Monday, March 30

Pillow talk

I love pillows! After I made the place mat pillow, I got excited to make more pillows. Here are my other two pillow creations... these were not place mats. I came up with these ideas myself.

 I used scraps of fabric I had at home to create the yellow, orange and teal pillow, and the green pillow. They were fun to make! I didn't know pillows were so easy!

And here is our bookshelf, which serves as a mantle for holiday decorations... all 'Eastered' out!

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 25


How many times I hear this phrase in an hour.

How many books Merrick pulls out of the bookshelf to look at for hours on end.

How many diapers I change in one week. (Who said being regular was a blessing?)

How many times I put the puzzles away every couple days.

How many stitches I had to take out and put into this placemat to make it into a pillow.

How many times I hear this word while in the car.

How many times I catch Berkleigh reading in my bed in a week.

How much we paid for this Vader beach cruiser.

How many "wax ons and wax offs" it took to get this crayon off the wall.

But I love these guys times 50!

Sunday, March 22

What we have been up to...

Our week was crazy!. Here is the break down...

Monday: Clean, grocery shopping, friends come in Tuesday.

Tuesday: My cooking day, friends come from Maine, Enrichment.
While I was gone, Tyson took our friends to downtown Huntington Beach for the street fair.

Wednesday: Long Beach Aquarium with YW, decorate cake balls for shower.

I love watching Berkleigh and Merrick with their little friends.
Feeding the Loorkeets (sp?)
Looking for the seals
Kim, in YW with me. She is the diver at the LB aquarium. She got in the water and talked to us. It was so fun!

Thursday: Finish stuff for baby shower, Autie's baby shower
When you walked in.
Mochi, a polka dot treat, for a polka dot themed party!
I loved this idea! It was cheap, and cute, and most everyone would rather have water than punch anyway!
Cake Balls: so yummy. Thanks Melissa for the idea! Another polka dot food.:)
The game: There was a clothes hamper filled with baby necessities. You had to hold a baby, talk on the phone, and hang the laundry. The most clothes hung in a minute won a prize.
The almost mom of two!

Friday: Birthday Party, and Disneyland!

Friday, March 13


I had a big red ball to sit on while I did the dishes...

Tuesday, March 10


She is working up a sweat!

Monday, March 9

Dear Bumbos,

You retired today. 
You were taken to the garage today. 
See you when another little one comes along.
Thanks for making me not need to buy highchairs.
Thanks for making it easy to feed two little kids at the same time.
Until next time...

Extremely Grateful in Huntington Beach

Sunday, March 8

Bikin' the Boardwalk

You can't live in Huntington Beach and not own beach cruisers. Well, actually you can and we are exhibit A-D. However, we want to get some cruisers in the next couple months before the nice weather really hits. We need 2 bikes and a trailer, cause if I ever wanted to go alone, I would need the trailer instead of the seat attachment. We decided to try out our friends trailer and bikes to make sure the twins even like it... we are not spending $300 on a trailer if they don't even want to sit in it.

Well, they giggled the whole time. They loved it....

It was such a beautiful day, and we had so much fun RIDING from our HOUSE to the BEACH, around on the beach, and back to our HOUSE. (I am trying to emphasis how close we live to the beach. :) )

Here is our picture documentation:

My fam and the pier


The man of the hour, I didn't try pulling the trailer, but I think it looks heavy.

The toddlers encased in nylon

Picnic at the beach

Thursday, March 5

First Picture Show

We went to see Bedtime Stories with some friends Autie, Max, Kristy, Dallin, Amber, Alexis and Carter. This movie was the twins first time in a movie theater. We had lots of fun, and ALL the kids did so well. I think my kids were dumbfounded that there was a "tv" that big! That sat through the whole movie. 
I love dollar theaters!

Lets do it again next month... or whenever another kid movie comes to my new favorite theater! 

Tuesday, March 3

the tub is at the end of our rainbow







But you don't have to take our word for it... go get some!

Sunday, March 1

Muy Caro

I always want things that cost ALOT...

See this post for my fridge dilemma...

I will go into Forever 21 and instead of liking the shirt that costs $13.50, I want the shirt that costs $22.50...
(Not that $22.50 is a lot, just why can't the things I want be the cheap things there! That is all I am saying.)
Here are some of my other expensive wish list items.

1. The Madsen Bike... that bucket in the back holds up to four kids with seat belts!


2. Canon Rebel... I swear I will take better pictures!


3. Anthropologie Bedding... Who wouldn't want to sleep on that?


Ahh, well I will continue to dream... just not in this fluffy gathered goodness.