Thursday, June 28

All in a morning...

Today was one of those get everything done productive days...
Well, the morning was.

Quincy played.

Merrick and Berkleigh watched a show on my bed with my phone.
(Best use of the iPhone by far...)

I washed the dishes...
(Megan and Kristy, are you jealous!)

 Berkleigh colored and then helped me put their newly washed covers back on their carseats.

We then went out and weeded our garden that we neglected while on vacation. As sad as it was to see all the weeds, neglecting my garden was the best thing I did for it. 
I think I was over watering my tomatoes.

So we weeded...

Then we noticed the MILLIONS of peas ready to be harvested..
So we did.

And then we had photo shoots...

And Merrick and Berkleigh found a pea pod with two peas.
Just like them.
So we took a picture.

And then, we ate them for lunch.
Those peas didn't have a chance.
Poor guys.
Happy us!

Then Quincy woke up from her nap, happy as a clam.
With a semi devil smile...

And then we went to the park and played with friends until we went to look at houses.
( Does that mean we are ready to buy? Maybe...)

Wednesday, June 27

Second Week of our Trip

We got to go to Lake Powell for a week, but then after, Tyson flew back to Oregon, and I stayed with my sister in law for a week and the kids had swim lessons with their cousins.
Here it is instagramed, cause I took a break from my DSLR...

From left to right:
1. Relaxing on the way to Boise... after I dropped Tyson's iPhone and smashed the face.
2. Pit Stop
4. At the fabric store to get fabric for pillows, pjs, and skirts. Everyone wanted to learn how to sew.
5. Our cousin Jacob's birthday party at a gym. Gotta love the foam pit!
6.Quincy stretching to get ready for some gymnastics at the party.
7. More pit action.
8. Uneven bars... Nadia.
9. Sweet Tooth Fairy for the first time! The VaNIElla Cupcake.

1. Swim lessons with Teacher Linda. If you live in Northern Utah and would like THE BEST and MOST AFFORDABLE swim teacher, let me know. She taught Merrick, Berkleigh, and Quincy to swim in 1 week! No joke. Quincy can swim. (I don't know if that is more impressive or the fact that Merrick can swim.) hehe
2. Berkleigh learning to pin. How cute is that?
3. Merrick said, "Hey mom! Look, I made a CTR shield with my bagel!"
4. The cutest fresh fruit stand with the best Mango Kiwi salsa in the world.
5. Desert sunsets, and it was 8:30 and still 90 degrees. ( I wrote that as I am wearing a hoodie at my house.)
6. Buying my own gas. Uncool how long I sat in my car waiting for someone to come pump it for me. hehe
7. Idaho sunset on my trip to Idaho sans hubby.
8. The greatest kids, and their long naps while driving to Idaho.
9. Trying to keep myself awake driving by taking random pictures with my sunglasses.

1. Lauren and Berkleigh lounging around at the splash pad. They held hands the entire time we were there, which was two days.
2.Cutie Patootie.
3. Merrick and water don't mix well.
4. Berkleigh kept yelling, "Babies for sale! Babies for sale!" while driving this little cozy coupe around.
5.My handsome boy. This is after he fell off a swing...
6. KNEADER Turkey, Bacon, Avocado sandwich. yum.
7. Multnomah Falls... ALMOST home from a long trip with me and three kids.
8. Happy Reunion.
9. Grizzly Adams (aka: Tyson) took advantage on me not being around to keep his beard growing since Lake Powell. 
PS. He no longer has it.

It was such a great trip and there is so much more to share, but I just did Club Dance or Zumba for the first time and I am TIRED! 
so good night.

Thursday, June 21

Lake Powell 2012 (The Unabridged Version)

this is one of my favorite vacations.
and the pictures will explain the rest.

(We rented these, and Tyson's secret mission was to get me to love it so that I would let him buy a board...


These are my favorite floating experiences... 
Get a rope that is tied to the houseboat, and just float as far from the boat as you want...


Learning to water ski:
(Sorry so many pictures, I am just one proud mama!)

Playing games and eating:

Merrick LOVED the jet skis. He would go with Tyson or I and we would let him drive it.

How cool is my husband!

There are no pictures of me wake boarding because while I was wake boarding, I caught an edge, and had a nasty fall resulting in a concussion, a massive headache, lots of throw up, and 14 hrs of sleep...

I blacked out when I hit the water, and if I didn't have my life jacket on, I think I would have drowned...
but that is over, and I am fine...


Tubing, Canoeing, Water Wienie-ing: