Wednesday, February 25

Fat Tuesday

My parents live in Louisiana right now, so that makes me Cajun, right? Well, even if I'm not, I still made gumbo and king cake today! We had some friends over to try it out...

My homemade Chicken and Sausage Gumbo.

Berkleigh and Merrick devouring it.

The King Cake

The baby found inside. It was found in my neighbor's, Tom, piece. I read up on finding the baby and it is a sign of good luck, but also they are supposed to host the next King Cake Party, and they become the 'Queen' of Mardi Gras. Don't be mad Tom, I am just quoting wikipedia.

And what is Mardi Gras without some beads...
Happy Mardi Gras!

Monday, February 23

7:15 am

That is when I woke up to the kids laughing and talking to each other...

It wasn't until 8:00 am that I actually had to go in there because they were done with the pillow talk.

Here was the rest of our day:

8:30 am
9:00 am

9:30 am:  Walk with our neighbor Kristy and baby Dallin. (Sorry forgot to take a picture)

10:30 am: Made parking lots (Thanks for teaching us Max!) and played more trains.

11:30 am: Books and lunch

12:30 pm: Naptime
I love this picture, because when I announced naptime, they did this:

12:45 pm:

While the twins were sleeping, Autie, Kristy and I had a "blue haired" afternoon by playing a couple rounds of Yahtzee, the eating of animal crackers, and chatting. (Everything blue haired ladies do best. :)

2:30 pm: 

Merrick felt a nap was overrated and crept out of bed and hid behind the computer. How did he get there?
2:45 pm: Cleaned up toys, did dishes, etc. While kids watched Bugs Life.
4:00 pm: Target for some groceries, found the twins Easter stuff, and bought stuff for
my project tomorrow.
5:30 pm: Tyson home,
food is delivered to our house and we eat together for the first time in a long time.... ALL TOGETHER.
6:30 pm:  
7:00 pm: Family Home Evening on Accepting Others (which I know is over their heads, but I picked it cause they liked the animals.)

:30 pm: Books, prayers, and bedtime

Night Night!

Thursday, February 19


Tuesday, February 17

Our Valentine's (Birth) Day(s)

I thought about having a birthday party... but it was too much work last year. I just wanted something small and easy, and that was delivered...

Birthday Breakfast: involves eating cake, peaches, pears, and orange julius while opening presents.
How nasty and cloppy does the frosting look? Apparently I put cold milk with room temperature ingredients. Note to self: Don't do that again!

Do you see my scrumptious cake stand. I am in love with it!

Birthday Clothes: I asked my friend Autie to make this skirt for Berkleigh. She used to sell them. I bought the fabric and she whipped it up for me. (Thanks!) I wanted her to have something fun to wear, and I didn't want it to be ANOTHER tutu like last year. This was perfect! I bought Merrick an orange polo shirt and put a zebra 2 in the corner. I promptly unstitched the 2 after the celebrations. 

Opening Presents: It was like Christmas there were SO many!!! Lets list, shall we? scooters, puzzles, 4 CARS cars, bathtub crayons, bathtub water color changing tablets, new bracelet (B, her last one broke that she got for her first birthday), dress up shoes, Bugs Life, Sleeping Beauty, more wooden food for kitchen, the cutest Book of Colors that our 2 1/2 year old neighbor made for them, and a broom for Merrick!

The Zoo: By zoo, I mean, 50 monkeys and other animals that I can see if I take the kids to the wooded areas around our house. It was no San Diego Zoo, but it was close and easy to walk through and the kids loved it.
A little monkey lovin.

My fav picture.

They got a kick out of feeding the sheep.

Saturday, February 14

A day of love and births...

I was so happy/sad when I made this video. It was fun to reminisce about the last two years, but also sad to see my babies growing up. We have a lot planned for the day... so I better go to bed so I can be on my best behavior. :) 

And for the guy who made this all possible. Love you! I wouldn't want to spend the day with anyone else!

Wednesday, February 11

Girls Weekend 09

What a fun weekend. For great commentary look at these posts from my friend Jessica. I would just copy exactly what she wrote, but I will post my own... 

We ate out at CPK, In n Out, Chick Fil A, Sprinkles, IHOP.
We saw "He's Just Not That into You".
We got pedicures.
We shopped. Alot.
And not once did we have to get a stroller out of the back of the car!
Here is a documentation in pictures!


The Girls in Huntington Beach, CA
From Left: Jenny, Chelsea, Jessica, Jen, Amy

We had a photo shoot. People stared. We had fun.

Another angle

Pictures while walking. We are talented.

$12 pedicures...

Sprinkles cupcakes. Yum!


At night, some did this...

While others did this...

I can't wait until next year. It was a great weekend!

Friday, February 6


Don't expect a post cause I will be:

eating junk food
dancing around my living room
going to girlie movies
shopping like a mad fool
eating at CPK, sugar shack, and chick fil a
getting a pedi


but with some of my favorite people.

Pictures to come... girls weekend 09 is under way.

Sunday, February 1

To Do

I have so much to do. This weekend is my girls weekend. I am super excited but I have to get some stuff done before the fun can begin.

What is finished as of FEB 2.
What is finished as of FEB 3.
What is finished as of FEB 4.
What is finished as of FEB 5.

The List (da duh duuuuh)

1. Make wedding gift DONE
2.  Grocery shopping and plan Tuesday night meal DONE
3. Clean bathtub DONE
4. Re Caulk bathtub DIDN'T DO
5. Spot clean the carpet STARTED
6. Clean the fridge DONE
7. Make reservation for pedis DONE
8. Dust DONE
9. Clean bedding DONE
10. Make and send out birthday invites for twins party
11. Finish a birthday present.
12. Wash the windows.
13. Ask Amy if  she has an airmattress. (Do you?) DONE
14. Write girls with list of fun things to bring for weekend. DONE
15. Decide if I want to make a pinata for birthday party, and if so learn how to make one. :) DONE
16. Buy scoops, snacks, breakfast food.
17. Organize bookshelves. DONE
18. Sweep and mop the kitchen floor DONE
19. Finish laundry. DONE
20. Mail Emergency kit to mom and Lisa. DONE
21. Pay bills, and fight insurance bill DONE
22. Clean out car DONE
23. Wash car seat covers and stroller covers for babies coming this weekend (Are they?)
24. Sleep, cause I won't be getting any this weekend. :) 
25. Clean Oven. DONE
26. Valentines DONE
27. Baby gifts DONE 
28. Get jeans tailored DONE