Saturday, July 30

And a Cherry on Top

One of the perks of living in Salem is the berry picking. Did you know Salem is like a berry capital? It is awesome. I got an email through church that said one orchard was selling cherries (u pick) for $.50 a pound. How amazing is that!? We picked almost 8 lbs of cherries and paid $3.20. Then after my brother got here, we went back, and picked more... again almost 8 lbs and paid $3.00. I don't know what is cooler, that we spent $6 for 16 lbs of cherries, or that we have actually eaten that much without to many bowel issues. hehe


Ready to Eat!

Friday, July 29

Not ALL Rain forests are tropical

That is what we learned today on our hike to South Falls. There is a 9 mile hiking trail that leads you to 10 different water falls. These waterfalls and this state park are 30 minutes from our house.
Lets face it though. I am pregnant and haven't hiked on a "moderate to difficult" trail in awhile, and with two 4 year olds we might not be going on the 9 mile trail, but the first loop of the trail is about a mile, and you go behind this beautiful waterfall, South Falls.

First we ate our picnic lunch by the river...

Then we ventured into the "rain forest".
We walked across bridges, up inclines, through "tinkerbell's house", and a bear cave.
I love how scared Berkleigh looks.

(Sorry this PC won't let me center these images. My brother told me I couldn't call his computer lame anymore though. hehe)

And I will tell you, that Disneyland isn't the only place to see the backside of water...we walked down to the waterfall and behind it.

The falls were so beautiful. Come visit and we will take you there!

See, we took my brother who is here visiting...

Thursday, July 28

Our House

I will not lie and say moving was easy. I think this is the hardest move I have had. I say that because we lived in a pretty amazing place and we had pretty amazing friends. I take change well, but it has been the pregnancy that has turned this move into a hard one. I cry every time the weather isn't sunny. It is pretty sad!

The best part about the move though is the house. How have we survived in an apartment for the past nine years? That is what I want to know! My cousin in law Kristyn told me that once I was in a house, I would never want to go back to an apartment. She was right...

Here is our little 3 bedroom/2.5 bathroom house that we found and rented on Craigslist without ever seeing it besides the 3 pictures on the internet...

We love our little cream colored house with the black trim and the red door! Also our owner came over today, and said that if we wanted to paint inside to let him know and he would buy the paint for us. What is this? An amazing owner.

So these first pictures are of the living room when you first walk in the door. I took some at all angles.
(this really is for those that have asked)

If you walk through the living room you come to the kitchen.
Which I also love because it has a big pantry cabinent, AND a dishwasher! Yes! And I actually washed my can opener right when we got here because something had spilled in that box, and I came running into our bedroom, Tyson look at our can opener. He thought I had bought a new one... no it had just been washed by a dishwasher!

The kitchen shares with the dining room... and here are the Scott kids eating their dinner. Outside that window is a massive grape vine trying to grow on its harbor. I think we will have grapes soon. I am excited!

The comes the hallway that leads to the tired physician, bathroom numero uno, the laundry room, and the garage!

That same hallway leads to our bedroom. I love that we are downstairs and the kids are upstairs. It is glorious. I also love, that we have our own bathroom (numero dos) and a walk in closet off the bathroom.

The best part about the closet is that it has room for Tyson and I, and a desk with all my craft stuff on it. Fabric to be hung from hangers, but that comes with time.

Then upstairs we have two bedrooms and bathroom numero tres. I love that the kids have their own bathroom, but I don't love that they feel the need to use every bathroom and forget to flush. I am not used to that many bathrooms, so I will go up there and wonder how long the water has been yellow. It is pretty gross.

The owner painted these rooms for us I think. So nice, but not really my style. I don't know how to tell him that I want to repaint them, but we shall see. Right now they want to share a room anyway, so they sleep in the boy room, and the girl room has been turned into a play room. It is fabulous.
Don't think I am a bad mom, but we sold Berkleigh's toddler bed at our garage sale because it was falling apart, and we are saving for their new mattresses for the bunk beds that I acquired from my mother in law. I am excited to paint them and get them set up, so Berkleigh sleeps on the floor in a sleeping bag. She actually loves it!

Finally, the backyard. The only thing I wish for this backyard was that it had grass. Oh well, bricks will do. They enjoy coloring on them! We are excited for our firepit, and will always have chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers in case of an emergency! And the part I love the most. I can be in the kitchen fixing dinner and I can see them outside my window. No more whining for food while I am trying to cook. They just pick apples and look for bugs to their hearts content.

Well, that is our house, and she keeps telling me she wants visitors! Hint Hint

1 year shy of a decade!

Tyson and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary the day after we pulled into Salem. We didn't have a babysitter, and we had a BBQ date with the doctor and wife that Tyson has started working for. I wasn't sad, this always happens. Tyson either has a HUGE test, we are traveling with family, or we were together with children checking out a residency program. Next year though I expect a trip... a nice beautiful trip somewhere amazing for our anniversary. It will be 10 years and we will have had a big boy job for a year. Not to much to ask, eh? It has been an amazing nine years! I couldn't imagine being here is Oregon without my partner in crime! Bring on the next 9 years...

Monday, July 25


Got the internet working. Kind of. Well, on my brothers lame PC, but that will work for now. I think I am going to go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Deux. (Do you like that I had to write out the ENTIRE title of the movie, I am WAY excited. Thank you Matthew, my brother, for coming, bringing your lame computer and watching our kids so we can go see H to the P.) When I get back, I think I am going to blog... be prepared for what I like to call OO. Oregon Overload.


Saturday, July 16

We are alive and finally in Oregon. We have no Internet or computer, but we are trying to have lots of fun. This is what we have been up to...

Getting ready for this on Monday.

And finding this in the yellow pages!

Moving into our little house!

Taking "our" 20 week ultrasound picture.

Views from the park.

More views from our park.

Going to see the Portland Temple!

Going to Portland for famous voodoo doughnuts.

And eaten these!

Went around the world.