Sunday, March 30

More Parks and Recreation...

and a little WT.
Tyson has had the whole past week off from a little Spring Break. We have had fun wandering around Northern California (Tyson in hopes of fish and Jen in hopes of sunshine..I got what I wanted, but I Tyson found NO fish.
We went to Sunol, Tyson took the twins to Mt. Diablo, I had two friends come in town with whom I spent some time. 
THEN on Thursday we went to the town Orinda and then the Orinda Reservoir (looking for fish), and we also went to the driving range. It was a lot of fun to be out practicing our swings!

Father and Son checking out the fish.
Tyson teaching Merrick all he knows about wildlife.
Practicing our Swings... these pictures might be incriminating. 
Disclaimer: If you are a golfer, we know our swings are not perfect. We are trying to perfect them, so disregard any poor posture etc.)
Don't I look like a "real" golfer? I have torn jeans, no polo shirt, and flip flops. :)
Our spectators.
I love my golf clubs. Yes these are my own! They are hot pink! I am really not cut out to be a golfer... but thanks to the Po Pos, I love it! Can't wait to golf with you guys when we get to Orange County!
Funny Story... we started a blog about 2 years ago right when I got these golf clubs. We went to the same driving range, and took almost the exact picture and put it up on our blog. Back then, blogger wasn't great with Macs and it took way to long to post, plus we didn't have kid pictures to share with we weren't really into it, AND we forgot the password. So if you are wondering why we are, it is because
(click link to see our old blog) is us... so we had to get a NEW one cause we can't remember the password. :)
We also had a kickin' garage sale with our friends the Carvers and the Heymans. We are moving in June and the Carvers are moving in April, so it seemed just right to have a garage sale! You know what they say... "One man's junk is another man's treasure". We sure found that to be the case! All together we made around 1000 dollars, Tyson and I made around 230 which I thought was really good because we had a lot of little things. 
Here is early morning:
Here is afternoon before we cleaned up:

It doesn't look too different, but really a ton was sold! It was fun to get rid of stuff. Our house feels SO much better and so do we! 
While we were "garage sale-ing" Merrick found dirt to taste like chicken!

Here is Tyson selling his beloved paintball gun. That guy you see, not the kid, but the grown man... was SOOOO excited about the paintball gun. I thought he was gonna pass out with excitement when his wife said he could have the gun.

Here are the "generals" as Pat called us. We were calling out left and right, "One dollar, Two dollars..." it was exhilarating! :)

That is one of the last get together we will have with the Carvers. It is nice to have good friends, and we will miss them when they move.

The End... this post is SUPER long!

Thursday, March 27


Tyson and I are moving away from Walnut Creek at the beginning of June. We are sad to leave! We love our ward, the area, and we feel like we know our way around... we have been here for 4 years! This is the place we became parents, and the ward where we learned how to be parents, we have great friends, and have our favorite places. Although we are sad we are moving, we are really excited to move to Orange County, and have more adventures down there.

As our time runs out up here in the Bay Area, we find ourselves frantic to do everything we haven't done yet! We went hiking, picnicing, and sightseeing in a small town called Sunol yesterday. It was really fun...
"The hills are alive... with the sound of music... ah ah ah ah"
Tyson looking for fish.
I love that B is clapping and M is pointing at something... and Tyson looks hot. :)
Our Picnic
Berk and her sunglasses
Tyson and Merrick looking for more fish. (They never found any)
Skipping Rocks.. well I was, the twins were eating them.

Wednesday, March 26

The Good Ol' Days

Emily with the twins and me with Ryan
My friend Emily and baby Ryan came into town, and she came up to Walnut Creek to hang with me and the twins.  It was really fun to see her. We went to Zachary's Pizza, H&M (which she had never been to... Texas, get with the program). We had fun being outnumbered by kids and really had a blast catching up! Thanks for stopping by Em! See you in June...for our 10 year reunion... are you kidding me? I am not really that old, am I?

Tuesday, March 25

Mt. Diablo

While Mom was away I tried to play good Daddy and took the kids to the highly anticipated, peak of Mt. Diablo! The peak is just a jaunt from our church and conveniently close. Due to a potential nauseating car ride, Jen was glad she was not present. The ride encompasses at least 7 miles of very windy roads, I loved every minute of it (as I rocked out to Jack Johnson). Alas when we got to the top I found Berkleigh staring at me with vomit all over her! She gave me a look like, why did you abandon my needs for these last few miles, mommy never would. I took off all her clothes, put on a sweatshirt, and it was business as usual.
Us at the top of Mt Diablo with an amazing 360 view sac town, SF, south bay and modesto

This is the actual peak conveniently in a museum, probably the tallest peak they'll reach in a while

Merrick doing the iron cross at the visitor center

Us having a lunch overlooking the easy bay it was a blast!

Sunday, March 23

Happy Easter!!

I love Easter. I LOVE the why we celebrate Easter,  I love the bright colors, I love the white sandals for little girls, I love the pastel ties for the men, I love that guys where pink on this holiday (except for Tyson... maybe one day I can get him to wear it...), I love little Easter dresses minus the bonnets, gloves, and unnecessary frilliness, I LOVE Cadbury Mini Eggs, and making Easter baskets, and filling my babies eggs with raisins, goldfish... and a few jelly beans. We hope you had a wonderful Easter reflecting on the life, death and resurrection of the Savior.
We did...and here is our special day...

Merrick got a sock monkey with his initials from Grandma Rae (mom do you like that?...I do) and the movie, "The Jungle Book". Oh... they got peeps too. I thought it would be fun to watch them eat them!
I couldn't get this picture to rotate...blogger bugs sometimes.
Berkleigh got a sock monkey with her initial on it from her Grandma Rae, the movie "Enchanted"...really for me... hehe... and eggs filled with goldfish and raisins.

We took these rice krispie nests to our Easter dinner with the Heymans.
Thanks Heymans, Jenny the ham was fantastic, and the potatoes were SO creamy (like in While you were Sleeping)

Saturday, March 22

Exotics and confessions

My confession...
I love smelling my babies stinky feet. They smell so good!

Ok on to the main event...

We went to the Oakland Zoo today with the Heymans. It was really fun, but SUPER hot! There could have been a breeze... but oh well, at least it wasn't raining!

Me, Chris, and Jenny (Babies hidden in their carseats)

From Left to Right: Me, Jenny, and Tyson 
(Jenny told me she wants to be this exact monkey when she grows up.)

Friday, March 21

Our Date with Kate

(Date for Merrick, "playdate" for Berkleigh)What a bummer your sister has to go on your dates with you, Merrick!

Yesterday Jenny and I went to clean the house of one of our friends who just had a stroke (super young... and totally unexpected!!) While we were cleaning, Tyson was super dad, and watched the twins and Kate.

Here are their adventures...
Merrick looks a little psycho... poor Kate!

We wanna go outside... Ok your wish is our command!

After we came home from cleaning, we decided to take the kids to the park. Park day is no longer, mommies talk and babies goo and gaa while laying on the blanket! :) Two out of the three are walking and one out of three is a climber... ahh park day will never be relaxing again!

Kate and Berkleigh followed each other around. 
It was really cute.
 One of these days we will get them holding hands and skipping... well maybe holding hands... skipping will come after we move.

Our little Frankenstein

She loved this dog! I think the dog was scared of her instead of vis versa.

Realizing they would rather play inside the fence with the toys.

They were SO cute with Kate's stroller. All 3 were pushing it around. If you were superstitious you would have thought that there was a ghost moving it, but then from the back you see the three little friends enjoying a leisurely stroll. The twins pushed Kate out of play, and even though she is a better walker, she couldn't keep up. She was so cute. She would hang her head, was talking up a storm, and would walk after them slowly. I should've scolded them for not playing nice, but it was all so cute and both Jenny and I were busy taking millions of pictures.

Monday, March 17

St. Patty's Day!

Today our leprechauns took pictures with fam in all green (a nice break from finding the rainbow end)...

Looked for gold on a Baby Einstein video...

Still on the look out for gold... (this is our Mischief Monday photo) My friend hasn't sent me the good one of Merrick that I was telling you about.

Became a civilized lepry by learning to use a fork...

Went to the park for an hour and saw this crazy crash by some crazy dude who took the "Irish pub thing" a little to seriously!

This guys was trying to speed around this corner, and rammed the white car up on the sidewalk, and then smashed into the car coming toward him. Then he tried to drive off, but the tennis people at the club, ran out and tried to stop him, and he peeled out around them and almost ran into a cop. That cop was definately in the right place at the right time. It was when the cops were out talking to the drunk guys that I realized they had loaded guns. I don't know why I never thought of that before, but they had their hands ready to pull it out if needed. It was pretty crazy.

I love seeing people all dressed in green on St. Patrick's Day. Green is one of my favorite colors so I enjoy this day!

Hope you had a great St. Patricks Day.