Monday, April 26

Things I love...

and can't get enough of...

I found this on some site. I loved it. I have wanted to do our little family tree, but I couldn't find one I loved. This is so unique. I loved it immediately and painted it as soon as I could! If you notice the rings on the tree.. there are 8! We are celebrating our 8th anniversary this summer! I love it.

Welcome to our room...

It is so whimsical.
I love to be in here now.
Remember that awesome doctor who gave me $150 to Fashion Island and Irvine Spectrum? Well, this is how I spend some of that money. I have wanted this bed spread.. see this post for covetness.. for FOREVER! Then I was shopping one day and it was on sale! Not just any sale! 50% off! I snatched that right up. You can't really tell, but it is a seafoam color and is so beautiful!

The lights were a gift from Singapore for the other resident, and the tissue balls were from Merrick and Berkleigh's birthday party! I couldn't throw them away! My mom worked to hard on them. hehe.

I made the banner, which I think I will redo. I don't love it yet... but I LOVE our room!

See what I sleep on:
I made these pillowcases for us. One says, "Sleep tight love" and the other says "Goodnight love".

I love the twins imagination...
They were playing cars and wanted to drive on a mountain, so they put their car mat on top of the rocking horse and drove through the mountains.

From April 10

Friday, April 23

3 R's

Three it's a magic number

Yes it is, it's a magic number

Because 2 x 3 is 6

And 3 x 6 is 18

And the eighteenth letter in the alphabet is R

We've got three R's we're going to talk about today

We've got to learn to

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We reused old milk lids, milk cartons, skewers, straws and balloons to make these wicked balloon cars today! Found the link to these beauts on Martha Stewart...

Hers looked like this:

Ours looked like this:

Now on to the big race...
Now watch closely. You don't want to miss the big finish!

Oh, wait! There wasn't a big finish.
It was kind of a flop, but they seemed to like it.

Thanks for the fun girlies!

Happy Earth Week!
The End!

Earth Day!

Yesterday, which was actually Earth Day, we went on a walk around the neighborhood and picked up trash. I wish I could say it was more glorified than that, but it wasn't. Trash, trash and more trash, and they LOVED it!

We thought we would find more recyclables. If we did we would have gone to the recycle center, but alas the end of this adventure ended at the dumpster.

Hope you had a happy Earth Day!

Thursday, April 22

...lots and lots and...

Last summer we bought a butterfly garden. The caterpillars came and ALL of them were DEAD except for one. It was fun to watch that one grow, but I was ticked because I wanted all 5 like they guarantee. So, I emailed them, and they sent me a voucher for more. What a great thing to do during Earth Week!

It was fascinating this time. We really watched them.

In this first picture, the caterpillars are hanging upside down. Then they convulsed, (It looked painful!) and all this goop came out of them and covered them until they looked like picture number 2.

We have had these 5 caterpillars for about 2 weeks. They were about the length of a dime, and grew to be the length of at least two quarters.

It was time to get them out of the jar and into the butterfly garden. They will "hatch" soon! We are excited to have 5 beautiful butterflies!

Wednesday, April 21

and lots and lots

We went to one of our favorite places, the Environmental Nature Center! Last time we went we were there during the summer, but spring is the most beautiful time to go! The flowers were all out in full force.

We really appreciated the Earth on TUESDAY!

We appreciated the all the colors of the rainbow in the flowers:

We appreciated the sticks.

We appreciated the scenery.

We appreciated the wildlife.

And we always appreciate time together!

Tuesday, April 20

Loving the Earth lots & lots this Week

To commemorate Earth Day, I decided to take this week to learn about the Earth, appreciate it, and help keep it clean.

We woke up and went on a walk around our neighborhood to look at all the beautiful things we could find! The twins had fun. We found some cool things...

like this spider web with dew all over it.

Merrick and Berkleigh asked if the spider took a bath... sure kids!

Some awesome flowers and plant seeds!

We found beautiful red roses, with baby buds starting to pop out!

An awesome pinecone...

We found this busy bee pollinating.

Here is our collection from the day.
Stay tuned for days 2-7!

Saturday, April 17

Little letters

I have seen other people do these little letters, and I love them. I was thinking in little letters the past couple days, so I thought I would try my hand at them.

Dear Jack in the Box,
Friday's "Fry"day was awesome. Thank you for the five free small fries!
Love, Jen, Merrick, and Berkleigh

Dear Berkleigh,
Thank you for potty training in three days, but I wish you wouldn't be scared to go potty on other toilets besides our own.
Love, Mom

Dear Target,
Sorry about the ginormous puddle of pee your maintenance crew had to clean up yesterday. It was Berkleigh's first time out without a diaper. She was scared of your toilet, so she went in the cart...

Dear Berkleigh,
Why did you decide you needed to go to the bathroom in Walmart and the nasty ARCO station?
Just wondering.
Love, your proud mom

Dear Nasty ARCO Station and Walmart,
Please clean your bathrooms so I don't have to look in every stall while my little girl does the potty dance, and then find the cleanest one, and still have to wipe pee off the seat so she will go.
Grossed out,

Dear people who make weird rules for children,
Take that.
See attached picture.
Love, an awesome mom.

Dear Merrick,
Why do you sleep like this? Don't you get a kink in your neck?
Love, Mom