Saturday, January 29

Messes turns imagination

My kids make messes all day long. Sometimes it is rough.
"I/We just put that away, why are you getting it back out!" plays through my head many times...

But I was looking at those messes today, and I actually really love them because the kids are using their imaginations and creating such fun play.

Here are some of our messes this week...

They carted their table into their room for a little "restaurant play". They asked me for paper for menus and everything.

It looks like Berkleigh ordered the hamburger and french fries, and Merrick ordered shish kabobs and a banana.

Oh, and this is the table I made for them! (a year ago) I forgot I never posted about it, but we love it. I found the table at the dumpster, I painted it, and then I painted table settings on it. It was so fun to do! Then I just bought little parlor chairs at IKEA. Voilia!

On to other messes...
Merrick and Berkleigh set up the teepee and took their pillow pets, and elves inside to read books with the "children". Ha-larious and so cute! I love listening to them read to their animals.

And last but not least, Merrick laid his blanket down and then raced to get his dinosaurs for the "desert".
They also had a tasty nemo fish for a treat. Community meals... gotta love it!

Monday, January 24

2011 Time Capsule

We decided to start a new tradition in January. We will make a time capsule every year in the month of January (preferably in the beginning of the month), and then on New Years Eve, we will take out what was in there and see how we have changed!

Our Supplies

Writing our favorite things down:

We had the kids draw a picture of our family, and write their names. I love to see how their writing develops, and they will love that too!

Then we stuffed the capsule!

Sealed it!

And we will keep it around our house, so we can see it, and anticipate opening it in a whole year!

Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 23

JANUARY 21, 2011

I received my first sunburn of the season... oh, wait it isn't the season of sunkissed and sunburned skin, and yet I sat on the beach for 4 hours on Friday!

It has been so beautiful, so we went down to the beach with some friends I do preschool with. Our kids ran around and we sat in our beach chairs, chatting and looking at magazines.

The weather was gorgeous! Not hot enough that you feel like you want to jump in the water, but warm enough that you can sit comfortably, and the tide was low and created these little pools so I wasn't freaked out about a wave taken my children to Davy Jones.

Tyson called around 12:30, found out we were at the beach, and dropped everything to go surfing for a little bit. Berkleigh asked to go surfing, so Tyson obliged.

From Jan 11

Then it was Merrick's turn.
It ended quickly.
He takes after his mom.
The water was too cold.

It is days like this, that I know why we pay more to live here.

Monday, January 17

What we have been up to!

Doing some science experiments from a Christmas present from their aunt and uncle!

Working out, and apparently not putting my laundry away.

Playing dolls with our best friends, and dress up with our best friends!

Going on bike rides.

And playing the "tuba". Merrick walks around all day with his chair turned upside down blowing into one of the legs. It is amazing. Truly amazing.

Friday, January 14


We went with some friends to the snow for an extended stay. It was so fun and laid back.
We sledded, and ate, and played Wii, and chatted, and stayed up WAY to late!

We ate snow.

We went sledding.

We had snowball fights!

We made snow angels.

We bundled up cute kids!

We stayed up to late and ate to much!

It was so fun. I love to visit the snow, but I am sure glad I don't have to live in it!