Sunday, May 31


You would think they found Buzz Ligthtyear himself, with how intently they were exploring the grass. It was just this little caterpillar. Berkleigh kept saying... "two stawbewies" like in the book.

I love watching them learn, and link it to something they know, the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Yes, Merrick is trying to squish it with the stick. The caterpillar did survive the TLC of two, two year olds.

Thursday, May 28

I love...

summer with kids! It makes me remember summer as a kid. There is nothing better.

Don't you love homemade popcicles! They sure do!

Monday, May 25


A couple weeks ago, my mom came to visit. We went to Fashion Island in Newport Beach for a fun filled day of shopping. On the way down the escalator. with the double stroller, the wheel got stuck between the stairs as they disappeared into the pavement. The ENTIRE escalator stopped and we had to drag the stroller off the frozen stairs.

These are the words that come out of my mouth, as my friend Kristy and I slide onto the downward stair well. We are laughing, and holding on to our little ones for dear life as they hang and slide to the story below.

It is time to get off the escalator, and my wheel gets stuck. You might think, Didn't you learn your lesson? Well, yes I did! In fact while repeating the story, I make a conscious effort to move my back wheels forward on the stair to ensure that we would not be stuck in the same predicament. As I pushed my stroller forward, my front swiveling wheels swivel....

The time is now, my stairs get smaller as the melt away, and I push the stroller onto solid ground, but it will NOT budge. My feet are still moving forward, but I can't go anywhere.

I fumble to step backwards on disappearing stairs, while trying to push the double wide off the escalator. Have you ever tried to move backwards and push forwards at the same time?

It doesn't pay.

I suddenly felt someone nudge me from behind. OF COURSE it was my friend Kristy and Dallin, the 6 month old champ who had my caboose in his face while his stroller kept moving down the escalator and between my legs. I looked down, and there was the front wheel, some feet, and then a snack tray. Before I know it, I am sitting on my friend's BOB and baby!

Laughter created "weak mom's symdrome" which kept either of us from pushing the stroller out of the way. Finally after all the pressure from being pushed down the moving staircase finally wedged the stroller off the escalator and to safety.

I can assure you this is a true story. I can assure you that Kristy and I laughed HARD the whole way home. I can assure you that people around us had a better day than it started out because they saw a pile up of moms, babies, and strollers.

Was this incident the final straw in my escalator riding days with a double wide stroller?

No... who wants to really find the Elevator? I will get back on the horse, and ride again. Who knows, maybe one day you will pass me at a mall, and I promise I won't disappoint if you follow me to the escalator.

Wednesday, May 20


I smile when I remember yesterday! This almost 30 year old brought in 29 with a bang!

Here is how the festivities unfolded...

7:30: Woke up to Tyson singing happy birthday. 
7:35: Fell back to sleep
8:30: Kids woke up and thus me up
8:45: Ran and Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred
9:30: Play outside with neighbors
12:00: Kids go down for a nap, party begins.
12:30: Voted in State Election
1:00: Birthday lunch with the girls in my complex. We had yummy turkey burgers, fruit, and these glorious cupcakes!
                       Melody                          Becky & Hailey                    Kim                            Autie                  Me                            Kristy                   Megan

Kristy BBQing the turkey burgers!

2:00: Enjoyed the sun with friends while ALL our kids were napping.
3:00: Tyson comes home
   Open Presents
I got lots of texts, comments on blog, voicemails, cards, facebook wall writings, etc. I felt so loved! I even got some love all the way from Italy!
My friend made me this necklace with the twins names. I have wanted one for awhile, but I couldn't find one that could fit such long names! Thanks Autie!

And I get to go to this with my sis in law this summer! Thanks Craig and Jackie! What a fun present!

3:30: Twins go to grandparents
4:00pm: Make our way to Disneyland. 
Got my free bag of tortillas cause it was my birthday.
And if you didn't notice, I did get a birthday button... I wanted to make sure all the "cast members" said happy birthday to me ALL day long. :)

(You get in free on your birthday, or if you have a pass, you get a gift card, or you can renew your pass for about half off. Our passes expire on June 6, so we renewed... and mine only cost $70 to go to Dland for a WHOLE year!)

4:00-8:30pm: Hang with the Haights at Disneyland (they were celebrating their anniversary)

9:55pm: Watch Angels and Demons

12:00am: Blow out candles and eat cake

1:00am: Go to bed
9:45 am: Wake up on May 20... feel bad, and run to in laws to save them from my crazy children.

Tuesday, May 19

Happy Birthday Jen

How do you say I love you and I am glad you were born. Well by pictures. I don't want to offend I just wanted to display Jen she had no influence on me and I don't play favorites, and they are older pics not on the blog. If you need to know how old she is count the pics. I love you Jen! I did my part, now do yours and if you read this leave a comment. Give a little birthday wish.

Love Tyson

Monday, May 18

Draw some scary lookin' monsters with washable markers.

Tape them up outside or in the shower. Squirt them silly...or until they "melt away"!

Smile at your hard work paid off!