Tuesday, March 29

New York: Day One: MIDTOWN

Our plane left at 8:55 pm Tuesday night. We thought we were SOO smart to take a red eye because we could get a WHOLE day on Wednesday instead of wasting half of it flying.
I believe that was smart, but the plane arrived at JFK 1 hour EARLY. We had our bags and were hailing a taxi at 4:30 am. (That is 1:30 am California time!) Yikes.
(Kristi might hate me for this picture, but I definitely had to document how crazy we must have all looked with our earplugs and eye masks.)

It was snowing when we got there. Rained the rest of the day, and hailed that night.
We had decided to stay in Midtown, because we knew we would be tired, and we could get a nap in before our show that night, and we had to bag check our bags because we couldn't check into our hotel until 3pm.

First we walked around Time Square at 7 am.

We saw them filming Good Morning America on the street and broadcasting it live on the huge screens above.

It was so cold and wet, we went in any store that was open. There weren't very many open that early in the morning.

We went to Rockefeller Center, watched the ice skaters, went to 30 Rock, watched Kathy Lee Gifford film the Today Show, and went into the LARGEST Anthoropologie I have ever seen.

We took pictures by the Radio City Music Hall, went to the Museum of Modern Art, and went in St. Patrick's Cathedral.

I really liked St. Patrick's Cathedral.
I think I like the Gothic look in the midst of huge modern skyscrapers.

After our tourist excursions, we were super hungry and walked to Carnegie deli for some skyscraper sandwiches and the yummiest cheesecake around. Oh, and a bonus, some garlic pickles, which were not my favorite, but I love me some pickles!

Then we went to check into our hotel, unpacked, and took a 4 hour nap. We were exhausted!

After our nap, we headed to Mary Poppins in the New Amsterdam Theater!
I loved it the second time! It is my all time favorite!

Then we headed out at midnight to have some New York Style pizza.
And we ate, and talked, and were uninterrupted by kids. We sat there forever.

Tomorrow... Uptown.
Or maybe next week, I haven't been in a blogging mood!

Monday, March 28

A blog Vacation

I just took a vacation.. away from the blog, from life, from kids...with friends.
We just got back from our New York City Girls Week!

A couple months back my friend Ginger and I were talking about going on a Girls Trip. Then we started talking about how neither of us had been to New York. Then we talked to Megan and Kristi who had been, but wanted to go back, but their husbands don't want to go.
Tyson went, hated it, and I knew that if I didn't go on a girls trip there, I would never get there.
So we planned, found an amazing deal, and clicked the purchase button!
I am tired, because to me, it is actually 3 am in New York.
I will blog our daily adventures tomorrow...
Be prepared for MASS picture overload!

Friday, March 18

The Luck of the Irish

I can't believe it is the middle of March! Really?

First we had to get dressed in our green!

We started our day off with preschool.
The kids got up, and preschool was set up, but the library books were gone!
There was a pile of green things, and a note from our leprechaun.

"Dear Preschool kids,
I took your books! Try and find them!
I grabbed all the things in your house that were GREEN in their place!
I love GREEN!"

Luckily we found our books so we could read!

For our Dramatic Play Center:
We had the teepee and the puzzles out.

For the ABC center we took our green finger lights and they had to trace all the different letters we have learned.

In the Math center, the Leprechaun left us a note and some treasure! If we wanted the treasure we had to do three things: COUNT it, SORT it by color, and SORT it by SIZE.

In the Writing Center, we wrote in our journals about leprechauns and rainbows.

For our Storytime and Learning activity we read "The Z was Zapped"! A really cool book!
And we played Lucky Bingo with all the letters we have learned so far.

Our Art project was making a mosiac rainbow!

After preschool, we had to get some roadshow props done, but then Merrick, Berkleigh and I planned an ALL GREEN dinner for Daddy!
We went to Trader Joes, picked everything out, and got to work!
On the Menu:
Spicy Beef and Broccoli
Green Salad with green onion and avocado
Granny Smith Apples
Green Smoothies
Lime fruit pops.

When I don't blog...

I am teaching preschool!
Roadshow has taken over my life. Seriously.
It is SOO cute though.
I got home from practice at 10:30 both nights, settled down with my book while Tyson studied, and just wanted to relax.
Then I would remember!
I have preschool tomorrow.
That is not what you want to remember at 10:30 the night before preschool.

Monday, the 14th!
Our theme was Dr. Seuss.

In Dramatic Play:
We dressed up like Cat in the Hat and Dr. Seuss and read Dr. Seuss books!

We matched the pictures of "Cat in the Hat" hats with the correct number.

We learned about rhyming words, and we ate gold fish and read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.

For our Storytime and Learning Activity we read The Foot Book, and I made graphs, and we walked around the house looking at different objects to see how many feet they had.
The easel, the toaster, the toilet, the table...

We watched Green Eggs and Ham.

For art, we made these fantastic Thing 1 and Thing 2 creations!