Thursday, November 29

Family Pictures 2012

I swapped some photog skills with my friend Michelle. I totally got the better end of that deal. 
(Michelle you are awesome.)

We usually take our pictures in November, which is the worst time to take pictures in Oregon.
But we decided to embrace the rain....
So with rain boots and umbrellas it is.
(And it didn't rain. hehe)

I love them. 
Every. single. one.

Could she be any cuter? I really don't think so.

Quincy's face in all these pictures is delicious!


Oh I just love my peeps.

The offspring.

Tuesday, November 27

a day of thanks

Tyson was on call this Thanksgiving, which is fine because we have lots of time off for Christmas for our cruise! Can't wait for warm weather and lots of sun.

So we enjoyed our small Thanksgiving with a morning walk to our secret bridge.
We dropped leaves and have leaf races under the bridge.

Then we had Thanksgiving with some friends.
It was delicious, so delicious in fact that we did not take a single picture. hehe
I was complaining a little after dinner and when we were home that I didn't take any pictures, and so Merrick snapped some for me. Not so bad little man. 

Thursday, November 22

Quincy's First

Got to do lots of her favorite things on her birthday yesterday...

Eat her favorite cereal.

 Read her favorite book with mom.
This awesome Pride and Prejudice Board Book.
 (She loves Mr. Darcy too.)

Take a shower with Daddy.
When she hears the water go on, she FREAKS out.

She got to eat pancakes. Her favorite food, and in the shape of a backwards Q, how lucky.

 She opened presents from grandmas and grandpas.

And played with her new favorite toys.

She got to play with the magnets on the fridge. Her favorite past time. 
(I never let her do it, because it always ends like picture number three.)

She tried out her new carseat!
create gif

(She loved every second of it!)

She got to eat what I am sure will be her favorite treat. :) Coldstone!

And her favorite people sang Happy Birthday!

We love this little munchkin. 
I can't believe it has been a year!

Sunday, November 18

Eating cake

I can't tell you how much denial I am in that my baby girl is one... 
(Well almost... Wednesday the 21st is the day!)

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

What is this? .... Tastes good!
(She was so dainty and girlie at first)

 Ok, um, yea, I will eat more...

Double fisted.


I am so happy about this.

Can't get enough.

It was such a heavy cake. I don't 'know how the bumbo held it up.

No dainty little girl anymore. She had it in her hair and nose... and her eyebrows.

This is happiness right here.

The before and after:
Not too bad, but lots of coral frosting EVERYWHERE.

We love this girl. Happy birthday lovey.