Wednesday, February 12

It is snowing!

It was so nice a couple days ago. I was even telling my friend how it was so weird that my phone said it was sunny even though snow was falling.... Now we can't leave our house because there is so much snow. Our car has 4 wheel drive but it is everyone else in Salem that have no idea how to drive that keeps us home. So as I clean out some photos in this cold indoor snowy day, I found some pictures never blogged about... Like the snow storm of 2012 when we wet trying to get to California for our cruise! 

We were the only people on a mountain road... The road was covered with snow. No lines, no people, just the Scott's and the snow. It was creepy and beautiful all at the same time.

Finally when we arrived, we couldn't miss the party and showed up to the Old spaghetti Factory in pjs to meet the family. No shame but WT abounded that second.