Saturday, February 25

it never ends..

Berkleigh and Merrick kept asking me if they were going to have a piƱata for their birthday party? Or pin the tail on the donkey? or balloons? and I just kept getting more worried, cause I wasn't doing a party at all. :)

So I just decided that we would have friends over to have cake with. The kids just played, the moms just talked, and then we all ate.

Here are the cupcakes I made for them... uh, I am definitely not a cake decorator. :)

The Rapunzel towers I found here.

They had fun!
Thanks for coming guys!

I loved this picture cause Merrick and friends all had green frosting on their faces somewhere.
And just a side note, the little boy in the hoodie (Logan) and the little boy in the "terrific kid" t shirt (Jackson) are brothers, and Berkleigh switches her mind everyday which one she will marry. 
This could be bad in the future.

I think Birthday Celebrations are finally over.


For our Family Home Evening, we turned thespian.
We enjoyed reading some scripture stories and acting them out. I want to do more of this because I think the kids will remember the stories better by being "placed" into them.

Laman/Lemuel/Sam/ (and anyone else she needs to be) & Nephi


Nephi being laughed at when he said they needed to go back to Jerusalem get the brass plates.

Greedy Laban with the jewels Nephi gave him in exchange for the plates.

Nephi and brothers running back to the wilderness to hide in the tent when Laban took their money and told his guards to kill them.

Nephi was commanded by to go back to Laban.
He found him drunk on the ground. He took his sword...

and killed him to get the plates.

Then Nephi dressed up like Laban and told Laban's servants to bring him the plates.

Nephi blessed because he did what the Lord commanded.

Nephi and brothers took the plates back to their father Lehi, who dwelt in a tent. :)

Then they prayed... for revelation on what they should do next...

 ... when they woke up the next morning they found the Liahona...

Wednesday, February 22


Do you remember that movie? With Catherine Zeta Jones and she has to crawl through all those lasers to get wherever she is going?

Well, we did that today for the play date at our house because Quincy was sleeping and when they play upstairs it ALWAYS wakes her up. So it was time to take matters into my own hands.

They LOVED it. 

I just found some random left over streamers and masking tape and that equaled HOURS of fun!

This one of Tessa cracks me up. 

It was very enjoyable, and Quincy got a full nap. 

The Princess Tea

Oh my! 
My friend Rachel just sent these pictures over too me from Berkleigh and Tessa's birthday Princess tea.
Could they be any cuter in a crazed princess sort of way?

These two are such good little friends.

Tuesday, February 21

Some leftover Valentines fun

We saved our toilet paper rolls, bent them into hearts and stamped for almost an hour. 
I love projects that are time sucks. :)

We drew Valentine scenes on the windows. Hearts with arrows, cupid, and princesses...

 And when all was said and done, I had lots of stuff to clean up!

We tried out the new Easy Bake...
It really is no fun to wait for a lightbulb to bake cake.

Monday, February 20


You know you have watched too much Downton Abbey when your text messages with your husband look like this. (I am green, Tyson is white)

He was cracking me up!
He had to go into work, so I red boxed Midnight in Paris.
It wasn't really this late while we were texting, just what time it was when I took the picture.

And even though Tyson claims to not watch it...
He sure has the language down, doesn't he?

Saturday, February 18

little letters

Dear Goofy Girl,
If you don't listen when I tell you to sit and eat, then I WILL wipe up your spilled drink with you...
Your mother

Dear Berkleigh,
Who taught you to add dots to your writing? It is super cute!
Love, Mom

Dear Sickness,
I don't know why you HIT every single one of our eyes, but it is gross and please go away!
The Scott Sickies

Dear Styrofoam,
I tried to be nice, and take pictures and pretend you were cool when the twins picked you apart piece by piece, but please don't take offense when I vacuumed you up 10 minutes later.
With disgust,

Dear Energy,
Being sick is no fun, but what is worse is the disarray of our home. Please come back so I can stay on top of house work!
Tired in Salem,

Dear Kids,
Could you be any cuter?
Your mom