Thursday, May 30

Morning Blossoms

Berkleigh had her dance recital on the 18th at the Historic Elsinore Theater.
It was a beautiful place.

We had to be there early, with the girls all dressed up and ready to go.

So obviously the photoshoots commenced. 
We had balcony seats and the stage is behind her. 

 I love this girl and her little friend Tessa.

This little girl next to Berkleigh was a riot. She had no idea what she was doing.
Well lets face it, no one did except Tessa and Berkleigh.

Aren't they pretty? 

We gave the girls yellow sunflowers after the performance. Thought they were appropriate.

We invited our friend Shauna and her little girl. If she learned to go potty on the toilet, she gets to do ballet next year... and so she came to watch. She was so excited.

Berkleigh and Tessa did such a good job. They are beautiful little girls, and I love seeing them grow and develop, but I also get so sad thinking how fast this time is going by and how much I will miss these little people when they are grown. :)

Monday, May 27

Tulip Fest

We joined my cousin and his family at the Tulip Fest in Woodburn a couple weeks ago.
It was a gorgeous day, and sunburned we all got.
I think Oregonians have more sunburns, because you forget to put it on! 
It is like, "Hey, the sun is shining, put on your skimpiest outfit and get outside!"
It is funny what Oregonians will wear when the sun is shining even if it is only 65 degrees outside.

Anyways, we had lots of fun.
Tyson looks normal.

But this is what he really looks like right now.
Shocked? I was, when he left for his run with hair, and come home looking like this.

Doesn't she look happy to be picked up by Berkie?

I don't think he could get much cuter than in this picture!

And what a cutie. She was "modeling".

We had such fun with our cousins!

Friday, May 24


How did I get to be 33?
Age doesn't really bother me, but when I complained that my birthday was on a Sunday, my mom who is visiting us said, well you don't have to worry about your birthday being on a Sunday until you turn 40. 
Uh... cricket cricket.
Lets not think about that. :)

 I got new earbuds. I hate the ones that came with my phone. Who's ears are really shaped like that? So I was so happy to get some that actually stick into your ear!

The best Birthday Present was Sunday was Quincy's legit first day of nursery.
I missed her though, and I couldn't concentrate.

Thursday, May 23

Mothers Day

So Tyson knows me. :)
He knows I hate breakfast in bed. What a mess!

So, he let me sleep in and we had cinnamon rolls and muffins.

We went to church and I did absolutely nothing. 
I didn't change diapers or take Quincy to nursery.
I just enjoyed church.

After church, Tyson made me Cafe Rio.
The whole shebang...
THE dressing, THE rice, THE beans, THE meat.
And he wore my apron. Love it!

We took a walk around our new neighborhood, oh wait... you might not know what I mean... 
scratch that thought for a second... :)

Merrick and Berkleigh told me they would do ANYTHING for me to show that they loved me.
So I told Merrick had to run down our driveway in his skivvies and say, "I love my mom! I love my mom!"

Berkleigh had to go Dad's closet, put on his clothes and come out and say, "Hey wifey, I love you."

We had way to much fun with it.
When I told Merrick what I wanted him to do, I knew he wouldn't do it, so when I said it and he started doing it, I felt loved. :)

Friday, May 17

Iphone life...

1. Q is now in size 5 diapers!What? 2. Merrick hurt his arm, and didn't know how it happened because he had elbow pads. 3. Figuring out the play structure. 4. Pocket full of Posies 5. Bowling date night with friends. 6. Oregon make up your mind. 7. Donkey rides 8. Finally changed our plates. 8. Making it snow with cherry blossoms.

Thursday, May 16

more celebrations

I got so talky talky about how I was "feeling" about one year of owning the practice, that I didn't show the party!
Our family and the staff hid in a room and told Tyson he had a patient. He walked into a room full of balloons and noise makers.

Apparently when Tyson is surprised, he keeps his eyes shut. :)

Monday, May 13

tea parties

Berkleigh wanted another tea party.
She wanted to invite a couple of princesses, but it was last minute and before Ballet, so we just invited her favorite princess this time because I was taking them to ballet anyway.
Oh these two crack me up.

Pouring some tea.

Merrick came down in his church clothes ready to serve. 
Don't you just love the towel over his arm.

Quincy wasn't having it though. She really wanted to be apart of it, and Merrick could not be on that chair.