Saturday, December 21

Decorating the big tree

 I REALLY wanted a flocked tree this year. I have always thought they were pretty. I have always wanted one, but just couldn't find the right one... but this year it was found, and it already had lights on it... and yes it is real.
It isn't too bushy, has good spacing between branches, is flocked, came with lights, and is super tall.
Done and done.
We were in and out of there in record time.
I was proud of myself.
 We added a few more strands of lights because you can never have too many.

This was Quincy's first tree decorating experience. She is so yummy and was so careful with her 2 ornaments she has from previous years.

Don't mind if I do show more of her and her adorableness.

 Yay, a picture of me. It is nice to know that I was present for these family traditions. 

Taking a break from all that decorating.

Everyone looses steam decorating the tree, so I always finish it up while the rest of the family doesn't things like this:

And nothing like some Coconut Hot Chocolate under the snow to finish off our tree decorating night.

O Tannenbaun

It was a crazy weekend. Snow, single digit temperatures... but it was also like the 8th of December and we still didn't have a tree!
So we braved the crazy weather and slick roads to go find us a couple of trees...

The oldest and youngest in our family.
Her belly kept hanging out of her shirt and she was one cold chica. 

We chose this one for the upstairs...
It is a charlie brown tree, and I love it.
We found it in approximately three minutes.
When you can't feel your hands, feet, nose, ears or cheeks, you can pick a tree pretty quickly.

 Merrick got to chop it down, and he was SO excited about it.

Dad carried it back to the car.

I wish this picture ended with a cabin, a fire, hot chocolate, and a snuggie... 

We took that cute little tree (5 ft) for $10 and put it upstairs. 
The kids have now decorated it with white poms and homemade snowflakes.

Snow in Salem

It was kinda crazy. We were watching the news the night before at they were talking about freezing weather, don't let your pipes freeze...

Quincy didn't know what to do with it.
This is how a Texan and a Californian dress their kids for the snow. 

It is hard enough to open your eyes for pictures, but then add the sun and white white snow... and it is near impossible.

So So happy here. In her makeshift sled.

My Hat, Berkleigh's vest... 
Totally unprepared.

Friday, December 20

Elf and Christmas Jammies

We headed to California for Thanksgiving, and by the time we got home, unpacked, got out Christmas, our Elf was a couple days late getting to our house. He did something tricky... he came while the kids were at school! He brought us pjs and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer movie which HE FORGOT HE BROUGHT LAST CHRISTMAS... 
Elf wasn't in the right state of mind.

Scott Family Christmas PJs 2013

Elf then brought Trader Joes peppermint joe joes and ate them! So he hid another box in the dry with a scavenger hunt note.

Finntree is up to his usual shenanigans, however, more than ever, we find him in the same place, or in the same room, just two feet to the left. Lazy elf. :)


Quincy turned two!!
I would not let her go to bed the night before. I just kept snuggling her holding on to the thought that she would never be one again. tear.

Tyson had to work early that morning and we were going to an 8 pm showing of Catching Fire that night.. (Aren't we good parents?)
So we had our birthday breakfast at 6:30 am.
That is a perfect time to eat sprinkle cupckakes.

She was in heaven!

"Dah, I got "Dah!"
(Translation: Doc, I got Doc!)

Later in the afternoon, we headed to the carousel with friends for a ride and more cupcakes.
Quincy loves the carousel.
She looks all cute in her birthday get up.

Happy Birthday Quincy!

Cupcakes and Carousels

We snuck into dads work one bright and sunny day this fall to steal our dad away for cupcakes and a carousel ride.
It was pretty perfect.