Friday, May 30

Bitter Sweet

We are leaving today.
We are moving.
I am sad.
I am excited.

We will miss all of our friends up here.

We have a long road ahead of us with our 24 ft truck and the Auto Transport.

This trip will not be fun!

Next time we post, we will be Huntington Beachians. :)

Tuesday, May 27

It gets worse...

...before it gets better.
 I HATE PACKING!!! Sorry to be negative, but it is true! Doesn't it always get worse before it gets better? We started off with a mostly tidy house (can you ever get all the toys picked up off the floor?), then we started packing and the more boxes we packed the more stuff seeped out of the woodwork! I didn't know we had that much stuff, and it is certainly getting on my nerves because our house is ANYTHING but tidy. 

Our  house is usually very neat, but here....
 is our house as of Monday around noonish:

Here is our house Tuesday around 8 pm:
(Getting better)

Oh how I hate packing, but looking at these two pictures made me feel a little bit better. That is just down stairs my friends! Upstairs is almost done! We just need to take down the crib and our bed, and put the clothes in the wardrobe boxes. I might dislike packing, but I LOVE whoever invented these... They are amazing!

I will keep you posted on the moving developments when I need a break from packing tape, cardboard cuts (the worst), and misc. things that I don't know what box to put them into (the ultimate worst!)

Monday, May 26

The Doctor's Ball

The night before graduation we had the doctors ball. It was in Berkeley at this place:
Claremont Resort and Spa

It was beautiful. Tyson and I always pass it and have wanted to go stay there or at least walk the grounds.  Perfect! Went to the ball and knocked another to do off the list!

Here we are standing in front of the resort. We didn't get to many pictures, but here is my dress.

I borrowed it from my sister in law Mackenzie. She wore it to homecoming this year and I was so happy she let me borrow it. (Thanks Kenz!!) 

It is a Vera Wang dress, it is long, eggplant purple, and scrunchy... meaning the fabric gathers everywhere. It was fun to wear and we had fun eating salmon and filet mignion (I don't think I spelled that right)!

Saturday, May 24

Dr. R. Tyson Scott

Tyson had his graduation yesterday! It was amazing. He was robed with Nile Green colored robes. His friend Clint gave the graduation speech, they were sworn in with the hippocratic oath, and they were given their doctorate diplomas! I am so proud of Tyson! He has worked so hard for this, and it is good to know that school is finally over. It is kind of surreal to think that we are going through another EXTREME change in our lives. We are moving away from friends that we love, we are moving to Huntington Beach, we have graduated med school and survived it, we are starting a residency program where people have to call Tyson "doctor"! Tyson is finally getting a salary (however small it may be as a resident :) ) He is still the breadwinner, and he has wanted to be that for a long time!

I love you Tyson... You have done an amazing job! I am proud of you and the kids may not have known what happened yesterday, but they have such a good example to look up to in their future educational careers (but lets get them potty trained first). :)

We love you!

Our good friends, the Larsens! They are moving to Indiana!

The proud parents of a doctor!
A view of Tyson's robes.
Being hooded.
Still the same old Tyson, Tyson DPM that is!

The cherubs and their father.

Wednesday, May 21

Your wish is my command

Someone commented that they wanted to see the high school version of Brad Pitt, here he is. This is my sis in law Mackenzie and her boyfriend. Don't they look cute together? Don't you love her puke green and gray dress with the electric blue shoes? I love it! She has the coolest style.

I braided her hair. I know it looks great!

5-19-80, LA traffic, & flat black hats

We have had such a whirlwind trip to Southern California. We have had so much to do, and not much time. Here is our timeline....don't get too tired reading this.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Leave early Friday morning to drive to Camarillo, CA to meet up with the Scotts.
Pick up Ashleigh's Cap and Gown.
Walk around Cal State Channel Islands, aka: spooky campus.

The well that you see behind the building and up on the hill is the well in The Ring. They filmed the psycho girl climbing out of it. That just adds to the creepiness.

Their mascot is the dolphin. Although the campus was super creepy, it was BEAUTIFUL!

Cal State Channel Islands used to be a mental institution in the 1930s. It is pretty creepy. They say that this building is haunted: (Creepy huh?)

The school is new so most of the buildings are still abandoned. Tyson and I snoped around and found some crazy stuff.

This door says LOCK DOOR and was pretty creepy, the windows had bars on them, and the rooms where the crazy people stayed had big metal doors with a tiny window.

Check in to hotel.
Meet up with Scotts, eat dinner, get some sleep.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Get ready for Graduation.
Sit in 1 million degree weather in the outdoor graduation.
Chase kids during graduation.

Be SUPER PROUD of Ashleigh! (We love you!)

Take pictures.
Go to In n Out.
Drive to Orange County. (It took forever!!! Our Navigation told us to take the 101. If you ever come down here, don't take that road. It isn't a road, it is a parking lot.)

Help Mackenzie get ready for Prom. She looks so cute, and her boyfriend looks like Brad Pitt. (Who can complain?)

Take prom group pictures.

Get ready and go to Tyson's 10 year High school reunion.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Go to church in the ward boundaries we want to live in.
Come home and have family dinner with Megan, David and kids (just returning from Austrailia), Scotts, and Thackers.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Wake up and have birthday breakfast.

Get ready to go to Price is Right.

Drive to LA.
Get there EARLY to find out you had to get there EVEN EARLIER to get on the show. Who wants to go THAT bad to sit in line for 7 hours?
Go to The Grove in LA.

We thought we would go to some fun place to eat, but we knew the traffic would be horrid on the way home, so we left.
Come home play with kids.
Go shopping.
Have a yummy Mexican meal (my favorite, thanks Jackie).
Have FHE. I was the special guest star that evening, and everyone took a quiz about me, and I graded them, and we tried to see who knew me best. You would think it was Tyson, but it wasn't... it was Mackenzie!
Open presents.
One of my presents. I have wanted this for awhile!
Play Rook.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Find a place to live in Huntington Beach.

This day might seem to be "less packed" than other days, however we looked at places for 9 HOURS!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Do the same thing... except we are leaving a little later so I can blog. :)
Drive home to Walnut Creek.

Happy Birthday to me! It was a great birthday and a great weekend.

Monday, May 19

Happy Birthday JEN!

Today is Jen's 28th Birthday! Because it's May 19, we are usually traveling or finishing finals. We seldomly are home for her birthday and today is no exception. Today we are going to The Price is Right. Then some b-day shopping. Jen is amazing, and everyday I am thankful that she was born. It's fun and easy to be married to my best friend. Here are 28 things I love about her in no particular order.
1. Jen is a spiritual giant
2. Jen is a terrific teacher
3. Jen is an amazing mother
4. Jen is VERY good at trivia and super smart
5. Jen is fun to debate with
6. Jen is very creative and artistic
7. Jen will try anything once
8. Jen is a Broccoli-holic
9. Jen is a veracious reader
10. Jen is a decent skateboarder-I love you Jen Happy Birthday-Tyson
11. Jen is a computer wiz
12. Jen is great at her church callings
13. Jen loves being cold then wrapping herself in blankets
14. Jen loves warm weather
15. Jen dosen't like lace or things that are too friley
16. Jen is always down for a good walk
17. Jen can type really fast-way faster than me
18. Jen is a good driver, and dosen't get tickets
19. Jen is great at confrontation esp with purchasing and returns
20. Jen cook well esp and is a master at cooking eggs and artichoke
21. Jen has incredible handwriting which could be it's own font
22. Jen punches hard (when she is playing)
23. Jen loves Dreyers Somoas Ice cram
24. Jen has out fished me on more than one occasion
25. Jen looks good in just about everything
26. Jen is a good kisser ( in case you all were wondering)
27. Jen sees designs and ideas in her head and can reproduce them perfectly
28. Jen favorite animal is a Giraffe

Sunday, May 18

10 Year Reunion!

Tyson and I both turn 28, actually my birthday is tomorrow(!!) and that means we both have our 10 year reunions this year. That is SUPER weird! I don't feel like I can be that old! Well, we came down to go to Tyson's reunion. There was such a lame turn out... like 80 people, so if about 40 people from his high school. It was fun to see who Tyson hung out with in high school, but I got a little bored near the end. The same night, Mackenzie (Tyson's sister) went to her senior prom, and it was weird to think that we were doing that same thing 10 years ago, and I have been graduated from college for 6 years! I can't believe it!

Here we are before the reunion taking "prom" pictures. :) Thanks Kenz for the dress.

Wednesday, May 14

Not my kind of "cottage cheese"

I have had this on going "problem".  I pumped out more milk in my year of nursing than I ever thought possible. My body worked OVERTIME ...
In doing so, I had a little scare with a clogged milk duct, which expresses itself in the form of a lump. Yikes! Not fun when going through all the "worst case scenerios" in your mind for a year.

I have had ultrasounds, doctor appointments, and more doctors appointments waiting for it to GO AWAY... it never did and it came down to this recommendation for Dr. Gorey...
(isn't that a great name for a doctor??)

Dr. Gorey: "Jen, lets take it out!"
Jen: "Whatever you say."

Thinking that she was going to prick me with a needle, and suck out the milk clogged in the home it made for itself.

But no... this is what Dr. Gorey had in mind...

This is what I dealt with today:
Way to go green, with paper hospital bands, John Muir.

Pricked and pumped full of "gatorade". That is what the nurse called it, and because of the "gatorade" I have had to go to the bathroom NON STOP all day today.

The comfy room which I have no recollection of... Apparently I am a "lightweight" or so says the anesthesiologist who put me out. 

I am glad I don't remember this.

I did get to look mighty fine and fashionable in this get up.

 Haven't seen them yet because I have this huge spongy tape covering my upper half.

This is me the rest of the day. Laying on the couch reading all of your blogs, watching movies, sleeping, and trying to eat some food so I can take these
wonderful pain killers so I will be happy.

And you ask, What does any of this have to do with Cottage Cheese? Well apparently, the lump turned out to be a cyst called a lactiferous adenoma, full of curdled breast milk or as Dr. Gorey called it : Cottage Cheese.
I am not sad to see this part of my body gone, and I am really not sorry that I missed seeing my "cottage cheese", can you just imagine what 98.6 degrees and 1 year would do to cottage cheese... there is no way that cyst was sweet smelling!

And there you have it folks.

My day.

I did not neglect my children today. Tyson was super dad. He stayed home from HIS hospital to go to MY hospital with me. My good friend Jenny baby sat the twins for like 5 hours! Thanks a million Jenny!
Then Tyson took the kids on a run, a walk, went to get gas, packed some stuff while watching them, fed them, and put them to bed so I could recuperate.
Thanks Tys! I love you!

Sunday, May 11

I wish we could "Take Two"

Saturday....what a day! So it started with a morning 5K run! Our stake had this women's fun run/walk. I bet there were 40 people there. Maybe that is too many, I don't know, but there were quite a few people there. Anyways, I went with my friend Jenny, and we ran the 3.2 miles. Jenny came in 3rd, I came in 5th. It was great fun! The best part was the juicy oranges at the end. 

Later that day, we went to the steam trains with the Heymans. 
Check here for a fun video of the kids reaction to the train moving. Every time the conductor let out the whistle, I thought Berkleigh was gonna jump off the train! It was hilarious! She is such a scaredy cat!
Just waiting for the train. Is there something wrong with where I'm sitting?

We also went to the Botanical Gardens, Lake Anza and then headed to Berkeley. It was fun to relax and be with friends... 
Tyson caught a lizard and put it on Merrick.

...until...(This is when I wish we could "Take Two")

We got lost on our way over the Berkeley Hills to get to our dinner destination. 
We were SO lost.
I all of a sudden was hit by this nasty stomach something or other. 

(Sometimes I imagine something like this running around in my body. Just cause it comes on so fast, not because I have tape worms.)

I had a head ache all day, but then my stomach got all quesy, and when finally pulling into the parking lot of our dinner destination, I had to throw up. 
I thought (which was pretty impressive when usually you only think about throwing up right before throw up) "Where should I throw up? Our car is to nice. Out the window? No, I have more dignity then that! In my make up bag? Sounds good." 
I barely had it unzipped when up it came, and came, and came, and came.

I felt a little better.

I didn't know what to do with my make up bag. I mean, all my make up was still in it, but I knew the potent smell of my prior lunch was going to stink up the car, but I thought I might want to try and salvage some make up.... so I put it under the front wheel of the car in hopes that I could do something about it after we ate.

We go to Barney's. It is this gourmet hamburger place.

Tyson and I have wanted to eat there the entire time we have lived here, so we thought we better go before we move.

We get in and the smell of hamburgers is making me sick again. We sit outside, and I immediately need to use the restroom.  They had one "unisex" bathroom, inside a urinal, toilet, sink, and baby changing station. Some guy had decided to put down the baby changing station and do his business there than in the toilet/urinal. That made me throw up.

I went back to sit down, couldn't order anything, every smell became unbearable! I got back up to go back to the bathroom. The door was locked. Oh great! I need to throw up. I go back outside (where there are people eating) and run to a corner, and throw up. 

I decide I can't be in the restaurant, so I go back to the car and sleep until everyone else is done.  We are driving out of the parking lot, and we run over my make up bag that we forgot was under the tire. It bursts open, and there is throw up everywhere. 

Get home, and I throw up again, and again, and again in the sink. 

It was a yucky day! I wish we could do it over again. Sorry Heymans for ruining the fun day. Thanks for being super nice about it!