Wednesday, November 20


Enough said.

Tuesday, November 19


I cant believe she turns two soon. That is another post, but how can I get enough of her, and how do I make her stop growing!

Friday, November 8

Halloween 2013

 This year I let the kids choose their costumes. I know, so nice of me, right?

Berkleigh chose to be a jellyfish. Wow. I had issues with this one. I wanted it to look really cool, and I might have pulled it off. This was a labor of love. She kept worrying I wouldn't finish it.. but I did, and I liked it and she liked it... which is really all that mattered.

 Taking these pictures made me wish I still lived in HB. Wouldn't they be cooler if they were taken at the beach? I can't complain though, that is a really cool background.

 My little peacock. I decided what my little Quincy Tate would be. She really didn't know any different. She did know that she didn't want to wear the costume, however I told her when she puts it on people will give her candy... she was all for it.

 I could eat her up all day in this costume.

Mr. Merrick really wanted to be his favorite all time character... Flint Lockwood.
So Flint Lockwood he was.

 You can't be Flint without the FLMRDFR, aka Food Machine, or Spray On Shoes.

 Funny kid keeping his mouth wide open like in the movie...

 and really wanted to pose by the trash can, because there are lots of "rat birds in them"in the movie.
Ok. dude.