Sunday, February 28


What a fun and relaxing day with my kids!
What do you see?

Friday, February 26

2010 meets 1983

My mom brought me some of my childhood clothes for Berkleigh. I love them!! Here are exhibits A through E that Berkleigh was decked out in 80s wear yesterday...

And because she was hammin' it up for the camera, here are the extras...

And some of my other outfits she has been seen wearing...
to play in...

to sleep in...

I love the 80's!

Thursday, February 25

a week visit

My parents came to California to celebrate the twins birthday, be here for their party, AND bring my newly returned missionary brother for us to see after 2 years!

Of course our fun is below, documented in pictures...

Eating birthday cake with the twin...

Lots of time at the park...

Bike rides to the beach...

Picnics at the beach...

Fighting Matthew...

Snuggling with Matthew...

The Wedge and a picnic with Big Belly Deli sandwiches...

And of course doing all things birthday party...

Thanks for coming guys. We love you!

Monday, February 22

Come One, Come All...

to the GREATEST circus of them ALL!
Merrick and Berkleigh's third birthday party was on Saturday. It was going to be outside, but then it was supposed to rain, so we just moved it in. It worked out well!

The Invites:
I made the invites on photoshop, and sent them out inside a blown up balloon.
(Yes, I know I put 2009, you would think that it was habit by now to write 2010, but that doesn't come naturally to me!)

The Birthday Outfits:

The Decorations:

My mom and I made all the tissue pom poms... well, I made three and my mom made the rest!

The Cake and Cupcakes:

(She might have popped a blood vessel blowing so hard!)
My mom gave me this awesome cupcake book. These little gems where in that book. How cool are they? They look JUST like popcorn! I loved them!

The Games and other Activities:


Thank you to everyone... but I DID say, no presents. :)

The Favors/Prizes:

It was such a fun day, but I was reminded why I always have a coldsore during the birthday celebrations. :) And... yes, I did retouch my face in one picture so you couldn't see said cold sore.

I am glad that the birthday festivities are over for AT least a year!
Happy Birthday babes. We love you!

Tuesday, February 16


3 years... can you believe it!

We had a great (and very busy) Valentine's Day.

Here is the video I made for the twins this year...
I took all of their "firsts" caught on video and put them in movie form for your viewing pleasure.

(I won't be offended if you don't watch the whole thing, it is kinda long!)

We love these little guys, and our life changed so much three years ago!

I remember Tyson rolling over in bed on V day '07 morning and said, "Happy Valentine's Day, I didn't get you anything". I said, "Well, I love you, and I didn't get you anything either." I called three hours later, at the hospital, telling Tyson to bring my bag and to meet me and my mom there. They were born 3 hours later.

Sundays are bummer birthday days... but we made it fun!

Birthday breakfast...

Birthday cake

Birthday Presents

(I recommend these, Merrick can't stop playing with them, and it doesn't help that they are a classic toy that I LOVED when I was little, and of course, made out of wood!)

On of our old neighbor friends made us these bad boys...
which they love.

Are you read for the best present EVER!!! My two amazing neighbors got M & B their first pair of RAINBOWS! I am so excited! How cute are they!

We love our Valentine babies!

Tuesday, February 9

Girls Weekend '10

Girls Weekend '10 was a blast...

I love these girls.

We get together once a year, and it feels like we have never been apart.

Here is the breakdown of the weekend...

Leave OC at 9:15.
Arrive at 10:35 in Oakland. Wait at Jessica's gate for 10 minutes.
Meet up with Chelsea and Jenny.
Drive to Jenny's house.
Stay up until 5 am.

Get up at 9 am.
Get ready, go shopping:

Eat lunch at CPK and shop downtown Walnut Creek (one of my favorite places):

Get Pedicures:

How awesome is the wooden Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?

Go out to eat at Chevy's.
Think about a movie, but decide we are too tired.
Go home, talk and fall asleep.

Wake up and go to our old ward (church).
Go into the city (San Francisco) and have a picnic by the Golden Gate Bridge at Chrissy Field.

Have a couple of photo shoots.

How lucky are we to get to spend the weekend with this little lady! She is THE BEST baby ever.
Drive around the city.
Go home and eat Zachary's pizza we bought half baked the day before.
Stay up until 3 am.
Walk up at 4:20 am to get to the airport on time.
Fly home.

Can't wait until next year.
PS. This trip would not have happened if it wasn't for my sponsor: Tyson (the best husband in the world!)