Sunday, March 25

our weekend

From left to right...

1. On a walk we enjoyed the recent melted snow in stream form with a few stick races.
2. Spring has sprung, it was probably 70 degrees yesterday!
3. Shrunken kids at the Children's Museum on Friday in the sunshine!
4. I busted out my RAINBOWS! My feet felt free!
5. Merrick shopping for some food at the children's museum.
6. Berkleigh decorated our car with flowers. 
7. Made more flowers for Quincy's blessing dress... I think I am close to being done!
8. Bubble Room, our favorite at the children's museum.
9.Quincy happy to see sunshine and to wear her first hat.

To sum up this weekend has been full of SUN SUN SUN!
I loved every second of it...

PLUS, a GDO (girls day out) to see Hunger Games.
It was fabulous!

Saturday, March 24

4 months and grabbing

Quincy is right on track for 4 months...
She tracks you, responds to her name, smiling, laughing, and is grabbing for toys.
Her stats are:
(teeny tiny)
Weight: 11 lbs 10.5 oz ... 11%
Height: 23 1/2 inches ... 23%
Head Circumference: 41 ... 52%

What can I say, we make kids with huge noggins.

Here she is with her first "grabbing", where she consciously looked at the toy I dangled in front of her, and moved her hands towards it until she grabbed it.

Thatta girl.

And she was so proud of herself.

Yes, I am in love with her headband...(Thanks Michelle N!)
and of course she is wearing teal AND has jeggings... 
Come on over take a bite, this is what we are serving up for dessert!

Ok, now I have to go and make 1 bajillion flowers for Quincy's blessing dress...
Wish me luck.

Thursday, March 22

On the First day of Spring my true love gave to me...

And it never stopped snowing for over 24 hours!

This was the 21st, the day it SNOWED ALL night and ALL day and ALL night...

and then this was today. 

(Yes Berkleigh is wearing a skirt over her snowsuit. That girl KILLS me.)

 Our Mickey Mouse Snowman
(We built him for all of our friends who were probably in 70 degree weather AT Disneyland today.)

Beautiful! Sunny and warm-ish...

We played in the backyard, and then my friend Raegan text me and said, "We have sleds, we have snow, and we have a hill."
So we packed up and went to her house.
The kids sled in the backyard and Raegan and I planned a baby shower.


Wednesday, March 21

mid climb

During a mid climb on Dad, Berkleigh decided that what he was reading was worth listening to...

Monday, March 19

from the mouth of babes...

I had today, what I thought, was a brilliant plan.
Every Monday night is our Family Night. We hang out together, talk about spiritual things, play games, and eat treats. It is our special night to be together.

I decided tonight that Merrick and Berkleigh could plan and put together Family Night.
It was so cute.

Berkleigh gave the lesson on making good choices.
She asked dad to pick the song "Choose the Right".

Merrick wanted to do the game.
He drew that adorable Donkey all by himself, cut out the tail, and prepared for Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

They told me I could be in charge of treats...
Rootbeer floats it is. 
They were not "TOM status Rootbeer floats" but they still tasted good. :)
And to top the night off, Berkleigh said the sweetest prayer.
Those prayers are what make me continue to plan and carry out FHE even when they giggle through it, Quincy cries through it, Tyson has to come home early from work and then go back after to finish his charts, or even if a show on TV is on that we want to watch.

Spending uninterrupted time together as a family is so special.
When I hear my children pray, and it isn't the same old rote prayer every day, but they think about what they want to say, and are so reverent when speaking to their Heavenly Father, it makes putting family night together SOOO worth it.

St. Patrick's Day

I love to celebrate little holidays like they are big...
If you haven't noticed.

Well, I called on the Leprechauns, and they pulled through
Turned our house upside down to find all the green things possible, trailed them throughout the house, and then onto the couch. 
They really made a mess.

Then those busy little guys made us a yummy breakfast!

Rainbow pancakes, rainbow shish kabobs, green eggs, and they even turned our milk green!


I love that the only green Berkleigh and Merrick could find to sleep in were Christmas pjs.

We dressed in our green for the day... 

and later that night we went to our friends, The Parkers, for some good ol' Corned Beef and Cabbage, BYU mint brownies, mint ice cream, Irish Soda Bread and Sprite with Lime.
(I hate when I forget the picture until after we have eaten...)

Then we played Leprechauns, and hid chocolate gold coins all over the house for the little guys to find...
This one was hidden the very hardest.

and that concluded our crazy fun greeny day!

Sunday, March 18

fed up.

I told Berkleigh to come in my room so we could brush her hair. She SAW the brush, it wasn't even in her hair yet, and she said ouch. Ugh.
Her hair is my nemesis. 
And I was fed up.

So I said we were going to get it cut.

And cut we did.
We went to Great Clips because I am all about cheap haircuts for kids, and it was the only place open LAST minute like that...
 She told me she was so nervous... 
she doesn't look it, does she?

 And there she is with her first cute little bob.

And here is all her hair. Good riddance tangles... although it makes me a little said to see all that hair. I love her long hair, but she needs to let me brush it for me to have it long again.

Thursday, March 15

to close

Remember when your mom used to say you were to close to the TV?
I think this is pushing it.