Thursday, June 30

Crab Flats

Where could we have gone, that would get our faces this dirty?


Our neighbors had this great idea to go camping! We found a campsite in between Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear. We had lots of fun!
Berkleigh and Merrick could not get over how fun it was to sleep in a tent.
Even though they were SUPER tired, it took them awhile to fall asleep cause they were so excited.

Setting up camp. Merrick was a BIG help.

We roasted marshmallows.

We peed in bushes like real men.

We went to Lake Arrowhead.

Tyson took the kids on the lake with the other guys. Tyson caught a fish with his bare hands and then threw it back
and a Bald Eagle picked it up.

We hammocked.

We had a great trip!

Monday, June 20

Ok ok, for real our last day...

So I persuaded Tyson to come back to Disneyland with us on the last day of our passes until the Fall. It was some serious persuading cause it was super busy! Do you wanna know what worked? I told Tyson he could FINALLY get a turkey leg! He always wants one, and I never want to buy them!

I also wanted to get Merrick and Berkleigh some ears, you know, the Mickey and Minnie kind. We have never bought anything for them at Disneyland before, and I wanted them to remember their three years of going there...

We wanted the classic ears, with the classic stitching. They were over the moon about it!

From June 11

We then went on one ride, the carousel, cause the park was PACKED! Then we got a turkey leg and waited for the new parade to start.

It was an awesome last day!

Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid ride just opened in California Adventure. We wanted to see it before we moved. So some friends and I that have passes got up super early and headed to Disneyland. We waited for CA Adventure to open, got in line, waited for the ride, and ended up not waiting that long. The line was FOREVER behind us. Berkleigh was in HEAVEN. I am so glad we waited for it.

Being a Tourist: Part 2

We are working really hard to enjoy our final days in Orange County. Here are some more touristy things we have done...
Spent some time at the Spinny Park with Grandma and a little In and Out!

Tyson and Merrick had a Father and Son night with Grandpa at the Angel's Game.

We finally saw World of Color with my mom. It took someone coming out of town so we would be at Disneyland all day to finally see it. It was worth it. It was pretty awesome.

We spent TWO entire FULL days with Grandma at Disneyland. I have not spend that much time in a day at Disneyland in a long time. It was exhausting!

We went with our neighbor to Seaside Donuts. I had never been there, but they were yummy donuts, and then we walked around by the beach.

And you can't forget some beach days!

Oh man. So much more to do. No time to blog. I haven't even started packing yet!

Saturday, June 11

Being a Tourist

Our computer died... no biggie, in a month we are moving to Oregon. They have no sales tax, plus with my teaching ID, we can get 20% of a new MAC, but whenever I am at my in-laws is when I post. I actually have a lot to catch up on, but here you go...

We have been doing our favorite thing this month before we move. It is bittersweet, but so much fun!

After we picked strawberries, we head west to the beach to spend time with our San Diego friends, the Sullivans.
It was lovely.
From June 11

Another night, we did a bucket list item of Tyson's... we hiked Crystal cove. Our friends gave us their state pass, so it was free and beautiful!
From June 11

From June 11

Yesterday was another June Gloom day, so I thought it would be a perfect day to try out the Big Orange Balloon! It was perfect. There were hardly any people there and the weather was cool. We had lots of fun riding the balloon, and the new carousel they have there for free.

Merrick wanted to ride the "Kung Fu Panda" on the Carousel.

Berkleigh wanted the zebra... thatta girl. (Even though I am getting sick of animal print.)

Here is a belly shot. Not too close up to scare anyone. :)
I love this picture of Merrick!

Woopie, we went up in the air!

We have lots of fun being tourists.