Tuesday, October 29

All Day School

The kids were so excited for 1st grade. They got to get lunch boxes, go to school all day, and try out being in different classes during the day. 

They asked me to bring my camera when we went to Target to get school supplies, they are totally my children. Haha.

Not a truer statement... Target does have it all.

Look at her command her ship.

Monday, October 28

Portland with Tyson

Tyson has been working a lot lately, which we can't complain about because he is BUSY, and busy is good when you own your practice...

When he has a night off or a day off, we jump at the chance to go adventuring.

This particular day, Tyson was in Portland for a conference. He got out early, so we drove up quickly to head to the zoo with Tyson and to try Pine State Biscuits.

I lie. I thought these two outings were the same day, but apparently they aren't unless I don't remember a "costume change" before dinner. 
I am just happy I am blogging about it.

This lioness came down to sit by us. We watched each other for 20 minutes. I believe she was hunting us, because she sat silently and very still while we were watching her, but the moment we turned our backs on her, she pounced on the glass. Merrick died of fright, and now hates lions.

 Pine State Biscuits is so yummy, but I will let the picture of my biscuit speak for itself. 

 We love Portland and adventuring together.

Oregon hikes

There are just so many beautiful places to visit in Oregon. 
We headed up to our favorite spot, Silver Falls a couple times during the summer.

This particular time we played around by the North Falls.
So beautiful folks. Oregon is gorgeous!

How cute is he?

This waterfall isn't as grand as the one we usually go to, but it had such a fun hike to get to it, and you could play right down by the water. It was so pretty.

When did these guys get so big?

"Mom, take my picture like this."

 Berkleigh loves waterfalls, and there are definitely a lot in of them in Oregon.

 My girls!

Sunday, October 27

our house

First night in our house was so exciting. 

We stayed up late talking about all our dreams for the house,
staring at the crazy pile of boxes,

drinking water out of our fridge door drink dispenser,

The first Saturday that we were in the house, we did two home improvement projects. (Which I am sure raised the value of our home by thousands. hehe)

We changed the house numbers, they were so hideous...
and second we changed the doorbell which had yellowed from the sun and was so tacky.

While we were at Home Depot getting supplies, they were having the kids craft day, so we slowed down our crazy day and let them paint and hammer away for awhile.

We had lots of fun playing in all the open spaces in the house.
All those open spaces are still there. We quadrupled our living space so there are many empty rooms.

We love our house. Our neighbors are fabulous, and the neighborhood is so nice.
We are home!


With our crazy summe, and my nice camera packed away forever, anything worthwhile was documented on my camera phone and through instagram.

Here are many of the randoms we did...
We went to the beach with my cousin who was in town, and my other cousin who lives in Portland.

 We played in our new front yard and soaked up the sun.

We love our new deck, and read lots of books back there.

We played in the water and went to our ward park days.

Merrick had his first haircut at an actual haircutting place. He enjoyed it and we still both loved each other after it was over. hehe
Berkleigh dressed up and sang on the front lawn.

 We slid down hills on cardboard boxes.

We played too much, and neglected the diaper changing.

Our new washer and dryer arrived!

We had some of our first playdates at our house.

We skated, biked and wore ourselves out.

 Biked and picked blackberries at Minto Brown Park.

Merrick found some kind of jaw.

We had little outdoor mani/pedi parties.

While Merrick serenaded us.

We played dress up and hiked to the top of the capitol.

We counted the seconds between the thunder and lightning.

 Found lots of bugs, played at our children's museum.

 Ate lots of treats and went to a carnival our Orthodontist friend threw. The unicorn is kind of their business mascot and these little ponies were in costume.

Went to the State Fair.

Had lazy mornings eating on the deck and tried lots of new hairstyles so Berkleigh wouldn't look so ragamuffin for school everyday.

 We ate outside a lot while the kitchen was being renovated, and celebrated dad on Father's Day with a new Father's Day tie.

 We drove a lot and had I had a great time catching moments like this in the rearview mirror.

Our summer was fun and exhausting.