Friday, November 30

Tagged for Photo Phriday

So I was tagged awhile ago, and I had so many other things to post, that I just didn't get around to it. Chelsea and Kristyn tagged me, so I am going to split their tags, and do three unusual things about me (from Kristyn) and three things I am thankful for from Chelsea).

Three unusual things about me...

1. When I was little I would sit in the bathtub and sing the ingredients on the back of the shampoo bottle to the tune of "Frosty the Snowman". I don't do this anymore though... sorry!

2. I have had a reocurring dream since I was little about barbies saving my family from this nasty monster living in a burping bog. Don't ask... I have no idea why I still have it. Thanks to Barbie's speedboat, horse, and Corvette, my family is safe and sound.

3. I know all the words to the song, "Sauce", by G Love and the Special Sauce. Thanks to Cami, my double black belt Karate room mate. :)

Three things I am thankful for...

1. I am thankful for my comuter. I am so glad that we live in a time when we can keep all memories in pictures and videos, and make blogs and videos to help share and remember fun times we have with family and firends.

2. I am thankful for OxiClean. I can get anything out of baby clothes with Oxiclean spray. I love it!

3. Babies who learn new things! See eating and clapping for visual stimulation if needed.

Sunday, November 25

Christmas in the City

On Black Friday we went to San Francisco to window shop in Union Square. It is such a fun place, but then when you add the zillion people, the beautiful Christmas tree, lights, and Macy's window displays, you have something magical. The best part of living in California, is that it feels like Christmas, but we don't have to have the cold or the snow. I love that! :)
Look how rosy this Santa's cheeks are. I think he is the real one! ( I love how Berkleigh is totally looking at Santa like, "Who are you, and why are you dressed that way?"
Tyson and Merrick in front of Macy's with all the lighted wreaths.
The Christmas tree and the snowflakes.
The window display at Macy's. The best part is that every window is a snow globe, and there are little cats and dogs jumping around everywhere. They are up for adoption. It is so cute to see the little kittens and puppies playing with the displays. I hate cats though... so none for us, but cute idea.

Turkey Day!

Well we missed out on some great family traditions this year on both sides. We decided to recreate as many as we could.

We made our own breakfast burritos. (They weren't as good Thackers!)

We went to the park and played.

We made ribbon jello. (Yum! You have to have like 40 extra hours to make this!)

We let the twins in on the tradition of eating... Turkey, green beans, sweet potatos & corn, and applesauce (supposed to be like Apple pie). I have to say the the Assily's (where we went for Thanksgiving) dinner looked AND tasted way better than the twins Thanksgiving dinner.

We were going to go and see a Christmas movie that night, but we didn't get around to it, and we couldn't find anything to shoot!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 18

Clapping and Eating

I love watching the twins learn new things! It makes me so happy and excited to see them learn and grow! We love it!

Friday, November 16

Photo Phriday

Merrick practicing his drifting...

My friend Chelsea and I went to the fabric store, and we were really preoccupied with buying fabric and matching colors, that we didn't notice Cami giving the babies all these fabric squares! It was so cute! Thanks Cami for keeping the twins entertained!

My 96 year old Grandpa came to visit us in WC with my mom. He hasn't left his little town near the beach for over 15 years. I am sure he was shocked at the growth between Santa Cruz and WC.

Berkleigh wearing Grandpa's cool shades and holding on to his cane!

My dear friends from school. I taught with these two.. Erin and Liz. Not pictured is Gina. We go out to lunch at least once a month to catch up. Thanks guys!

Wednesday, November 14

9 Months + Pregoness = A LONG TIME!

It has been 18 months since the twins made themselves known to us. It has been a great 18 months... and I can't believe the twins are 9 months old! Yikes!

Sunday, November 11

We have Royalty in our Family!

Congratulations Kenz! We love you and we are glad we could be part of your special day! Kenz called Thursday afternoon to see if we were coming to her homecoming game. It was special to her because she was on the homecoming court. We LIED and said that Tyson was on-call and that the babies couldn't handle another long drive. As we lied, we were in the car on our way to Orange County. We love surprising people! When we got to LH, we snuck around the back of the house and walked in. Kenzie screamed and cried. It was so special. Well, the game was good (they won), and Kenize got crowned homecoming queen. It was so fun. Here are the pictures! Kenz, you looked beeeeautiful!
Their homecoming theme was "Bill and Ted's Excellent Homecoming". To reveal the homecoming queen, they had 5 guitar cases with each girls name on it. The dads opened the guitar cases and the case with the inflattable guitar was the winner.
All of us.
Kenz and Brooke.
Merrick happy he has such a beautiful sister in law.

Friday, November 2

Say Hi!!

Berkleigh is now consistently waving to people in the grocery stores, and Merrick melts them with his adorable smile! I used to get stopped all the time when people would ask if B & M were twins, now they stop to talk to them after Berkleigh waves and Merrick smiles. What a team.... its like they discuss how they can get the maximum people to stop us so that mom can't get anything done! :)

This lady at the park yesterday was like, "Oh, that smile is so cute, you need to take a picture of that." So I did, but I thought, "Thanks lady for telling me what to do." :)

Photo Phriday

I love these pictures. My grandma died a couple weeks ago, and we went down to visit my grandpa. It was so tender to see my grandpa play with the twins. He was so sad about grandma, but he was so happy to have the twins there.
My mom took these pictures of us at the beach by my grandparents house.

Getting into mischief... I don't know how to stop it! They go in different directions and these pictures don't do it justice!