Saturday, January 31

For the Birds

My friend Autie and I had a "kid crafternoon" the other day. We tried (You will come to find out why this didn't work as you read on) to make bird feeders out of the kids names. 

Here we are putting the birdseed into the cookie cutters.

Max was a perfect name for these birdfeeders. B E R K L E I G H and M E R R I C K. What was I thinking?? :)

After the letters fell apart, we wrote names on their cups, and hung the crumbled letters from the cute tree outside.

Here are the twins and Max walking carefully to the cute little tree. (I usually don't dress Berkleigh in a nasty short dress. It had leggings, but she didn't want them back on so she flaunted it. :) )

Hanging our bird feeders in the tree.

Waiting for the birds and shaking the tree.

Saturday, January 24

When Tyson is NOT on call...

stuff like this happens.

The kid has no fear.

Every time a wave came she would throw up her arms and say, "Oh wow." 

I can't complain. :)

Another beautiful January day in Southern California.

Thursday, January 22

Random Things About How I Spend My Days.

I found a mouse called Berkleigh eating our cheese.
And then the bread. 
She could be French with how much cheese and bread she consumes.

This is Berkleigh's incognito hiding place when I pronounce nap time. I seem to find her everytime though.

Merrick is such a climber, but it gets him in trouble every so often.

But look how proud he is of his accomplishments.

Monday, January 19

Feel the Love

I used to not like Valentine's Day.... but now I have a special place in my heart for it because it is the twins birthday. I got really excited about some Valentine's decorations I have been thinking about. I am excited that they are completed and now I can feel the love!

My friend Autie got this idea, and we had fun making them with our other friends sitting on the grass outside in the 80 degree weather.
I have wanted to make XOXO for a long time. I made them with my friend Lisa on Friday. Actually, she came at about 9 in the morning. We went to the beach, then put the kids down for naps and made our letters, then we decided to go to Disneyland. That is way much to do in one day! I was so exhausted I threw up when I got home. It was a crazy day, but super fun!
Happy Valentine's Day (a month early!)

Tuesday, January 13

First Haircut

Can you believe it took me this long? I blogged about the mullet and rat tail on Nov 11, 2008.  Tyson and I finally cut the hairs on Sunday. We just cut Berkleigh's bangs, but Merrick got the full treatment!



You can see the remanents of chocolate on Merrick's mouth. A bribe to sit still... Although it didn't work!


Sunday, January 11

Cirque de Soleil

The twins love this... and it is such a workout! I flip them, swing them, do crunches, anything you name it. I am always sore (the good sore) after our little circus acts.
No hands.

I couldn't resist this picture. Berkleigh is in awe at Merrick. She is getting so expressive! I love it!

Saturday, January 10

The Prince and the Pea

I came into the kids room to wake them up in the morning, and this is what I found...

Who sleeps like this?

Thursday, January 8

Yodel - a - ee - oo

We thought it was cute when he did this...

...but we made him think it was so cute that he learned how to crawl our of the big crib too.

Here is Berkleigh trying to be a climber like Merrick. It is good to know she knows her limitations.

I want toddler beds.

Wednesday, January 7

Dear Sister Who Steals all My Toys,

Take that!


Tuesday, January 6

Just Trying to get...

a decent Christmas picture in this crazy world. Is that to much to ask?

Ok, I will take this one. It took 4 million pictures and 3 hours of my time...

Thursday, January 1

Making 1 million sugar cookies.

a few of the best sugar cookies made by me and the brooke.

Rockband. I even have a pained look on my face from my own singing.

On Christmas Eve we go to the Thackers for some fun festivities. We eat, we do Christmas carols with chimes, we act out the nativity,  and Santa comes to visit...

My sis in law Megan made all the costumes. She did such a great job.  This is Berkleigh, the angel, giving Mary baby Jesus. 

I have more pictures, but I don't know where they went. Christmas blogging just won't end. ;)