Sunday, November 30

Turkey Time

The Scott/Thacker Thanksgiving Traditions and Festivities:
(You will either judge us, or want to be us...)

I must say we eat WAY to much on Thanksgiving. The day starts out with a trip to the park for some kickball and the best breakfast burritos, courtesy of the Thackers.

Then we go home, cook up a storm, the Thackers come over, and we have hors 'dervous and shoot guns while the turkey finishes its slow bake.

Then we eat Thanksgiving dinner. Yum! 

Here are some SPECIFIC traditions in pictures for your reading and visual enjoyment.

Tradition 1: Shooting Games.
My favorite picture... Eric (Tyson's cuz) is shooting with one hand, I am trying to look all "Annie get your gun" and Kenz (my sil) is the crazy boho with some bbs! (Watch out!) I also like this picture because you can see the awesome set up on the hill.

Tradition 2:
We enjoy shooting old McDonald's toys, old plates, and old christmas lights! 

Tradition 3: We laugh a lot.

Tradition 4: We teach the little ones important lesson like the Pilgrims and Indians taught each other.

Tradition 5: We dress in nice clothes to observe the holiday, and it is easier to get the right gunning stance while in a skirt.

Tradition 6: We eat A LOT!

Tradition 7:
We always go around the table and say what we are thankful for... it is always a tender moment... except when I open my mouth about squirrels and owls stapled together....

Wednesday, November 19

All I need is "Sheer" Luck

This mop needs cutting! I know some of you have had to cut little hairs... 
(Jenny! I know you just did it.) 
How did you keep them still?
How do I cut Berkleigh's hair without loosing the curls?
How do I cut Merrick's hair so it is even?
I NEED SOME TIPS cause this mullet and this rat tail have got to go!

Merrick's Many Occupations

Tin Man:




Constuction Worker:






Yoga Instuctor:

Pumpkin Farmer:

Food Critic:



Fashion Designer:

Yummiest Son Ever:

Monday, November 17

My Kitchen

I love it! It adds so much color to our little house! All the random colors together makes me happy!

Curtains I made:

Wall Art I made:

I found this frame on the side of the road. It was ugly, I painted it teal. :)

Chairs I painted:
(This is one of our kitchen chairs, we had 4... two have broken...
the other one hasn't been painted yet, but will be yellow!)

We found both of these chairs on the side of the road. I just spruced them up a bit.

Finished Product:

Thursday, November 13

My new friend and a new project...

I made a new friend. Her name is Amber. I am so excited. This is her blog... She is so fun. The other night she invited the twins and I over while the hubbies were at a meeting for church. We made these cute banners for Thanksgiving with her Cricket machine. (Which is amazing by the way!) and I got to chat with her and Emily all night, while the kids ran around and played! I loved it. Thanks! I have a project that should be super fun! We will plan girls!
Thanks for the advice on the toddler beds... I don't know what we will do yet, but I have a better idea at what others have done! Thanks!

Wednesday, November 12

I am a Slave to the

pack and play...

Every morning after the twins wake up, I look like this:

Every night before the twins go to bed, I look like this:

Why, you ask?

Well, the twins sleep in different rooms for naps during the day, but they sleep in the same room at night. Every day since they were 4 months old, I have carried the pack n play from one room to the other twice.

Lets do the math...

4 months to 16 months = 1 year = 365 days x 2 transfers of the pack n play = 730 transfers!!!
16 months to 21 months = 5 months = 30 days x 5 += 150 days x 2 transfers of the pack n play 
= 300 transfers!!!

730 transfers + 300 transfers =

GRAND TOTAL: 1030 transfers of the pack n play...

I wanna be done! Is it too early to put my chillins in their own toddler beds? I just want something to decorate, and two cute beds to put up... I have it all decorated in my head, but I just have to take the plunge..

Do you think the twins are ready to 1. sleep together for nap time and 2. ready to have toddler beds?

Monday, November 10


Red threw up in my sink today.

Thursday, November 6


Everyone always comments on how mellow and well behaved the twins are...
Does this look mellow to you?

Disclaimer: No child was provoked to make these faces. Faces were made on their own, photographer just had the camera.


I have crafternoon every once in awhile with girls that live close. You can bring a craft or you can chat, it doesn't matter... just come.

Here are some of my projects I have done this past week and a half...

Thanksgiving decor:

A art wall for the twins room:

And one of Berkleigh's Christmas presents:
Mom and me matching aprons. I am kinda proud of these...
I made them without a pattern.
(I am not a boring person who gives aprons to her 2 year old for Christmas, it goes with the present Santa said he was sending her way.)