Saturday, October 31

Halloween Eve Day...

I have tried to do all things Halloween for the month. You can't leave out Halloween Eve...

so we went to the Great Park Balloon. We visited once before here, but this time was different. Can you see the difference?
Its as plain as the nose on my face!

The little friends

We are goin' on a trip in our favorite pumpkin ship... Heading to through the skies...

Another great day!

Friday, October 30

Second Star to the Right and Straight on 'Til Morning

I love that in just a week this $10 and some odd cents worth of RAW materials:

can turn into this:

I had so many ideas for costumes. Then when I was sick on my death bed, watching Peter Pan with the twins, I thought about how much Peter Pan looks like Merrick, well, at least the red hair and all... so when I was weak but somewhat better the next day, I went off to JoAnn's with a dream... and my friend Megan, who talked me out of buying WAY more than I needed.

I got a little inspiration from here.. but decided to change it up and make it my own.

I was dying for the tink shoes. I love them. I would wear them if they were my size, but I couldn't find ones that were cute. Everything has pictures of Tink on it. That is so commercialized, and I just wanted the shoes. So I took a pair of Berk's old SUNDAY shoes from last year, that fit (barely) but were all scuffed up. I modpodged the green fabric onto them and added the pom poms. My favorite part of the outfit!

I also made her wings from scratch out of hangers and old white knee highs..

Merrick was less excited about our photo shoot and more excited to "det Taptian Hook". So I didn't get as many pictures of him... but isn't he the most handsome Peter Pan you have ever seen?

Can't wait to Trick or Treat!!!

Thursday, October 29

A Diet Coke Party

I was sittin' around with my friend Kristy... brainstorming ideas for a little birthday par-tay for our friend Megan. We were having troubles. I am into themes right now! We thought about what she loves.. and she LOVES Diet Coke.

Diet Coke it is..

(I have EXTREMELY talented friends, that is why it came together so nicely, so last minute).

Melody made the cake. She is amazing... seriously! You should look at her little guys 1st birthday cake. Seriously link over and see it.. you will DIE.

Kim made this AMAZING banner, and I can't stress it enough that these friends didn't even have 24 hours to pull this together. You need to head over and see Kim's Tickled Pink Photography site, and her Bubsie design cards. SHE is SOO talented and self taught!

This is the birthday girl and her Diet Coke Float. A hit!

And this is the Diet Coke Cake Kristy and I made. I got the idea from those diaper cakes...

Anyways, I "Autie-ized" it... meaning my super crafty friend, Autie, does really cute crafty things, and always ties lots of ribbons in knots all over everything. ALWAYS cute. Check out her fun things here...

Seriously I am surrounded by crazy talented people...
Some friends were not mentioned in the post, and that does not mean I don't think you are talented! I just don't have pictures of your talents.. here. :)

Wednesday, October 28

Friends from the Bay

My friend Tara made me this banner for the blog. Isn't it cool. I love the ghosts of Merrick and Berkleigh creeping up the walk! Thanks Tara!

My friend Jenny came down for a week. We were gone to Utah for most of the week, but we did get to hang out a couple times.
Jenny is my friend that I was pregnant with. She was due 3 weeks before me, and I had the twins on her due date. She had to suffer through ANOTHER ENTIRE week before Kate was born.

Here we are at a pumpkin patch while 4-5 months pregnant.

I love that I look pregnant, and she is trying to push her stomach out. hehe...

Here they are at Yogurt land a couple weeks ago for a snack date.

Here they are at their first play date ever.

Here they are at a play date somewhere in the middle of millions while we lived up there.

Miss you guys!

Tuesday, October 27


It is cooler today.

Cooler days makes me want to bake.

Hence, the pumpkin spice cookies. (My friend Chelsea's recipe)

I love these cookies because they require 3 ingredients:
Spice cake: Which is super hard to find.
Chocolate Chips and
Pumpkin Puree: which by the sounds of it, I could have made money on that sucker if I sold it on ebay. Who thought the nation would have a pumpkin puree shortage?

We put on our aprons, and we are ready to cook...

From Oct 09





Monday, October 26

Bats, Cats, Spiders

The other day we went to the OC Zoo for their "Bats, Cats, and Spiders" event. Umm, if you like fake bats... cats... and spiders than it is the perfect place for you! Being a zoo we thought they would have really ones, but alas they did not.

It was still fun to be with friends and the bear was out!

Saturday we had our 2nd annual Pumpkin Carving Party put on by these guys...

I loved it, cause I didn't touch a pumpkin...
these surgeon hands did, and thus that steady hand gave us one spooky Jack Skellington!

Yummy snacks, pizza, and good friends= perfect night!

And for kicks... M & B are loving the dressing up this year. They are way more fun this year! Here is Merrick wearing his friend, Dallin's, 6-12 month Monkey Costume... with his last year's pirate costume hidden underneath. Do you see how sweaty he is?

Happy Haunting!

Thursday, October 22

today, yesterday, and the day before

TODAY: We went with some friends to Tanaka Farms for a tractor ride, petting zoo, and pumpkin picking extravaganza.

The goats cracked us up! Seriously entertaining. I have never stayed that long in a petting zoo!

Most of the kids that went with us minus, the 6 or so... This picture cracks me up cause all the kids are looking at their respective jumping moms behind the cameras. :) or like mine, and just refuse to look at the camera.

YESTERDAY: We made bone breadsticks. They were good, except I didn't realize I bought garlic breadsticks. Don't get me wrong, I love breadsticks and I love garlic, but when I opened that refrigerator can of biscuits the garlic burned my nose hairs off. They were a little strong.

I love the "blood" coming off Addison's face in this picture, as she gnaws on some bone.


Had FHE on Tuesday, with a story about Sammy the Scarecrow. Thanks for these classics mom, they are coming in handy! Oh, and anyone want to start an FHE lesson group?

Worked on MONSTER puzzles that grandma and grandpa sent us! I thought the puzzles would be too advanced, but Merrick and Berkleigh do very well with them!

And that is that. Happy October.

Wednesday, October 21

A little fun before the sick hit

Yesterday was lovely...

it was filled with :

preschool (by myself for 2 hours!)

grocery shopping (what happens when I am alone, and that is why it was lovely)

making these adorable haunted houses

(I love when I just have the ingredients... and some nasty Halloween candy to get rid of without having to eat it!)
Merrick is actually saying, "the ghost of the forest" in this picture... it is from one of our Halloween books.

Berkleigh wanted some pictures of hers..

the front with a ghost:

the side equipped with a graveyard:

the back with a darling pumpkin patch: (ok, so the pumpkin patch was my idea..)

and going to ANOTHER pumpkin patch!

and... then.... the.... stomach.flu.hit. I am on amends though! Thanks Kristy and Megan for making my day easier.