Saturday, August 27

Round 2: Camping

We have now been camping TWICE this summer. Say what? Who are we becoming!
Oregonians... apparently.
We finally bought our own tent after throwing our old one away 5 years ago.

Anyways, Round 1 (see here) was amazing. I loved the people we went with, and we very much enjoyed ourselves...

Round 2: New people who were so fun, our entire ward, and we camped by the beach. Does this not look like the beach? We walked two minutes and BAM there it was. We could here it all night, but this is what we saw while "in camp". It was fun to get the forest feel and the beach feel all in one day!

Which camping trip won?
Well, I would say a tie, because I would go back to that dirt and dry of Crab Flats just to be with our old friends again, but OREGON camping is DEFINITELY my favorite camping location! Plus, getting to know new friends is exciting and fun!
(We were so sad to miss our annual Huntington Beach End Of the Summer Corn Roast, so we brought it too Oregon to share with our new friends.)
PS: We had so much fun that I didn't get the camera out very much...oops.
We did catch the kids playing King, Queen, Princess, Princess, and Knight in and among the fairies of Fern Gully! hehe...

Merrick was king of course. Can't you just imagine the stately message he was giving to the commoners.

Thursday, August 25

Emerald City

On our way to the 100 year celebration, we stopped in Seattle for a day. We were actually only there for a couple hours, but we packed in the fun.

Pike's Market

Ivars for Fish and Chips
and... feeding the Seagulls.

The Waterfront and the Old Curiosity Shop

and you can't forget the Gumwall...

I was excited about the wall, because we were kinda lost, and looking for something TOTALLY different and we ended up in the alley where the gum wall is. Perfect!

We didn't get to spend a lot of time in Seattle, like only 4 hours, but we had fun, and I can't wait to go back and spend some more time there and explore this beautiful city!

Tuesday, August 23

"I can see my brain!"

I thought she was just getting a little vitamin D... but when I asked what she was doing, she told me that when she closes her eyes with the sun on them, she can SEE HER BRAIN...
What a weirdo.


That is what Merrick calls these...
I love it!

Swim lessons are almost over, and although I have loved having something to do first thing in the morning, I am excited to not have such grumpy tired children by 2 in the afternoon, who won't nap. :)

Sunday, August 21

Working Late

Tyson is working hard at his new job.
He loves it, but his hours haven't gotten any better for us.
He is still gone until late (7-8pm) which is better than when he was a resident but the kids are still in bed by then...

So the other day, we packed up dinner and drove to the park across the street from Tyson's work to have a picnic and play and run around for a bit.

We had Italian Roast Beef Sandwiches, frozen blueberries and good ol' fashioned water.

While the weather is good, we might be doing more of this...
It was relaxing and super fun!

And speaking of offices... Tyson and I were joking with our friends about the billboards outside the office with Tyson's picture plastered to it.
Well, the next day, I get this email from my friend Rachel...
They had a drive by mustaching!
(Not really they photoshopped it in but I laughed pretty hard when I got the email!)
I love it!

Saturday, August 20

This way...

It was a lovely day! I am definitely sunburned, but it is such a great day to be at the beach, oops sorry, the COAST, and to have the sound of the waves and your children playing in your ears.
It was fun, cause our NEW friends came with us, and I enjoyed sitting on the beach chatting it up, the kids enjoyed playing with their new friends, and Tyson enjoyed surfing with his new buddy.

What tops off a great beach day, Dinner at the yummy Thai place called THE WOODSMAN.
Yes siree, we at yummy Thai food at a place that had a logging theme goin' on. It was very enjoyable!

We played in the sand:

Made this amazing sand castle:

Played on the driftwood:

Took some glam shots:

It really is beautiful here, and there is so much more to look at while at the beach...

Tuesday, August 16


Our day went as follows:
A. Poured a yummy breakfast and made a yummy smoothie!

B. Headed to Swim Lessons

(Funniest thing ever is watching Merrick try to reach the ring at the bottom of the pool without putting his head under the water.)

C. Unexpectedly running into my new friend at the pool, so we turned it into a party and went to this awesome thrift store after swim.
Where the kids dressed up in all the nasty clothes and posed so we could take pictures of them.

D. Went to get Taco Bell, so I could have Skype/Taco Bell/ inside picnic date with my HB friends.

E. Our owner came over to fix our kitchen, and I read to the twins...

F. Went on a walk while the kids biked our neighborhood.

G. Found the most amazing Dry Cleaner with a DRIVE THRU, and a bucket for the kids to pick a free art supply every time you go! Oh, and dropped off Tyson's shirts.

H. Came home and made dinner... pizza rolls. Please try them. Here is the link. They are amazing!

I. Practiced putting our heads under the water in the bathtub.

J. Put the kids to bed...

K. Stayed up and watched some amazing reality TV...

L. Read in my book, The Lost Symbol.

M. Went to bed to start all over tomorrow!