Monday, April 30

Superhero Surprise

Our amazing flower child superhero with her new x-ray sunflower vision is ready to take over the world.

Saturday, April 28

Daddy & Baby Einstein

I caught Tyson being a great dad. Berkleigh and Merrick love their dad and love to watch Baby Einstein. Seriously, whoever invented Baby Einstein was a genius. They absolutely love it, and the twins will sit still and stare at the computer for 20 minutes.

The Same

They do everything the same...

Picnic at the Park

We went with a bunch of our friends to the park to eat, play, and talk. We had a great time. Berkleigh had fun playing with her friend Kate, Merrick enjoyed a relaxing nap on the picnic blanket, Tyson had fun with they boys throwing footballs, and I had fun chattin' it up with the girls. Great fun!

More Baby Faces

More Smiles

Merrick decided to smile for the camera! He has a really sweet smile, and he has dimples like his mom.

Friday, April 27

First Smiles

Berkleigh and Merrick have started to smile! Everytime they smile though, there isn't a camera around. We finally got some pictures of Berkleigh's smile. SO CUTE!

Wednesday, April 25


Does anyone see a resemblance? I had one when I was little, and I have two now that I have grown up. Mine have a crying button that must be jammed sometimes though.

Tuesday, April 24

Our Sunday Best

Tyson loves taking pictures with his twins on Sunday after church. There is never a good time to take pictures of the twins in their sunday best. We have chuch at 9 am! We just barely make it every Sunday as it is, we can't stop and think about taking pictures. When we get home from church, the twins are hungry (therefore grumpy) and they have usually spit up or done something to mess up their church clothes. Here are some shots, whether good or not, or our sunday best.

Mornings are my Favorite

I love the mornings with the twins, especially if we have had a good night. The birds are singing, and the sun comes through our window. We like to sit and look out the window at the beautiful light coming in.

Jogging in Style

We finally put together our jogger stroller. We were lucky to get it as a group gift from one of our baby showers. The twins love it. I like this stroller because there isn't a bar between the twins. The can interact more in this stroller than in our other twin stroller. I can't imagine running behind this thing though. It is pretty heavy. We are going to be pretty buff.

Sunday, April 15

The Po Pos

(Not the police)
Some of our great friends the Po Pos (Polsons) came to visit us while we were down in Orange County. They just had baby Lauren in March, so we had 3 babies under 2 months old. It was like having triplets! I am glad we only have two. :) We didn't get out of the house because what car can carry four carseats besides a bus. :)

Merrick is with one of his many girlfriends. Look at him putting his head on her shoulder. What a cuddler!

Thanks Grandma Sorensen

Grandma Sorensen made Berkleigh and Merrick the bedding for their crib, and Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen bought the beautiful crib. Yea! The twins will sleep in style.

Twins meet Mackenzie

The twins met Kenzie for the first time over Easter. We love her... and the twins will too.

Thursday, April 12

Crepes A Go Go

YUMMY! Crepes A Go Go is our favorite place to eat. It has a very French feel and has delicious crepes. We took Jackie and the girls there before they left after our visit. If you are ever in Walnut Creek, you must take a trip downtown and find this great little restaurant.

Winchester Mystery House

The twins went on their first guided tour! We went to the Winchester Mystery House.... uh, that lady was weird! We had so much fun walking up staircases that didn't go anywhere, and looking through doors that ended nowhere. All because of a silly rifle. I hope Mrs. Winchester is at peace now.

Happy Easter

I went down to Orange County while Tyson went fishing with his dad. I had a lot of fun with Jackie and the girls. We went to the beach, ate out, watched our favorite TV shows, and had a wonderful Easter.

2 Months!!

The twins celebrated their 2 months mark. I can't believe they are already two months old. Berkleigh decided to join Merrick in rolling over, and they are starting to focus on us and smile. Life is great when you have two little ones to love.

Sunday, April 8

Fishing the Lower Sacramento with Dad

Dad and I took a quick jaunt to Redding California to fly fish the Sacramento River. It was absolutely gorgeous. Each day we caught about 10 rainbows apiece each around 15 inches and Dad caught a 19 incher. It was a blast nobody fell in the river and nobody died. It was great to have Dad around the weather was perfect