Friday, July 31

"39 red ballons go by.."

The twins woke up to this after naps....

They ran around for an hour straight!

Followed by a water balloon fight at the beach:

Gotta love how happy kids are when balloons are present!

Thursday, July 30

38 Strips of newspaper and a couple of bones...

Where can you go that you can find:

A coy pond and fountain:

A dolphin water feature play area (not pictured)

A 15,000 gallon salt water tank with sharks, puffer fish, and other tropical fish:

Huge books as the entrance  (Merrick and Berkleigh were in awe at the "bee books"):

A huge Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton:

A huge tree complete with rainforest sounds:

A space ship:

A lighthouse and a night sky that changes color:

And a green screen with a video camera to put you and your family into different worlds?:

The Cerritos Library, of course!
It is only 20 minutes from our house (which is 20 minutes farther than our closest library), but I think we will frequent this library.

It had cute little tables with lamps to read at and millions of books!

The Cerritos Library apparently has an AMAZING story time... while we were there, we found out that there is a waiting list to get a storytime slot. (Crazy!) I put our names in the waiting list for the next storytime... hope we get picked! Cross your fingers for us. :) 

I wanna go back. Anyone want to come?

You may be wondering what 38 strips of newspaper has to do with the library...
Well, it has no correlation, except that it was part two of Fun Day 38. The twins are making their first pinata.

We prepared the string to tie the balloon up for better paper mache-ing techniques:

Ahh, finally ready:

Gettin' down and dirty learning a skill that will help them out in all aspects of life...

The goop: My philosophy, you didn't have fun if you didn't get messy. 

Notice Berkleigh's dainty finger taps. She wanted nothing to do with the mess.

As we speak the pinata is hanging to dry outside. Tomorrow step two: Paint and fill.... and we all know what happens after that!

Wednesday, July 29

The (37) Lost Playgrounds of Atlantis

Well... Day 37 actually started last night.. when my wonderful mother in law picked up the kids and took them to her house for a sleep over. Gotta love those! Tyson and I went on a mid week date to El Torito (yum) and Transformers (yuck).

Today, we went to the Atlantis Play Center in Garden Grove (said with a holla at the end)

We went with Max, Autie, and Ivy.

Huge slides...

Possessed sea creatures... (Yes, Merrick is kissing this beaut.)

Possessed sea creature A:

Possessed sea creature B:

Possessed sea creature C:

And to top it off, the possessed King Neptune:

I might be worried that the possessed powers of those sea creatures rubbed off on my boy...

And some fun on the swings...

I love new adventures... and I would go back to this park again.

Tuesday, July 28

!!!36 Butterflies!!!

There were more than that, but I am getting sick of seeing a number at the top of every post. We went to the Environmental Nature Center this morning.


(did everything I am about to tell you for free...)

played with different animal foot print stamps and water:

Looked at snakes and frogs:

Colored butterflies:

Read bug books:

Went in the butterfly house:

Got really close:

Butterfly kisses:

Went on a little hike around the nature center and saw...



(Berkleigh looks concerned in the picture because she is looking for the hippo I told her was behind me so she would look at the camera.)

Picked up sticks:

Hung out with Brooke:

And last but not least... got our buy one get one free smoothies from Jamba Juice:

Gotta love summer!

Monday, Day 35: Sea World

We got to see these bad boys yesterday with the Moussers, Haights, and Brooke. There was a white heron that kept flying right by Shamu. I wanted to see the circle of life... but Shamu was to busy putting on a show. 
(Yes, I took this picture. No, I am not dumb enough to sit in the splash zone. The beauty of nice camera is you get to crop a far away picture and make it look close.)

I know, redundant, but I needed you to see that we spent some time with the aquatic life, even though most of the time was spent here:

I don't love Elmo, but he sure makes a mean play area for the toddlers. When it is 80+ degrees outside, Elmo is my favorite person.

Mission Accomplished: Worn out!

And to make it through a LONG trip back from San Diego, we stopped at Mr. Frostie's, a Kristy (the person with me) favorite, for some delish Chocolate Mint Oreo Shakes... mmm.