincy will be crying, but if Berkleigh says, "Thats my teach-er!" "Thats my teacher!" 
Quincy laughs and laughs...

And Merrick is so sweet with her. He was playing on the floor with her before he was distracted my his quiet time movie, and she grabbed his finger and held on for almost 10 minutes.
He just let her.
And she was VERY excited about that.

I watched my friends kids last night so they could go see Hunger Games. Tyson is out of town in Chicago, and so I had 6 kids under the age of 7 at my house. I very quickly wondered how I ever survived newborn twins.
This is one of Quincy's boyfriends. His name is Dax and he weighs 6 lbs more than Quincy, but was only born a week before her. :)
He is a being a good boyfriend and giving her some support while she cries.
And if she wasn't crying, he was...
It was a nice trade off.