Saturday, January 26

Lindsey Wildlife Museum

We went to this Animal Hospital/Museum the other day when Tyson had the day off. It was a really small, but extremely cool place. Animals that are brought to the animal hospital and can't be put back in the wild, then go to the museum! They have a mountain lion, a fox, a bald eagle, a turkey vulture (with arthritis), tons of falcons, hawks, and owls. They were all electrocuted, shot, malnourished (from pet owners). Yea... someone in the bay area actually had that mountain lion as a pet! So no more talking, here are the pictures.

Wednesday, January 23

Dead Bodies as Art

Could Tyson be any happier. Bring all his loves together in one place!

Tyson has always wanted to go to BodyWorlds. It is this exhibit of dead bodies... well cadavers I guess I should call them. Anyways this biologist thought it would be great to show off the human body in all its glory in a very tasteful artistic way. It was amazing... and if you live in the Bay Area you should go before the Saturday when it ends! It was so incredible. They showed lungs of a healthy person, of a smoker, and of a coal miner. The lungs went from gray, to dark grayish black, to pitch black respectively. We couldn't take photos in the exhibit, but here we are outside of the museum. (Tyson was like a kid in a candy shop! He was informing me on every little thing, and running around super excited!) Yes, the twins went, and yes Berkleigh cried when she saw her first cadaver! They are a little scary! Can you blame her?

Tuesday, January 22

Bag Tag x 2

I am carrying around 2 bags right now... so lucky you! You get to see my disorganized self! Thanks Jenny!

I tag... Lisa P., Emily K., Becca L., Kim A., and Becky T.

Here is my purse... I got it for Christmas!

Here are the inards...

Things to look for:
-Uh... Macaroni and Cheese! I must have been stashing when someone was coming over.
-Tickets to BodyWorld... very cool!
-Garmin Nuvi... our new GPS system. It is SO handy and awesome. Thanks Craig and Jackie.

My Diaper Bag...

Watch out for...

-Merrick's head circumference graph from the ped. That little black dot, is his head circ. (which if you can't tell, is way above the average... 100% baby) We go for perfection in this family!
-Love their ABC books I made for them!
-Notice the cute drawings.. my friends little girl drew them for M and B during church!
-Notice there are no diapers in my DIAPER bag, but like 50 in my purse... hmm.

Friday, January 18

A day in the life of...

Wake up at 7 am... if they aren't awake yet, I wake them up.

Then we get ready for a walk around the neighborhood.

After our walk, we come in, turn on Baby Einstein, and eat breakfast... oatmeal with fruit.

After breakfast we read books together.

At 9 am it is nap time! They usually sleep until 11 or 11:30!

While the twins are sleeping I ...

Clean up our morning mess...

Do the dishes and eat breakfast...

Puree fruits and veggies for my new cookbook recipes...

Work on my projects, read, and work out while watching LOST on

When the twins wake up, we get dressed for the day and go to the park, and if it is pretty warm we take lunch with us. Sometimes friends come, sometimes we go by ourselves.

After the park, we go home and play.

At 1:30, the twins go down for their second nap. They usually sleep until 3:30!

While the twins are sleeping I ...
Fold the laundry, read, blog, or work on my projects...

When the twins wake up, we run our errands...
(This Target dude yelled at me when I tried to take a picture in the store.. so I took one when I got home...Nazi!)

Then we go home and have our snack...


Eat dinner around 6...
I think they are hungry!

Put on PJs...

Go to the church for Scrapbook Night/Book Club/ or FHE kits night... (They usually get a bath instead of an outing... it just depends on how much time we have.)

Come home and nurse...

And then go to bed around 7:30...

Good night!

Tuesday, January 15


This is new as of this past week. It is so cute! Berkleigh will grab Merrick, as if to hug him, and give him a full on kiss. She likes doing it so much that Merrick looks like he gets sick of it. Yesterday she crawled after him everywhere and kept tackling him. He was laughing and crawling away! Isn't that such boy/girl behavior! Having twins just gets more fun everyday!

Saturday, January 12

Trauma at San Francisco General

I just wanted to poke my head in to say I am loving life right now. I am finishing my trauma/surgery rotation at San Francisco General, there is so much work to be done, and some amazing students to work with. I work 26 hour shifts every 3 days and work till 6 on earlier days, it can be hard to stay awake for the car rides home. But the education is amazing. I have discovered that there is way more crime in San Fran then I thought. I feel bad for jen who has to watch the kids but she has been terrific, (and it is only 2 more weeks) i am going to sleep-- Really happy-Tyson-- P.S my car got broken into and my brand new car radio was stolen, I figure that is the price you pay when you are too cheap to fork out 130 bucks for 1 month of parking at the least I get free food.

Wednesday, January 9

Tonka Trucking

Some more play time. I love twins for this reason. Look how much fun they have... well at least in the first video.

Is it time for a nap?

Sunday, January 6

When You're the Best of Friends

I love taking pictures of the twins when they are playing with each other. In all of these pictures if they were videos, you would hear them babbling to each other. It is SOO cute! A Little Pillow Talk!
Waiting for mom to get them out of bed...and apparently they were very hungry.
Climbing the stairs...Thanks Grandma Jackie for teaching them to come down!
Baby Einstein brainwashing...

Ridem' Cowkids! (My grandpa made me this rocking horse 28 years ago.)
Taking a bath...
We can climb the stairs all by ourselves!!!
We hate rainy days! ( Do you like the little poop stain on Berk's pjs...sometimes it take me awhile to change diapers. Hey they cost a lot!)
Our little bears!

Wednesday, January 2

New Years Eve or "Noon" Years Eve

We went with our friends, the Petersens, to "Noon Years Eve" at an Air Museum here in the Bay Area. It was a New Years Eve party for little kids, counting down till noon instead of midnight when most of them will be dreaming sweet dreams without care. They dropped balloons, had food, played with noise makers, and toasted the new year with sparkling apple cider. It was a lot of fun. Thanks Petersens for a fun outing!

Merrick's buddy Tallon.
Merrick did not like the "noon" years eve noise.

My family has the tradition to eat Chinese food on New Years. My mom makes it from scratch, and we dine like kings all night long! Well, I didn't feel like making anything from scratch so we went to Panda Express with the Petersens, and then we went to their house, played the Wii and had chocolate fondue! What a perfect way to bring in the new year!