Saturday, June 23

Our "Sweet Escape" to...


I went with Mackenzie, Ashleigh, and Brooke to the Gwen Stefani concert tonight in Orange County. It was SO AWESOME! I have to say it was the best concert I have been too... and I sat on the 2nd row at a Garth Brooks concert!

We had the best time. Akon opened for Gwen and then Gwen came out and performed all her best songs on Sweet Escape and all the favorites on Love.Angel.Music.Baby. It was great!

The best was at the very end she sang Orange County Girl and everything went dark. All these people got up and left. I thought, "We aren't leaving until they turn the lights on..." We saw this trail of lights leaving the ampitheater, and we stayed in our seats. Then NO DOUBT came on. They played "I'm Just a Girl", "Spiderweb", and "It's My Life". It was a big surprise. She also said that her next album is a NO DOUBT album.

So all in all... June 22... a good day. Yea! Gwen is awesome.

Sunday, June 17

Best Dad Ever!

Who do you know that can. . .

1.) Go to medical school
2.) Study for tests
3.) Put in IVs.
4.) Assist in surgeries
5.) Cook a mean quesadilla
6.) Pull off a ollie and a 180 on a skateboard
7.) Get up with me every night at three in the morning to feed the kids
8.) Study while feeding a twin
9.) Have enough love for me and the twins


Wednesday, June 13

Scary Family Photos

For those of you who haven't seen us for awhile... (a lot of fun comes from cleaning out your PhotoBooth)

Pregnancy really made me glow.

Studying really enlarged Tyson's brain.

That radioactive material we found in our front yard didn't help much.

And... WOW! I wish I could say this was altered by our wonderful Mac, but alas I was THIS BIG! (This was 2 weeks before the twins were born.

Sunday, June 10

Happy Four Months!

Can you believe it? Merrick and Berkleigh are 4 months old! Time is going by so fast. All of a sudden, they are grabbing toys, plates, fingers... anything they can reach and putting them in their mouths. They can almost sit up, and they "gum" or chew on their pacifiers. They also drool a ton, and I am scared they are already starting to teethe. Yikes. Not happy for the nursing mom! Happy Four Months little ones. We love you!

Aren't they beautiful...

...NOT THE ROSES! The twins! This park is right by our house. I usually take the twins on a walk to this park every morning. We have a great trail from our house that leads right to the park. We really do live in a nice place. We went to take pictures of Tyson for his residency applications. I can't believe we are already applying for residencies. Yea! We see a light at the end of a very LONG tunnel.

Oakland Zoo

My friend Chelsea, her daughter Cami, me and the twins went to the Oakland Zoo. The twins were asleep the whole time, but it was fun to watch Cami so excited to see the animals. It made me excited to think of the twins that age. We had a great time. Chel, thanks for going... and Jenny, come next time! :P

The elephants were the coolest.

In front of the giraffes.

This is how much the twins enjoyed the zoo.

Seriously... how cute is that!

Sunday, June 3

Baby Headbands... would you buy one?

So I am sick of trying to find headbands that fit Berkleigh's small head, and I am sick of HUGE flowers that are bigger than any baby girls head. I think babies look ridiculous with those enormous flowers or bows growing out of the top of their heads. I decided to try and make some for Berkleigh. Tyson and I started thinking, "Why can't I sell them?" So we decided to try and sell some on ebay and see if we get any takers... do you think people will buy them?

Cute Baby Faces

More cute baby faces to look at...