Monday, December 28


I love Christmas...
I forgot my camera for Christmas Eve tradition of going to the Thackers for dinner and a program, but I made up for it by taking way to many pictures on Christmas Day...

Here are the highlights of Christmas 09...

1. Christmas Eve at the Thackers.

2. Opening Christmas Pajamas and a new addition.. slippers (scrumptious)

3. Reading Christmas Books

4. Throwing out food for the reindeer that our neighbor, Kristy, gave us...

5. Stayed up too late wrapping presents and putting together presents...

6.Waiting on the stairs to come down and see Christmas...

to see this beautiful sight...

7. The presents...

Berkleigh got this wooden doll house from Santa. It is my favorite thing. It has all wooden furniture... I might "wallpaper" the walls to get rid of the pinkness... but it is dang cute. :)

Merrick got this amazing set of wooden tinkertoys. He loves building with them! I love toys from my past. I will have to find a Rainbo Brite for Berkleigh and we will be set!

8. Giving and getting presents from our family...

I can't believe Christmas is over. All of my favorite holidays are packed in a three month period and it goes by way to fast...

next on the docket.. Valentine's Day aka.. the twins birthday!

Thursday, December 24

Merry Christmas, Love the Greatscotts!

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm tellin you why...

Santa "merrick" Claus is coming to town.

He has presents in his sack...

And instead of a sleigh he will be riding the Polar Express with his elf Berkleigh... (straight from his mouth) ...

And in all the love the greatscotts can muster... have a wonderful Christmas!

Tuesday, December 22



Put Berkleigh's hair in a french braid... (for the first time)

She loved it!

We went to go see Princess and the Frog. If you haven't seen it, SEE IT! Seriously it is one of my favorite Disney movies. I forgot how much I missed the drawn animation. I loved every minute of it, and the music was so good!

We then went to Tyson's parents house to help decorate the tree before the family comes for Christmas...

Berkleigh loved it. When she saw the tree she said, "Oh, dats biig!" She is used to our little 5 ft tree, not the 10 ft bush! It is huge!

The off to the Newport Beach Boat Parade and Old Spaghetti Factory...

A little surprise party for the T dog... he did turn 30 for crying out loud!

Monday... We went to Disneyland with Tyson's sisters and family to celebrate Brittany's birthday! Happy Birthday Brittany!

and Tuesday... trying to finish presents, shopping, cooking... where did the time go? Is it really almost Christmas?

Hope your weekend was just as wonderful!

Saturday, December 19

Some Christmas Projects...

A Christmas Wreath

My Favorite Part!!

A Christmas Garland of felt (my favorite fabric) lights! So festive and doesn't cost money in the Electricity Department!

The twins ornament for 2009! I love them. I think I am kinda into silouettes! Don't you?

We have some more projects but I can't share... they are Christmas presents!

Things on the list for today... Take the kids to see Princess and the Frog, go to the Newport Boat Parade, excitedly wait for more family to come in town!

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, December 17

dec 17 1979

was a great day. I didn't know it yet (in fact, I was in womb at the time), but my husband was
born! He is now 30 years old! I met him when I was 18! It doesn't even seem possible that I have known him for 12 years!

Everyone seems to do this, but I gotta... here are my top 30 favorite things about Tyson.

1. He is hilarious!

(Ketchican, ALASKA)

2. He makes everyone feel comfortable around him.
3. He is a hard worker.

(Provo, UTAH)

4. He has lots of ambition.


5. He gets all funny in awkward situations.

(Lake Charles, LOUISIANA)

6. He can remember anything about anybody.
7. He will take the kids anytime and let me have a break.


8. He is considerate.
9. He is a hands on dad.. always on the floor with the kids.

(Laguna Hills, CALIFORNIA)

10.He woke up every night with me to help me feed the twins,even though he had to go
to med school the next day! (I don't know many husbands who would do that.)


11.He treats his parents with such respect.
12.Although there are 8 children in his family, he has a personal relationship with
EVERY SINGLE ONE. Everyone is important.

(Diamondhead, OAHU, HAWAII)

13.He has crazy amounts of faith.

(Lake Charles, LOUISIANA)

14.He is a great patriarch of our home. Always remembering prayers, fhe etc.

(Huntington Beach, CALIFORNIA)

15.He remembered a dream I had about how I would be purposed to and recreated it.. as
much as he could without the crazy dream aspect of it. Something just can't be
recreated. :)
16.He is helpful.

(St Louis, MISSOURI)
17.He is a people person. He likes to be around friends.
18.I LOVE his hair. It reminds me of McDreamy hair.

(Chinatown, San Francisco, CALIFORNIA)

19.I LOVE his wrinkle lines around his eyes.
20.I love that he cries at patriotic songs, and tender parts at movies.

(Catalina Island, CALIFORNIA)

21.He love Anthropologie!

(Lake Powell, ARIZONA)

22.He is a great listener.

(Cameron, LOUISIANA)

23.He was always willing to help me cut stuff out, color and paint stuff for my classroom when I taught school.


24.He was such a good sport and would come on fieldtrips with my 5th graders. Everyone
wanted to be in Tyson's group.

(Laguna Hills, CALIFORNIA)

25.He is a great poet. His prose are pretty amazing!


26.He makes a mean quesadilla!

(Mendicino, CALIFORNIA)

27.He has a strong testimony of the gospel.
28.He is determined to raise our kids in righteousness.

(Walnut Creek, CALIFORNIA)

29.He listens to AM radio, but always turns the station back to regular music when I get in the car.

(Bear Valley, CALIFORNIA)

30.He has been my sweetheart for 12 years... minus a 2 year mission.