Friday, September 28

"Photo Phriday" A good ending to a good trip!

We leave today to go to Austin, TX to see Tyson. We will spend the night and fly back to Oaktown tomorrow. It has been a good month, and it has FLOWN by! I can't tell you how fast September went. I am wondering if it went by so fast cause I am not teaching. It always seems like September goes by so slow because you are getting your students into routines and it isn't the funniest month of teaching! :) Just thoughts.

And so the pulling out of DVDs starts... I gotta move those when I get home!
Our little Kermit the Frog!
Goin' for a Walk
Isn't he cute!
Chewing on paper. They take after their dad.
He got "such a krick in the neck!"
Stupid headbands!

Wednesday, September 26

Make Over

So I changed the blog up just a tad... as you can tell, you observant people you! In the process of changing things up I lost the great poll for the oscar award winning video. I thought that might happen, so I wrote down the scores...

Mer Bear 8
B-Leigh 8
Al 3
Boo 2

If you haven't voted and want to, leave your vote in the comments of this post or the one below. There will be a winner.... make sure your favorite has all votes needed. You can vote for more than one, or vote for the same one numerous times. (Come on... like American Idol or Dancing with the Stars)

Monday, September 24

And the Oscar Goes To....

which of these videos do you think is the best... Please vote on the poll adjacent to this post! Be amazed...

Mer Bear


Al (Get it... Merrick)

Boo (You have to tilt your head for this one)

Sunday, September 23

Humidity, Cajuns, Alligators... OH MY!

So we are enjoying our time in Louisiana. We went to this little town called Jennings, and went to pet alligators. I was a little hesitant to let the babies touch the alligators, but the lady said that they are cloroxed. (Is that a word?) Anyways, one little finger touch won't hurt anyone, right? If the alligator was any bigger, I wouldn't have let them, but what can 12 inches of alligator do?

Friday, September 21

Seven Months!

I was so proud of myself for remembering to bring their monthly outfits on this trip with us. I amaze myself sometimes. Happy seven months little ones! (Don't you just love Berkleigh's nose? It is SO disgusting right now... it is like thick rubber cement just pours out of it all day long... and i might all over me.)

Photo Phriday

Photo Phridays are great! I love finding the fun pictures I forgot I have taken. We are having fun with the grandparents. I have gotten tons done. I have finished our Christmas cards and my mom is helping me with the kids Halloween Costumes... TBA later. :)I think we are going to make some cool Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations too. It is fun to have projects!
Great Grandpa Sorensen with Merrick.
Lake Charles has all these cool Alligators around town. Of course we pose in front of the American Pride Alliagtor.
In grandma and grandpa's Pack n Play.
Swingin' in Manti.

On Grandpa's Head... watch out Grandpa!
Grandpa trying to give all his science knowledge to Berkleigh. Needless to say, Berkleigh doesn't really look interested. :)
Merrick is trying to hide with his bottle so B doesn't steal it. :)
Playing before their morning nap.

Wednesday, September 19

Crawling and Sitting

Berkleigh has coordinated her legs and hands and can really get places. She isn't fast yet, but still... she can go where she wants to go. After she gets to the toy of her choice, she can go from crawling to sitting! Amazing! I need to get those plug covers and move our dvds when we get home!

Adventure: Days 6 - 12

After we left Megan's house, we went back down to Provo to visit with Chris and Jen, then we went to my grandparents house for a couple days in good ol' Manti, Utah. We went on 3 walks a day, and rented Highschool Musical from this sketchy little rental place where the lady who rented the movie to us was so HIGH on drugs it was funny, and if we were the stealing type, we could have kept Highschool Musical cause she was so lame she couldn't get anything right! We had a fun Saturday with some of my cousins and extended family.

After our stay in Manti, we DROVE to Louisiana. It took us three days. We stopped in Temple, Texas for one night and got to see Tyson. We haven't been together for two weeks. That is a long time. It was so good to see him even if it was just, Hi, Bye!

Uncle Chris and Aunt Jen
Mini Family reunion. That isn't even a fourth of us.
Our total garden meal. My grandparents have a great garden!
Great Grandparents Sorensen
I am like the little red hen. Grandpa helped me find an apple.
I picked the apple.
I ate the apple!

Wednesday, September 12

Adventure: Day 4 & 5

We have been with Megan and family for the past two days. We have had so much fun. I don't know if the kids ran us into the ground or vis versa! We did a lot in the couple of days here. It has been great to spend time with the cousins. The twins aunt Donna and Kris came to visit. It was fun to have extended family see the twins. We had a fun visit! Thanks for coming to see us!

Sunday, September 9

Adventure: Day 3

This adventure started at church with the twins. We were so loud, and I think the twins are always this loud but in a married student ward... we were LOUD! We spent some time with Jen and Chris and that has been so fun. I am so glad that Chris married Jen, and I am glad that we have had a chance to see her a lot in the past year. We love you! We then went to some family friends from Austin for dinner. We ate tons of good food, and then it was off to Megan's house. We are having a blast. Brittany came up for a quick visit, and we had yummy peaches, ice cream with this caramel sauce. So yummy! We also saw their new house. It is fun seeing family and friends and being surrounded by people we love while Tyson is away. We miss you!

Saturday, September 8

Adventure: Day 1 and 2

I am trying to redeem the worst photo phriday ever by posting these pictures... We have had a lot of fun with Jen and Chris in Provo. We ate Cafe Rio, played Frisbee Golf and went to BYU. (Tyson notice I am a girl with a stroller on campus. I took that picture for you.) We miss you Tys! On to our next adventure. We get to go visit Megan tomorrow for a couple days. Yea! Cousins!