Friday, May 28

Slay the Dragon!

Merrick decided yesterday that our rocking horse was a dragon.

We made him a fire breather by putting some ribbon in his mouth.
We made him a flyer by giving him wings (aka my yoga mat).
We made him red by draping him in a big red fuzzy blanket.

Well, lets face it, you can't have a fire breathing dragon (AHH)
without a knight in shining armor (TaDa)

and a beautiful princess in distress (Oo La La).

Here is how the story unfolded in pictures...

Almost saved...

Then came the dancing...

around the slayed dragon!

I love their little adventures!

Tuesday, May 25

planes and dogs

Remember this? Well Tyson wanted to go, because he didn't the last time we went!
So we hopped in the car and drove to the airplanes...

It is so much more fun with dad!

Then we went home and ate some dogs out of these super cool diner baskets I go for $2.50 for 4! I got 8! Hotdogs have never been so fun!
Ordered by all... and all were happy!
Tyson: the chili dog
Merrick and Berkleigh: the plain dog
Jen: the "california dog" with avocado, tomato and cheese...

Saturday, May 22

"the first anniversary of my 29th birthday"

That is what my friends dad said when I told him I just turned 30. I thought it was funny.
I am not sad, scared, or distraught to be thirty.

I have a handsome husband and two beautiful children.
I am on the right path for a thirty year old...

Here is how my birthday week went...

On my birthday eve, my friends and I had a project night to get together to make some pillows.
Here is how mine turned out:

But when I got there, it had turned into "Jen's Thirty-Flirty and Thriving" birthday bash. What a surprise! I have some serious nice friends.

They made me this amazing crown out of felt (my fav fabric) and we had pizookies, soda, and made our pillows!

My actual birthday I spent being woken up by these little rascals

having a birthday breakfast made by my cute little family

opening presents (I don't have a picture, but I got an awesome ruffly apron, a vintage looking cardi, 2 really cool cricut cartidges, 4 anthro shirts, a pair of jean shorts, an awesome headband, and a dress...

walking along the beach with girls in my ward

having a Jamba Juice

buying these amazing chairs with my friend Kristy, so we can laze around while our kids run around in our "front yard"

and I enjoyed many phone calls, text messages, facebook posts etc. I felt loved.

Then Tyson got called in... (duh duh duuuuu) and I did not see him until... midnight. I wasn't even awake when he came home.
Yes, I was alone on my birthday from like 5 until midnight. Did I just admit that?

Now, it wasn't Tyson's fault... just super unfortunate, but the doctor that kept Tyson so late, gave me a $100 gift certificate to spend for being an "understanding wife". I like this guy!

Last night, our neighbors watched the kids, and we took off for dinner.

They enjoyed watching The Rescuers and eating Mac n Cheese:

And Tyson and I enjoyed dinner and walking around "kidless" at the Spectrum and buying more stuff with my gift card!

All in all, it was a good week!

Thursday, May 20

Just cause I want to gloat!

I was in the TOP TEN for the whole day!

Wednesday, May 19

Happy 30 Jen

HAPPY 30 Years

Jen turns the big 3-0 today. Every year this time I take over her blog (I am her husband, and know the codes) and do a poor job of trying to convey what a wonderful person she is.
Chances are if you are reading this you have already been positively affected by Jens death ray of LOVE.
Jen and I meet when we were both 18, I knew there was something different with her, not to mention she was and still is super hot! After a small period of stalking we started dating. I was pleased to find her unmarried (even after several attempts), when I came back from my mission. We shortly married and and we have almost been married 8 years.

We all know Jen is a loving, kind, selfless, spiritual, creative, funny and wonderful mother.

She loves to blog, I think because she loves communicating with her friends and is always improving herself and those around her.
If you like Jen or her blog she loves it when people comment, I think she would much rather see a greeting or a story about how you know her than anything I could write.
I love you Jen and thanks for reminding me everyday what a great choice I made in marrying you.-Tyson

Tuesday, May 18

Am I just lucky?

Or am I in the right place at the right time?

I don't feel like I shop ALOT. I mean, who wants to take two 3 year olds to the mall?

But when I do, I feel like I find some AMAZING deals.

Here are some of those great deals:

Do you remember when I found these True Religion Jeans for Berkleigh for $8.99? That is basically 90% off! Oh, how I wish they still fit her!

Well, a couple weeks ago I found these Paper Denim and Cloth jeans for Berkleigh for $9.99!
Again, a great deal!

We had a girls night out for our ward, and we went to Goodwill to find the basics for cheap. I found this Anthropologie skirt for $5.99! I had JUST seen it on the sale racks at Anthro weeks before.

Both of these beauts were on sale at Anthropologie for $9.95! Swept them up quick!

I love a good deal, because I would NEVER pay full price for these items, but I will definitely take them for cheap!

Sunday, May 16

quack quack

Last year we were walking down by the pier, and I noticed a banner advertising a "duck-a-thon" or rubber duckie race.. unfortunately it had happened the day BEFORE! Blast! We were so sad... so I have been waiting around to go this year.

It was yesterday.

Tyson's sister and her husband, Tyson, came up to play. We love it when they are in town. Tyson is such a great addition to the Scott family.

They take these huge front loaders, ,and fill them with duckies, dump them over the pier, and wait to see which duck gets to shore first. How exciting!

Fun was had by all! Can't wait for next year. Maybe we will buy a duckie and get in on the action...

Saturday, May 15

in time increments

7:30 am

Watching some cartoons

8:30 am
Breakfast and make our beds!

9:08 am
Fix our laptop!

9:30 am
Get ready for the beach!

9:45 am
Pack our lunch!

10:00 am - 12:30 pm
Arrive at Mother's Beach and play with all our friends!

Take baths and get ready for naps!

1:15 pm
NAPS for kids, CHORES for me...

3:30 pm

4:30 pm
Walk around the park by the library

5:30 pm
Quiet Time so I can finish laundry

6:30 pm
Dad comes home and dinner is had...

7:30 pm
Random shopping excursions

8:30 pm
Kids asleep, Tyson and I settle in with a movie and brownies..

Busy day!