Sunday, August 31


Let me start off this story by saying

except this once.
We went to Disneyland the other day, and I we happened upon this toy store selling Mr. Potato Head parts. What you do, is grab a box, fill it with a potato head, and all the parts you can fit in and still close the box. One box is $18.

Well... I have three potato heads at home, so I didn't need to waste space by putting in a potato. So my friend Lisa and I filled our boxes TO THE BRIM with the coolest potato head accessories!  
Disclaimer: If I didn't have a potato head, I would not this would be worth it! $18 for a potato head and four accessories is a waste of money, but a whole box of disney accessories! Priceless.

Here is my box:

Here are the piece outside of the box:

Here are a couple of my favorite Potato head creations:

Donald Duck

We also got parts to make Minnie Mouse and Buzz Lightyear.

The twins love them, and secretly so do I. I will admit sometimes I play with them when the twins are asleep.

Friday, August 29

Dips, Milk Mustaches, and Corn Roasts...

I have been really busy getting ready for my First Enrichment Cooking Night Class that I am in-charge of once a month. Everyone brought an ingredient, and we made 6 different dips. We made: shrimp artichoke dip, a creamy sesame seed dip, caramel apple dip, creamy chili dip, salsa, and a fruit dip. They were so yummy. If you want the recipes go to here.

I was going to take a picture before everyone started eating, but not everyone knows me very well in this ward, and I didn't want to look like a freak taking pictures of food. :)

The babes have decided sippy cups are not for them. They feel grown up enough to use big kid cups. That is all fine, and they do a pretty good job, but I don't think i am ready to give up on the sippy. How ingenious is the nonleakage! The one good thing about big kid cups is the cutest milk mustaches I have ever seen.

Ok, so she hasn't MASTERED a big kid cup...

Trying to smile with a mouthful of milk.

Milk mustaches galore!

Our ward had their famous Corn Roast at the beach. It is SUPER cool. They get ocean water and boil corn in it on a fire pit. I have heard about it up north, and have been really excited to try it! The corn was definately super tasty. I loved the saltiness. 

The kids can agree. Look at that corn!

Monday, August 25

Lake Powell

Every year we go to Lake Powell for a week on the houseboat.
I have been 4 times.

Can't find the pic. 

We went on a family trip to Illinois instead of Lake Powell that year.




4 men, 7 women, 5 grandkids= 1 fun time

We Wakeboarded...

We Water Weenied...

We Tubed...

We Floated...
(I don't know what I am doing in this picture)

We goofed around...

We Boated...

We Missed Brianna...
She was the only Scott who couldn't come. 
We are in the habit of blowing up their heads and putting them on sticks when they can't come to a family function ... so they feel loved.

Wow that is a really weird sentence.

We had such a great time. Thanks Jackie and Craig!

Sunday, August 24


We have been missing in action because August has been a CRAZY month!
First my friend Emily came for a couple days, then my family came for a week, and the day my family left, we left for Lake Powell for a glorious week of floating, eating, and wake boarding.

Here is a photo documentary of our fun with the fam.
The girls at Wicked. It was so fun to see it a second time. 
I loved it just as much the second time.

Berkleigh and grandma waiting to get on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride at Disneyland.

When my brother was little, he was chosen to actually pull the sword out of the stone. He was trying to help Merrick do the same thing.

Chris and Jen with the twins. Aren't they all good looking.

Full of life at the beginning of our Disney adventure! You should of seen us at 10 when we left. The twins were SOO good while we were there. I was so impressed by them. They were probably good because if they cried, grandma and grandpa got them out of their stroller. :)

On the carousel with grandpa. My parents also took them on some kiddie rides so I could ride a big kid ride with Chris and Jen.

We also went to the beach, had a bonfire, went shopping, and played games till the wee hours of the morning. It was a blast.
 Thanks for coming guys!

Wednesday, August 13


12 months + 6 months
9 months + 9 months
1 year + 1 semester + 2 sets of 4 weeks


Anyway you slice it, the twins are growing TOO fast! 18 months came to fast!

New things they have learned in their old age:

New signs: please, thank you, I love you       
Old Signs: milk, all done, eat more

New Words: 
Apple Sauce : Aaa sass 
Bass: Bath                                                 
Milk : mi mi  
Grandma: da ma
Bang Bang (Merrick with a fake gun)
Mike Wizowski (green monster from MI)                      
Old Words: mom, kiss, duck, grandpa, high five, dad, whats that?, cat, flower, uh oh, dog, book, oh no, banana, night night, oh wow, thank you, nose, ball
New Sounds: pig, frog, bear, bird, horse
Old Sounds: duck, cat, sheep, dog, fish, cow

Slave labor they do for me:

They can throw anything away in the trash can for me.

They can get their own bumbos out of the closet and bring them to me to get them read to eat.

They bring me my shoes, on command and when they want to go on a walk.

Merrick sweeps.

Berkleigh is a little OCD and lines things up for me.

They clean up, and Berkleigh says, "ee yu, ee yu" for the Barney song, "Clean Up, Clean Up, everybody everywhere..."

They dance on command.

Favorite Movie:
Monsters Inc.

Favorite Songs:
5 Little Monkeys
Wheels on the Bus
Itsy Bitsy Spider
If your Happy and you Know it


Thursday, August 7

Slumber Parties

My friend Emily flew in from Texas for her brother's wedding, and came to stay for a little visit with us. It was so fun to see her and Ryan. 


...ate at the Sugar Shack in downtown Huntington Beach.

...watched the coi at the pond in Fashion Island.

...ate some Sprinkles Cupcakes.

...and packed all three kids in to the back of my car. 
(Doesn't Merrick look huge in his car seat next to Ryan?)

...oh and we also stayed up WAY to late talking about the good ol days, and catching up. Emily remember things about high school that I didn't even remember. It was way to fun!

Saturday, August 2

Skate sesh

We had a little skate sesh at the local "Central Park" here in Huntington Beach.

Tyson pushed the kids while skating...

I trailed behind...

We stopped at a play area to let the kids run around. You know, the usual,  swing, slide, sand. Yea, our kids live big. 

It was fun to sneak away for an hour or two.