Sunday, June 29

I don't think this will work....

we leave our door open to let the cool ocean air breeze through our apartment because we don't have air conditioning. AC being a "non-necessity" when living in HB.

The twins always high tail it to the door, yelling "We're free! We're free!" It has been a huge pain to keep them in, but keep the door open.

So we got this:

but as you can see Merrick is getting smarter than the gate!

Friday, June 27

Happiest Place on Earth

is only happy after 4 pm.
We love our Disneyland passes, and I am happy that our passes are blocked out until September. Why? Cause who really wants to go to Disneyland during the summer? We went the other day with Amy and kids, and it was SO packed! We had a blast, but I can't even imagine it next month!

Also, after 4 it gets cool, people leave to go eat dinner so they don't have to pay $100 for a hamburger, shake, and fries, and it isn't as crowded. We are going one last time tonight, and then we will say goodbye to the Magic Kingdom until the Fall.

Wednesday, June 25

Baby Weekly : Take Two

Babies are just like US...

They unpack boxes, just like US.

They water the lawn, just like US.

They text while talking on the phone, just like US.

They cook, just like US.

They work from home, just like US.

They shop at Target, just like US.

They are "Mr. Fixit" at home, just like US.

Tuesday, June 24


Things I have realized in the last day or two...

1. If you find this on your husband's foot and he doesn't know about it, then he is tooooo ZEN and comfortable with having airsoft gun pellets ALL AROUND the house.

2. This is the best food invention of our time. Exhibits A & B will explain.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B
3. I think my children need NEW pajamas.

4. Since the move I haven't put enough pics of the twins up on the prepare tomorrow for Baby Weekly Take Two for all their up-to-date happenings.

5. The twins are growing up! Here is the latest clip of Berkleigh showing off her talents.

Sunday, June 22

Love you Long Time...

So this weekend has been super eventful! We went to Mackenzie's high school graduation.
(Congrats, and we are excited you are at BYU for the summer, but remember we miss you.)

We took Brooke back home with us for a night and two fun filled days doing this:

...and got a CRAZY sunburn.
  The good news... I have great skin, and instead of peeling, it turned into quite a nice tan. 
And shopping. We had lots of fun and success shopping!

On Friday night, we went to the Po-Pos for some games and the most AMAZING dessert ever! 
We taught the Po-Pos to play this:

And we finished at midnight, with Jason begging to play again. We left their house at 2:30 am!!
You might be wondering where the kiddies were? Well they were ALL (four of them, Emily, Lauren, B & M) having a sleep over in the back room. I am seeing many more game nights in the future if that occurs EVERY time. :)

We ate this:
I will have to tell you it is the most amazing dessert EVER! It is just ice cream sandwiches, gooey fudge chocolate, and whipped cream. (Jenny, I think you would LOVE this!)

On Saturday, our friends the Hiatts, came into town for a podiatry conference at Disneyland. We went out to lunch with them and off for some fun at the beach. We love them! They are great, and it is fun to have a mentor/friend for Tyson, and a friend for me. Plus their kids LOVE the twins. We have a lot of fun with them. Thanks guys!

Both of them RAN towards the water and rolled around in it, instead of running away.

Building a sand castle.

On Sunday, my cousin Tiff and her husband came into town! It was fun to have lunch with them!
I was a lame blogger today, and didn't have my camera, but she was an amazing blogger, who had her camera, so I will have to post the pictures later.

We love our friends, old and new, and I am glad that we have had so much fun with them all this weekend!

Friday, June 20

Some Peanuts and cracker jacks...

We went to the Angels Game for Mormon night with our ward. On the way into the stadium we ran into our old friends, Greg, Laura, Dave, and Caitlin. We were so excited to see them! We were excited to move down to Orange County just so we could see them again, and actually hang out.

The game was fun... the fireworks were amazing! I am sure we will go back again soon.

Babies and baseball games don't mix well together, actually TWINS and baseball games don't mix well together!

Monday, June 16

Catalina Island

Tyson and I have never been away from our kids for more than a 5-6 hours. We decided we needed a break. So we took a trip to Catalina Island off the coast of California. We couldn't afford a crazy trip, but we wanted to do something. If you live in California and want to feel outside the US, but not pay for it... go to Catalina. 

This is what what we did, where we stayed, what we ate:

We left Newport Beach at 9 am on Wednesday morning on the Catalina Flyer. 

Tyson in Newport waiting to get on the Flyer.
Me, showing my awe for the big whole in the middle of the boat.
On the Flyer with Newport in the background.

We stayed on the top of the boat the whole time! It was overcast in Newport, but we stuck it out. It was so windy and FREEZING, but oh so beautiful!

Tyson with Catalina behind him.
The Cute Couple.
We were so happy that the sun was out at Catalina!
I don't think it would have been as fun if it was overcast the whole time.

Tyson with the city of Avalon behind him.

We immediately got on our Scenic Avalon tour to get us acquainted with our new home for the next couple days.
the harbor
From the skyline drive.

This is the Wrigley house. (You know, the gum). They own 88% of the island, and this house goes all the way down the mountain. I think every window has an ocean view.

Great Restaurant...
Great food makes a great trip.

The Casino. 
We saw Iron Man in this theater.
 See below.

Our Hotel.
Our room was the top floor with the bay windows.
This was our view.

Eating coconut pineapple ice cream on the beach.
There is a 25 year waiting list to have a car on the island. Only 800 cars can be on the island at one time. So everyone drives golf carts. With the cost of gas, I don't think anyone is sad about that.

Tyson snorkeling.

(I think we got a pretty good deal.)