Sunday, December 30

Our Merry Little Christmas

Christmas was Awesome. We hope you had a great Christmas!

Saturday, December 22

"Wicked" Good Time

So... if you didn't read the last post, Tyson got a really fun birthday gift, and we got to cash in on it today. Tyson's parents sent us to see WICKED! We had such a good time. We LOVED it! Tyson's sister Brittany had a birthday this week too, so she came along with Cameron and Brianna. We drove to LA, saw the show at the Pantages Theater (so cool), walked down Hollywood Blvd., and ate dinner at a place called Lucky Devils. It was super yummy! They take Kobe steaks, grind them up, and create super good hamburgers. It was delicious! What a fun night away from the babies... even though I missed the twins!

If you haven't seen WICKED you need to go! It was so entertaining and such a good time. We laughed a lot... I didn't think it would be that funny! Thanks for a great night Craig and Jackie!


Friday, December 21

Happy Birthday Tyson!

December 17 was Tyson's birthday. We had fun having dinner and opening presents. Tyson's gifts: soccer ball that you tie to your waist and kick, these rockets you shoot with this bazooka looking thing, a new suit, the movie Transformers, a super cool shirt...and something really cool from his parents... but you will have to wait and see the post on it tomorrow night. :)

We love you Tyson even though you are super old.... (28).... I guess if I call Tyson old, I have to call myself old. I will be 28 in 6 months!

By the way, you will not see me in these pictures because i was "deathly" ill with the stomach flu. This was the beginning of a stomach flu epidemic that ran rampant through the Scott household.

Tuesday, December 18

The Foolish Man built his house...

on the sand, but we built ours on plastic with icing and gingerbread. Tyson and I were in charge of FHE the other night. Tyson had a great lesson about how to keep a happy home, and then we built gingerbread houses. We had 4 teams, and our friend, Jason gave each of them an award. Here are the houses and the corresponding awards.

Jen and Tyson's House
AWARD: Most ADA Accessible House
(Our inspiration was the gingerbread boy without a leg, so we built him crutches and a wheelchair.) If you look close you can see his cast, his crutches and the wheelchair.

Lisa and Jason's House
AWARD: Best Skylight (I think)...
Their house kept coming apart at the top.

Jackie and Craig
AWARD: Best Garage Door
The side of their house kept sliding inwards.

Mackenzie and Brooke
AWARD: Survived an earthquake award
I don't know what happened to theirs, but it saw better days in its packaging. :) Good job girls!

Thursday, December 13

Fun with the Po Pos!!!

When we were first married and lived in Provo, we had some great friends named Jason and Lisa Polson. (We call them the Po Pos.) :) Well they moved to Southern California, and we moved to Northern California, and we see each other when we can. Well, we have been blessed with their presence a lot this month...

Here are some of our adventures!

South Coast Plaza and Irvine Spectrum
The triplets... or so everyone thinks when we are together.
They did not know what to do with this Tickle Me Elmo Xtreme! It was psycho.
Who wouldn't love this face?
Doesn't Lisa look like she is having a BLAST?
Long Beach Aquarium

I think it wanted to eat Merrick.
We fed these cute birds... but i know about birds! They poop! I have learned my lesson, that is why you don't see me in any of these pictures... I was trying to steer clear of their back ends.

Saturday, December 8

Chicago my kind of town

I am currently at Chicago interviewing for residency programs. I just finished and now have to reflect on how I should rank them all. I interviewed in California, Texas, Arizona, Utah and Washington, some good programs some weird. March is the big day when we match with the program. -Tyson

Monday, December 3

O Tahnenbaun, O Tahnenbaun

For FHE we went Christmas Tree shopping. We picked a nice Noble Fir . . . or Douglas Fir. I don't know what it is, but it is really pretty. It isn't bushy, but it isn't a tree... it is a good compromise between the two. We had fun picking it out. We then came home and had peppermint icecream, hot chocolate, wassil, and mad libs. Who can complain about a night like that?
All of us...Look at Berkleigh suck that thumb!
The fam.
Here is the beautiful tree!