Friday, June 20

Last Day of School

Mr. K and Berkleigh and Mrs. Ross and Merrick

They were great teachers for my littles. I was happy with my decisions to put them in different classes, but man that is hard to see what one 1st grade teacher is doing differently than the other...

 Berkleigh and one of her little buddies... Berkleigh made had the best little girl friends in her class.

Finish line to first grade and breaking our way into Summer!

We have some new suits and flip flops to enjoy our summer days...

Thursday, June 19

A little French Ballet

This pretty girl had her ballet recital a month ago. 
Berkleigh and her two close friends got to be in the same class and dance to french music and pretend they lived in Paris and shopped at Parisian markets for baguettes.
So. Cute.

These girls are darling.

 Love them.