Friday, October 31

Our Prima Ballerina

I was getting Berkleigh and Merrick dressed this morning, and Merrick was perfectly content with what I picked out for him to wear. Berkleigh on the other hand, threw a fit when I tried to put on her True Religions and a T. (Spoiled Much? Who cries when you are asked to wear True Religions?) She kept pointing in the closet, so I took down every dress to find one the one she wanted to wear. I finally got to her tu tu, she smiled, and I knew the kind of day we would have today.

Here is how most of the day went:

Thursday, October 30

Arr! Give me some booty!

I went from a bunch of raw materials to Merrick being  a pirate and Berkleigh being his parrot.

Saturday, October 25

Yellow and Orange day

We had such a busy day. It started with getting dressed in yellow:

(our friends Matt, Becky, and Ammon... doesn't Becky look like she is having a blast. hehe)

so we could line the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) in Orange County and wave our Yes on Prop 8 signs. 

My friend Melody and I took the kids in the car and drove up and down PCH honking and waving to people with a HUGE Yes on Prop 8 sign on the back of the car. We had so much fun blaring music, singing, dancing, and honking for 2 hours. I loved seeing all the people come out to support Prop 8. I think it was really successful.

After our adventures acting like 16 year old girls dragging "main" (PCH) with a political agenda, we went to pumpkin carving contest. If blogger would allow me to post more pictures, I might, but you will have to imagine the fun had by this one lousy picture. All of our pumpkins rocked by the way. Not the Scotts so much, but hey we tried. 

Friday, October 24

Meals on Wheels

**You WILL be hungry after reading this post.**

A couple friends and I started a dinner group. There are four of us. We each take one night to cook. My night is Tuesday. I cook for my little family, and three other families. I then take their food to them in tuperware containers we bought together. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday yummy homemade food is brought to my door! I love it. I can expect dinner between 5-6 pm, and I love knowing I will get something yummy with out any work at all. 

Here are some of the meals we have had. I wanted to take a picture of all the meals, but they are so good we eat them before I can remember to whip out the cam.

We have done it for a month and I love it! Here are some of the meals we have had...
(Oh, and a meal consists of a main dish and sides... mmm!)
**Not all meals are mentioned below. That however doesn't mean, they weren't good, the author just has a bad memory.**

*I don't know the name of this, but it was chicken creamy goodness, 
homemade bread, and salad.
*Chicken Cordon Bleu 

*Tortilla Soup
*Orange Chicken
*Taco Star
*Homemade pizza
*Chicken with peppers
*Chicken rolls
*Artichoke Chicken
*Homemade Mac and Cheese
*Cheesy Potato Soup
*Roast and funeral potatos

Sunday, October 19

!! Big Bear !!

What a post I have for you.

We went to Big Bear with our friends:
Matt, Melody, Corbin; Emily; Autie, Max; Kristi, Rod, Jack; Kellie, Kevin; Becky, Ammon!
There were 17 people there and many raccoons, birds, and squirrels.

Here is a breakdown of the weekend...

Left HB at 1:30 Friday afternoon.
(We were supposed to leave at 11:45 am! Aren't we SO Mormon?)

We drove to the Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Patch.
Pushing the twins around in their personal pumpkin buggy.

Ran around the patch looking at the animals, climbing the hay wall, and watching kids play on overpriced bounce houses shaped like pumpkins.

Picked pumpkins from the vine.
(I have never been to a patch where you actually pick it from the vine, and I was super excited. I am missing the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Fest up north, but this was perfect!)

Took mass amounts of pictures.

(From left to right: Jack, Corbin, Berkleigh, & Merrick)

For just one dollar a day, you can feed these children.
Don't they look like those kids on the commercials.

Drive up the Big Bear to meet the husbands.
My friend Becky became Berkleigh's new best friend this weekend.

Stayed in this cozy cabin. 

Played around.

Looked at nature.
(Merrick, Max, and Berkleigh)

Took a hike to the resort to take pictures.

We left the kids asleep with the men, and had a girls day out to "The Village" in Big Bear. We enjoyed baby boutiques, caramel apples, and the changing leaves.

Stayed up to late.
Watched Berkleigh love on this psycho bear at the cabin.

Went down Alpine Slides.

Getting ready. Look how ready Merrick is! Berkleigh liked it at first, but by the end her face did not look so happy.

Saturday night we were watching a movie when heard a noise outside! We all ran to the door and found raccoons in the trash can. Not a huge deal, when isn't there a raccoon in the trash can, know what I mean? So the girls went back to watch the movie but the boys decided to try and catch the raccoons. They made this crazy trap with twigs, branches and string.
It never worked, but while the guys were downstairs playing pool and ping pong, we sneaky girls, put the freaky bear in their trap. The guys freaked out. They thought they had caught a raccoon! To bad it had overalls and shoes on. 
After the prank, the guys became obsessed with catching a raccoon. The lil'  varmints actually tried to charge the door. Here they are, and this is what the girls were doing to get away from them if they got in the house. 

From then on, the guys spent the majority of the time trying to catch small varmints. They caught a squirrel a couple times, but no raccoons.

We had such a fun time. 
Thanks to the Wards!

Tuesday, October 14

I made this

and I love it!

(It is flannel, and has brown trim, and I quilted ever octagon. It is soft and Berkleigh apparently loves it too!)

I made this...
and I love it also.

I am really impressed with myself right now!

Monday, October 13

Field Trip with Gma and Gpa

The twins went with Gma and Gpa Scott to the fire station to play on the fire-trucks.
They had a lot of fun, and Merrick points at a fire-truck whenever it goes by now!


 Merrick and Grandpa

The official badge and helmet.

I don't know about this.

Checkin out the wheels.

Berkleigh's Day at the Beach


bird watching

sun bathing

checking out the "hot" surfers

a walk to get exercise and to exfoliate her skin


Tuesday, October 7

Say What?

Enjoy! I sure do.

Monday, October 6

Conference...and the answer

... it is like a mormon holiday. Conference weekend is a special weekend to be with family, and listen to the prophet. I love this weekend in October and April!

I love conference weekend for these reasons:

Can you see it now?