Friday, December 23

Wednesday, December 21

1 month old

Ok. How is Quincy already one month old! I mean really? 
Time has gone by so fast! Maybe the lack of sleep just blurs everything together.

We wouldn't normally have gone to the doctor's at one month, but Quincy has thrush. 
(Happy 1 month Quincy!)
I was excited though because she got weighed! 
I always wonder...

She weighed in at 9 lbs 1 oz.
(Atta girl! She gained 1 pound in 2 weeks!)

Here are some things we have learned about Quincy in the last month:

1. Quincy LOVES to sleep.
She is a great napper and if I get my act together at night and feed her, burp her, and change her before I fall asleep or put her to bed, then she will sleep for at least 5 hours.
She has just started to "wake up" a little more, and is fun to talk to for 10-20 minutes before she crashes again. And when I mean crash, I mean crash...
You better believe there was a huge drool spot on that burp rag...

I took this picture because I have one of Berkleigh just like this...

2. Quincy loves a good shower. It is my favorite moments with her, and her favorite moment of life, period.
She closes her eyes and makes little fun coos when she has warm water falling on her.
I get jealous when Tyson wants to shower with her. :)
Look how yummy she is, and her little naked self all cuddled up in my arm is just to much cuteness for me to handle.

3. Quincy loves to have "wiggle" time on her new play mat my friend made her.
She will wiggle and not make a peep and stare at the Christmas tree lights for a good 30 minutes before falling asleep laying there.

4. Quincy loves her brother and sister. When they take time out of their "busy schedules" to sit and play with her, Quincy can't take her eyes off of them. She isn't smiling yet, but I know she is smiling on the inside. :)

5. Quincy loves her accessories. She has so many fun headbands and bows that I am loving to put on her! She also loves this super cute bracelet that her grandma gave her!
Don't you just want to eat her up? I sure do...

Three children is not easy, but the minute I heard Quincy's little cry in that operating room, I could not imagine life without her. After a month, I can almost not even remember our world before she came. She is such a sweet, snuggly piece of cuteness!

Monday, December 19


I found a tutorial on pinterest on how to take amazing tree pictures, so while working on it one night, Merrick and Berkleigh took advantage of the photo bombing opportunities.

I think the tree pictures with crazy kids are more amazing than without...

They are so funny!


I have decided three children is hard, or I am not used to it yet! :)
SO, we have continued to have lots of Christmas fun, I just don't take as many pictures, OR it just takes a long time for me to post them...

Here is some of our fun!
Tyson's Birthday!

Tyson is such a good dad! Merrick and Berkleigh are constantly crawling all over him. They drop whatever they are doing when they hear the garage door open, and they always want to go to daddy's work to see him. We love our daddy!
Happy Birthday!

Christmas Light Parade with friends...
(Rachel, I am sad you never found us!)
It had to be 30 degrees outside... It was SO cold!

Making Gingerbread houses with friends...
I didn't want to go ALL the way to Costco to pick up a gingerbread house, and I had seen this cute one at Trader Joes. It was easy, simple and fun to put together, but barely had any candy. That was fine cause I always want to do a house, but while making it, I am kinda over it.. :)

Sunday, December 18

Dear Santa,

We started our Dear Santa Book. I have wanted to do this for a couple of years, and we finally got it started this year...

Every year, we will write our Santa letters in our Dear Santa Book. Elf takes it back to the North Pole after we have written our letters so Santa knows what we want. Then Elf brings it back with a letter back from Santa.

One year, my mom sent me some "Santa Letters" I had written when I was 10 yrs old. It was really fun to see what I wanted SO bad, and to see my handwriting and spelling. I had since lost those letters... well they aren't lost, they are just some where very special, and I thought it would be fun to have a place where we can record what we want every year, and it will in some way become a little family journal.

The kids wrote their Santa Letters the other day.
Obviously they needed help, but they did write them. :)
I can't wait to see how their interests and handwriting differs as they grow.

Berkleigh's says :
"Dear Santa,
I have been good.
I want princesses, Rapunzel and a stocking."

Merrick's says:
"Dear Santa,
I have been good.
I want a dinosaur, legos and truffles."

Quincy says:
"Dear Santa,
I have only been alive for 1 month, so of course I have been good! I want a toy to suck on in my upcoming developmental stage and clothes cause it is cold here!"

Really, I don't know where the truffles came from, but we do have refined taste here at our house. Santa will have to decide if Merrick meant the mushroom truffles or chocolate...
We will keep you updated.

(Ps. Merrick was demonstrating independence and did not want his picture taken. Ok kid.)

Saturday, December 17

Some more of Finn Tree

Merrick and Berkleigh found Finn Tree drying off after a nice bath in the sink,

reading a book all about himself,

driving our car (Let me just tell you how hard it is to drive with and Elf you AREN'T supposed to touch on your steering wheel...),

so used to the cold Arctic air, he hid in the fridge to cool down for the day,

and really hid in the Christmas tree.... we were afraid we wouldn't find him until he moved again!

Monday, December 12

Tummy Time

Berkleigh is such a big help with Quincy. She loves to hold her and play with her. When she cries in the car, Berkleigh sings I am a Child of God to her. 

 Today, during Tummy Time, Berkleigh decided to join Quincy. It was too cute.


My mom left.

Boo hoo.

We are slowly getting used to this three kid business, and learning how to deal with a little less attention from mom...
Thanks for coming Mom. You did lots! Thanksgiving, watching to kids, helping me with my sewing projects, and doing EVERY art project available on Pinterest with the twins! :)

We love you, and we hope we didn't wear you out too much!

The Pope

We laughed so hard!
Doesn't she look just like the Pope?

Saturday, December 10

Away in a Manger

Last week, we went to the Creche Exhibit at our church building. It is definitely not as crazy as the one in Orange County, and didn't have a live nativity, but it was fun to continue on the tradition and to make sure we are teaching our children the true meaning of Christmas.
We spent most of our time in the Children's room where they could dress up as Mary, Joseph, a star or a cow, and they got to hear the story of Christ's Birth through the voice of a shepherd.
They loved it!

I don't believe that Mary had a HUGE pink flower in the middle of her forehead, just sayin'.

I LOVED these two nativity sets. They spoke to me...

What a special night, and to have just had a baby and to think of having to go through that pain in a stable surrounded by animals... What a humble birth.

Monday, December 5


One big happy family, minus the child who didn't want his picture taken and the little one who needed to eat 20 minutes before this picture was taken.

Quincy with her first ornament. She has such great fine motor skills, she put it on the tree herself.

The little Elves... in their Christmas pajamas...

PS. We found a spider residing in our tree. My mom says it is good luck to have a spider in your tree. Anyone know the story behind that?