Thursday, February 28


We went to our favorite park with my mom last night. The park has this cool "fake" lake with a fountain, and millions of Canadian geese. We were walking around the lake, pointing at every bird, and saying "Duck". We got down and let Berkleigh stand by them. She was pointing at them saying, "Wus ah?" Which we decided means "What's that?" I bet we (Mom, Tyson, and I) said "duck" about 5 million times. (I know most of you think I exaggerate...which I do, but seriously about 5 million times.) Then we were walking back to the car and a goose waddled passed our path, and Berkleigh pointed to it and said, "Duh!!!" She then proceeded to share her knowledge with everyone... "Duh, Duh Duh!!!" That might be her first word that she actually knew what she was saying!

You might be thinking, "It is a goose, not a duck", well we don't care she gave a word actual meaning... we will sort out her confused animals later.

Monday, February 25

Merrick's Mischievous Monday

So Merrick is a climber... and I find myself finding him in many predicaments. While capturing this moment on camera, I thought that there will be many more moments like this especially with two 1 year olds "finding their legs". :) So I dedicate Mondays to their mischievous ways in hopes that it will keep me laughing about all the adventures I see in these two 1 year old's futures.

Sunday, February 24


One of my YW gave me these "weeds". That is what she calls them! I guess they grow in her yard, and they are trying to get rid of them. I love Calla Lilies though! So I am glad she gave me some. Maybe I will get them every Sunday! :) Berkleigh liked investigating them.

Friday, February 22

A little math and a little check off list...

If you are OCD don't read this!

Here is the Math... and the check off list resulting from this little mathematical equation.




sick Berkleigh!!


Sick Berkleigh


rainy, gloomy day

does not =

Make Bed:

Get Dressed...
No thanks... My pjs sound wonderful!

Do the dishes...
Na...they can wait!

Take out the Trash...
Nope.. no diapers in it, so it doesn't smell!

Put the Costco water in the fridge...
Negatory.. I can drink water that is room temperature.

Put away the belongs found in the crashed car...
That bag has sat there for a couple days, what is one more?

Tidy up...
It would only take a minute, but I will take relaxing today.

Put away the folded laundry...
No my sick baby is sleeping where most of these clothes go.

Clean up toys...
Na.. I am sure we will play with them when they wake up.

But it does equal=




Catching up on last nights LOST episode...

Ahhh! I love days like today! Except for this sick child part. I don't think she likes days like this.

Tuesday, February 19

The Silver Bullet Ancestoral Line

This post serves as a memorial for the silver bullets in the past and the rebirth of the new ... bullet!

This Silver Bullet ancestoral line started with a hand-me down Mercedes from Tyson's sister Megan. Its glorious moments include the inability to reverse, the whole back seat was completely burned out from a fire leaving just the springs, it wouldn't go faster than 65 mph without the muffler backfiring, and if the sunroof was retracted, it wouldn't close leaving a hole for the rain and birds. Tyson traded the car in, and got a call from the CHP two weeks later requesting the Scotts to pick up the car on the Tijauana border where it was stripped down and resting on cinderblocks. What a sticky end!

Then came the Volvo...
Tyson had this car when we were in college. In the winter when we would drive to SLC or his sister's house, and I would have to take an ice scraper to the inside of the car so Tyson could see while we drove. In the summer when we turned on the air conditioner it smelled like pancakes and sounded like Las Vegas cause his little sister put maple syrup and pennies in the vents. (Or so I hear.) Well, one particularly snow winter night, Tyson said he wished something would happen to the car so we could get the insurance money for it.
Well, no joke the next day while in class, he was called out and brought to what was left of his car. He had parked next to the construction on BYU campus, and the crane hydralics snapped, toppling the crane right onto Tyson's car! His wish came true.

So we got a Silver Chevy Cavalier with the help of Tyson's dad to take the poor Volvo's place...
This car was great until the battery froze while snowboarding at Bear Valley in Northern California. When the battery froze, it locked the radio. The Chevy dealership did not have the code to "unlock" the radio... so we had to get a NEW radio. We went to Best Buy picked out a stereo, had it installed, just for it to be stolen within 2 weeks. (What luck, right? Just keep reading...) So we waited forever to get another stereo, I got Tyson a stereo for Christmas. We had it installed, and 2 weeks later the back window was smashed, the car was trashed and Tyson's stereo was again stolen. We got the window fixed, were thinking about getting a stock radio installed so the stealing wouldn't happen again when on one cold February (very inconvient) day it was slammed into the back of another car. The airbags deployed and the transmission was thrust into the dash of the car. Wonderful! What luck our cars have...

We have been thinking we need a bigger car, and now the opportunity has shown itself... so the ancestoral line continues with the newest Scott Silver Bullet....

May we introduce our new CAR!!!!
2003 Honda Pilot!!

! ! ! ! BRIANNA ! ! ! !

Brianna came to visit! We were so excited to have her come and spend time with us! It was a great break from studying for Tyson!
Here is our To Do List:
Not pictured: Ghiradelli Square, Lombard Street, the Windmill, Ocean Beach, the caves and the CliffHouse.

We saw everything! We went to San Francisco, Napa, Oakland, Walnut Creek, Fairfield to the Jelly Belly Factory.... We ran around with our heads off and with our car totaled... our little Honda did amazing. With three grown ups and two babies in enormous carseats! What fun! Thanks for coming Brianna!
The Night Brianna Came:
Zachary's Pizza (The BEST Pizza you will ever have!)
Stow Lake... Golden Gate Park
Conservatory of Flowers...Golden Gate Park

Japanese Tea Garden..Golden Gate Park
Looking at the Zen Garden

Like mother like daughter!

Golden Gate Bridge
Palace of Fine Arts.. Presidio

Clam Chowder in Bread Bowls at Fisherman's Wharf.
Sea Lion Colony... Pier 39!

Chinese Lanterns
Tapioca Drinks... Berkleigh didn't like it!
We went to the Oakland Temple on Sunday.
Napa Wine Vineyards. We were probably the only ones who weren't a little tipsy! We might not drink wine, but it sure is beautiful!
Jelly Belly Factory... How many times can a person go here in 6 months... well I have been 4 times. (It might turn out to be the "Capital Building" in Austin, or the Alamo in San Antonio. I hated going there after awhile because everyone wanted to go there, but hey at least it is free and you get candy at the end!

Friday, February 15

One is So FUN!!!

We have been super busy with birthdays, Valentines Day, my mom is here, my sister in law Brianna is coming, and trying to buy a new car, and get the insurance stuff figured out for the crashed Cavalier! Crazy! I made this video for their first year! Enjoy!

Saturday, February 9

!!!1st Birthday Party!!!

So I have so much to post on this blog, so I will break it down into categories. 1. Decorations and food, 2. the guests, 3.the twins...*obvi* (that is for you Brooke), 4. the loot, and 5. the events leading up to the party.
I made the Happy Birthday Sign. I am not into the metallic sign you get at party stores so I made my own. I wanted the party to be all about the twins, so I put pictures of them over their first year all over the walls.
The party favor table. You got a chinese take out box and filled it with the candy of your choice.
The party favor boxes.
The yummy cupcakes. We had funfetti too, but apparently they were the faves.
The twins birthday cakes.
The decorations and dinner. Little Ceasers 5 buck pizza and pasta salad. The pasta salad had heart shaped pasta, and I was going to cut pepperonis into the shape of hearts, but who has time for that!
More decorations.
2. The GUESTS...
We had 17 people -minus a few hubbies and the Heymans who had to be on vacation! :)
Jen...Teacher friend.
Hiatts and Carvers
Petersens and Liz (aka Betty) Teacher friend
Erin (teacher friend) and biggity beau Chris.
3. The LOOT...
Merrick got a shirt that says McDreamy! I love him! Berkleigh got a darling bracelet. Great toys that make LOTS of noise. ;), and some more really cute clothes.
4. The TWINS..
Berkleigh in her "1" onesie (I made), her matching tutu (I made), and her footless tights (I made.. well I cut the ends of stockings cause the footless tights were to expensive for me to fork over the money for.)
M & B playing with a present.
Merrick in his "1" onesie which I made, and is the same paisley pattern as Berk's except in boy colors.
I had to post this picture cause I had the nastiest cold sore, and I photoshopped it out! Hehe... Maybe I shouldn't have said anything.
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday dear Merrick and Berkleigh
Happy Birthday to you.
Now Gorge yourselves on sweets you've never had before. What a strange tradition.

Merrick drank some laundry detergent. No worries, he barely drank any. I called poison control and my dad, the chemical engineer.

Tyson totaled our car. He is fine the car is not!
Don't worry we didn't crash OUR Lamborghini, it was our Cavalier, but still a great loss.

PS: I am not doing another birthday party for a long time...