Monday, November 30


I love family traditions. I love that Tyson's family has traditions, and my family has traditions, and we pick and choose the ones we love and make up our own...

Thanksgiving traditions in the Scott household are numerous and kinda wacky... check here and here for the last two Thanksgivings, or read below, because the point of a tradition is to do it every year. :)

We headed to the park to enjoy THE BEST breakfast burritos this side of the Mississippi, hang with the cousins, and play kickball. Now that we are starting to be outnumbered by little ones, the parachute came into effect this time around.

Then it is time to head back to the house to prepare for Thanksgiving...

I was in the kitchen with my mother in law making yummy hors'dervours...

while Tyson and Merrick set up the shooting gallery in the back yard...

Then we ate the glorious hors'devours while the rest of dinner finished.

But we were happy because we got to shoot things the way the pilgrims and the indians did. We like to be authentic.

Look at that determination...

Tyson tries to add a little something new to the mix every year. One year it was gasoline and candles. You shot the candle, and hope it landed in the gasoline.

Exciting times...

This year, my father in law found 4 cases of Caffeine free Diet Coke that was four years old at his work. He brought it home for us. How nice!

We would shake those bad boys up and put them up on the gallery. They would EXPLODE! Don't believe click on the below pictures for a better view.

After all the shooting and eating, we ate dinner! My SIL Kenz and I decorated the table... I loved it!

We used candles from Brianna's wedding and wrapped them with paper with letters spelling out:

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Black Friday came, and I did some shopping in the morning with my sister in law. We got some GREAT deals! The boys put up the Christmas lights,

and we went to go see Blindside. (Which is an excellent movie!)

We are grateful for family and friends! We are glad we got to spend time with you, and missed most of you! Loves!

Monday, November 23

rewind: the weekend in pictures

We had a great weekend..and I got my camera back. :)

*went to the cutest 1 year old birthday party starring two of our favorite 1 year olds!

*went and watched the lighting of the tree at Fashion Island...

The twins were so excited... and then when it was lit, Merrick cried. I think he thought it was on fire. He kept asking what happened to the tree.

***AND my neighbor and I decided to start this crazy project! We want this advent calendar... but don't want to pay $69 for it, so we decided to make it, and I am excited to say that I just finished my LAST square. I had to stitch 25 squares with Christmas items on each of them...

Here are a couple of my little squares. All felt, all stitched. no glue. Ahh.. feels good to be done. Now I am just waiting for my felt to come in the mail, and I can finish!


We had a great weekend.. and of all these things, I can't show you any pictures because my camera is at my in laws.

*went to the cutest 1 year old birthday party staring two of our favorite 1 year olds!
*tyson has been home more!
*tyson has the entire week off after monday!
*watched UP with my in laws. (love that movie)
*we had fhe and played Don't Eat Pete! The twins got it and loved it.
*merrick said the prayer for the first time EVER!
*we had homemade hamburgers.
*we are getting our pictures taken tomorrow, by a good friend, Kim, with awesome photog talent!
*with the help of my friend Megan, I made the yummiest skirt ever for Berkleigh!

***AND my neighbor and I decided to start this crazy project! We want this advent calendar... but don't want to pay $69 for it, so we decided to make it, and I am excited to say that I just finished my LAST square. I had to stitch 25 squares with Christmas items on each of them...

Hopefully I will have the camera by the end of the day, so I can post some pictures.

Friday, November 20

Robot Batteries

I came home from a meeting the other night to this...

Little wooden cookies ALSO double as robot batteries (or pig utters, but that wasn't what they were going for).

And the cookie jar, aka robo arm.

Tyson is so creative!

Tuesday, November 17

the daily grind

Read this awesome book and made our own leaf men/women:


homemade pizza

water-colored fall leaves

Went on a walk, picked up the fall leaves and sorted them by color, shape, and size:

Went to the park:

Had a puppet show:

Went on a bike ride:

Love it!

Friday, November 13

All things Thanksgiving

I made:

A new leafy garland:

(The inspiration came from this awesome Potterybarn garland, and the fact I didn't want to spend $60!).

A happy Thanksgiving ruffly pillow:

(Which I made from a tutorial I found online. The link is not on this laptop. If you want it, I will email you.)

And one of my friends told me about this idea that she heard in Relief Society. I wasn't there because... I am in YW, but I thought it was such a fun idea...

The twins and I cut out MILLIONS of feathers on my cricut, and cut out a turkey.
We wrote a small note to those we sent them to saying they needed to write their name and what they are thankful for on the feathers and send them back.
If you love getting snail mail... well besides bills, then this is the best thing you will ever do!
We just started getting the feathers back and the twins are so excited to go to the mailbox!
We sent out 20 letters, and have only received 4 letters back so far, but look how full our Thankful Turkeys tail feathers is!

It is fun to see what your loved ones are thankful for too.

Here is our turkey a couple days ago...

Berkleigh is way into posing for the camera right now, so I just go with it. Vogue!

Here is our turkey today, as of Friday, November 13! We can't wait for more!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 12

Our Week

So I wasn't in a blogging mood this week.. but I should, so here is our week thus far...preschool. It kinda consumes me when it is my turn to teach. Good thing I only teach every 6 weeks!

I went 6 weeks with 4 hours a week without my children! It was lovely!
This week our theme was a science theme: Animal Homes.

We had pictures of animals and the kids had to put them with the appropriate home.

We talked about how birds make their nests and then we did a little creative drama (that is for you Megan!) We went outside, flapped our wings like birds, and picked up twigs, grass, straw, string and leaves to make our birds nests.

We came back in and made our nests:

We read The Very Busy Spider, Duck on a Bike, In the Small Small Pond, On the African Savanna, and the Little House.

We made beehives (this was a last minute spontaneous idea... like 10 minutes before the kids got to my house):

We learned the letter B.

I made each kid a paper with 3 different habitats or homes on it, a desert, a farm, and the ocean. We had lots of cut out animals and they had to put them in the right "home".

We went on a bear hunt. You know that song? Love it... "with big green eyes, and a fuzzzzy little tail. I'm not scared!"

And we played a hopscotch type game but with lily pads. The first time they just practiced jumping on each one. The second time, I flipped over the lily pads and they had the letters we have learned so far. They had to jump on the pad, say the letter and sound and continue.
I forget sometimes how much I love teaching, and I forget how tired I get! When I want to craft at night, I end up in bed asleep. early. Early being 11. :)

Tuesday, November 10


This cute couple tied the knot this past weekend. It was wonderful and TIRING to be with them this weekend.

I don't have any pictures of the beautiful event, but I have a picture of my bouquet that I am still enjoying!

Thursday, November 5

body language

Can't you tell the exact emotions going on in this picture...

Berkleigh: I do not want to be close to this HUGE ant.

Berkleigh's Eyes: I am keeping you in my sights you big ugly bug.
Berkleigh's Legs: You are not putting me down mom. Clench.

Mom: You will take a picture with this bug... and like it. :)

Mom's hand: Death grip on Merrick's arm.
Mom's body: Leaning into said ant to look like we all want to be there.
Mom's smile: Fake.

Merrick: Is he real?

Merrick's face: Confusion. Didn't I see him in a movie?
Merrick's body: Cowering away from Flick.

Flick: I am going to pretend I am having a wonderful time, although these kids are scared of me
and it is 100 degrees outside and I am dying of heat in this blue getup.

By the way, my kids did ask to get a picture with him before all the above happened.