Thursday, October 28

Spooky Walk

Sundays are hard days for us. We try not to watch movies, and play a ton outside. We just try to keep Sunday special.

Anyways, with 2 three year olds that tends to be pretty tricky. Especially now that they don't nap...

This past Sunday we went on a Spooky Walk. It was fun. We went a couple streets over from our house and walked around looking for different Spooky things.

From Oct 10

It was a good change in our weekly Sunday walk.

Tuesday, October 26

Can you Guess?

It is a bummer that Halloween is on a Sunday, because we don't do crazy things on Sunday, but it is a good thing, because we have a ward party Saturday night, which gives Tyson and I a reason to dress up too!
We have a theme going...
Can you guess by the materials?
There is a pretty big hint in there!

What will we be?

Sunday, October 24

A Halloween Copycat

I love Halloween.
I get so excited to decide what to make or buy for Halloween each year.

This year I 'copy cat'ed from Crate and Barrell, Pottery Barn Kids, and blogs.
I always love C&B and PBK's holiday things, but they are too expensive.
So I copy cat.
Here are my creations.

Spooky Wreath
I had the black tulle, the embroidery ring, and the random piece of orange fabric.
Idea found here.

'Going Batty' Pillow
I had the black felt and the velcro.
Idea found here.

Spiderweb Table Runner
I loved this from Crate and Barrell. It took a long time, and I had blisters from my scissors.
But I love it!

Halloween Advent Calendar
I loved this from PBkids, didn't want to pay $60, I, along with some neighbors made them.
It is my favorite thing!
At PB kids they hung it from a tree branch. I JUST finished it, so I am not going to do that until next year... who wants to save a branch!

Now I have to finish stuff for a baby shower, finish costumes, and I am almost done with Merrick and Berkleigh's Halloween church outfits!

Thursday, October 21

Puddle Jumping

Last year I got a pair of rain boots. One rainy day, we went on a walk, and I walked through every puddle. M and B thought it was the coolest. EVER since, they have wanted rain boots.

I didn't want to fork over $40 for two pair of rain boots, but my trusty second hand store came through for me again... I found Berkleigh some amazing boots for $5! Then I didn't feel so bad buying some for Merrick.

Today was our first day puddle jumping. This has been a dream for the kids since that walk last year.

And it didn't disappoint.

Sunday, October 17

Wondering how we got from picture A to picture E?

(There might be some extremely scrumptious pictures of Merrick and others not so scrumptious.)
Picture A

Picture B Picture C

Picture D Picture E
Read On...

We were at my inlaws house, outside playing. Look how much fun we were having.

Then, Merrick thought it was a great idea to try and use a pogo stick...
umm.. not a great idea.
He fell head first onto the edge of that beautiful blue brick sidewalk.

He had to get three stitches, which Tyson could have done excellently, but we didn't want Merrick to think daddy was hurting him, and Tyson wanted to be a daddy, not a doctor.
(He can stitch them up all he wants when they are older and know that daddy is helping them, not hurting them. However, hopefully there won't be a need.)

So we headed to the ER.

First thing he said when we left the hospital...
"I have to go show 'Batenzie' (Mackenzie) my bracelets."
Here's to no more stitches... at least until they are older and Tyson can do it!

Thursday, October 14

An Apple a Day

We went with some friends to Oak Glen for a little apple picking fall fun.
It was not fall. It was summer... 90 degrees to be exact, but it was awesome.

Some of the kids...

Macking on a Macintosh

We got creative.

At home, cleaned off and set out to munch on!
Oh, and don't forget the treasure of the day... the homemade apple cider.

I would say that was a pretty successful day.
Thanks girls!

Monday, October 11

The last week...

has been filled with lots of fun with no time to blog.

... have been to Disneyland at least three times.

...made mummy pizzas.

...ran around in the woods to celebrate the rain and the cool air.

(Kelly, When I look at this picture I want to eat Merrick. I know how you feel!)

...went to our first pumpkin patch.

...went to Laguna Hills High School Homecoming football game to watch Brooke cheer.
Grandpa taught Berkleigh and Merrick all about football.
Don't you love that Tyson's dad wears Tyson's letterman jacket to the games!?

We love this time of year. Now we have to get down to business and do things I have been putting off....
-finishing my Halloween decorations. (uhh)
-costumes! costumes! costumes!