Sunday, December 28

A Little Christmas Cheer

We had such a great Christmas. Here are some highlights, minus an awesome Christmas Eve with the Scotts and Thackers! I was a dummy and didn't bring my camera so I have to hunt down those pictures. If you are reading this and have some of my family, please send them my way. It was such a fun time and I want to share it. :) (I am sure their will be more to come.)

1. Opening our Christmas pajamas.

From Christmas

2. Reading our Christmas Stories. We get a new one every year.

3. New this year for me was creating Christmas! I loved making the tree, the stockings
and the Santa presents look just right for the kids to wake up to Christmas morning.

4. Unwrapping gifts.

(My mom and dad came from Louisiana to celebrate with us. My mom made me and B matching aprons with
our initials on them, and Merrick and Tyson matching tool belts with their initials on them.)

My mom got me a pair of True Religion Jeans! 
I was so excited as you can tell.

My brother and sis in law got the twins this crazy set of tents. They are linked together by tunnels and the twins played in that thing for hours! Such a cool gift, but it will have to be an outdoor toy until will have a house. ;) It doesn't really fit in their room.

Tyson got a blow gun. They are illegal in California, so I used my contacts outside of the state to buy a couple for Tyson and his friend. At first I didn't see why they were illegal, but look at what the dart did to this box. I have to tell you that Tyson shot the back of the box, and it went all the way through the back and through the front. Those darts are so sharp!
I got a cake stand. This isn't the one I wanted, but no worries, I took it back and got the one of my dreams. :)
Merrick was the cutest opening presents.
I made him a Buzz Lightyear costume, and he opened it and yelled, "Buzz" and was so happy! Berkleigh on the other hand saw the kitchen and then refused to open any other toys the rest of Christmas morning. She just played with the kitchen.

My shoes I wanted.

This was my black friday find!
I got the third season of House, one of Tyson's favorites and we have the first two seasons, for $10 at Target.
We got Netflix from my bro.

And here is the disaster we made! 
(We got Merrick a city rug and lots of wooden trains and cars to build and drive all over.)

Tuesday, December 23

Night on the Town

Here are the pictures I promised a week ago.  I am getting worse at this blogging thing.  I will blame the holidays.  For not traveling, we sure do have a lot going on. I don't think there is such a thing as a relaxing Christmas.

Birthday Breakfast... cake, peaches, and pears. (Scott tradition)

Our night on the town, Main Street, Disneyland. :) We had a lot of fun with the Polsons. We par-tayed at D-land with out the kids. We didn't go on Monsters Inc. I think that is a first for me, and we actually got to ride Space Mountain and other "big kid" rides that we never get to ride. 

We also ate at the Blue Bayou (the restaurant in Pirates of the Caribbean). It was yummy.

Thanks Po pos for a fun night, and thanks Tyson for being born. You are a great dad and hubby.

Wednesday, December 17


Today is lover boy's birthday! He is 29. That is old. I love him. Happy Birthday.

We had a birthday breakfast, and my mother in law watched the twins ALL day so we could go to Disneyland with our friends! We ate at the Blue Bayou and enjoyed our time with no lines (cause it was pouring) and no kids. A beautiful day... documented tomorrow. When I feel the urge to upload the pictures.

Tuesday, December 9


I was running around doing errands today. I was stopped at a red light. This is what I saw while "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow" played on the radio. Can it really be only 16 days until Christmas, cause it sure doesn't feel like it here...
From Christmas

That is Catalina Island you see in the background. It was so beautiful and clear today!

Saturday, December 6

The Art of Tree Picking/Decorating

in a simple 9 step process:

1. Find the perfect tree
Finding the perfect tree can be frustrating, but persevere!

2. Run around the lot, to find the perfect tree,
because some people's idea of a perfect tree could
be exactly like yours. You want to get to it first
and see their jealous eyes on you as you are paying
an arm and a leg for it.

3. Take pictures in front of bigger trees that are more
perfect, which you might not have room for in your little house.

4. Take pictures with loved ones.

5. Bring entertainment, so it isn't to boring...

6. Make sure you bring a car big enough to carry the tree home. As you can see, we almost didn't follow our own advice. We were cutting it close. :)

7. Have enough lights, and make sure they work before stringing them.

8. Enjoy your children decorating the tree for the first time.

9. Take a family picture.

And there you have it folks...

Wednesday, December 3


I just wish there was more gold inside...

That is Golden

That is really GOLDEN!