Friday, June 28

My life

This is my life right now. 
Be back soon.

Sunday, June 23


(Disclaimer: how lame that I can't get my act together to post this, when my mom is already here again... She is so nice to come back and help me while Tyson is gone for a week.)

Grandma came! 
She wanted to see Berkleigh's recital, Merrick play soccer, come for my birthday, and just hang out with us.

We had lots of fun.

Grandma brought presents for the kids...
Always a big hit. She finds the coolest things. 

She made skirts for the girls. 
I LOVE them.
And I love when they match!

We visited my Grandpa in Washington. He will be 102 in August.
That is so crazy to me! 
I love that my kids have the chance to know him and love him.
They talk about him all the time.

He is so fun. Even at 101 1/2 he is witty, even if you have to yell at him to talk to him. :)

And we showed her some of our favorite places in Portland.


It feels weird that I am writing this while my mom sits next to me. :) She is here again 3 weeks later...
She is a life saver, and the last three weeks has been a blur.

Friday, June 14

First Day of Summer Break

I saw this idea on Pinterest awhile ago, and finally had a chance to use it!
My kids have their first summer break from school!
The morning they woke up on their first day of summer break they came down to this...
A "Welcome to Summer" banner and a tye dye t-shirt kit.

We should be packing, but hey, we will tye dye t shirts tomorrow!

Thursday, June 13


Best time in Oregon is berry picking time.
There is nothing better than delicious berries for super cheap.

On one packed Saturday, we went from soccer to the strawberry fields.
In HB, I could get about 2 lbs for $15.
In Oregon, I can get 16 lbs for $18.

 Here is Q up to her old shenanigans and her AMAZING smile for the camera. 

She was so cute picking strawberries. This is her first time, and she loved it....

Take a look.
This farm uses no pestisides and are all organic berries, so it was so nice to let Q go to town. She didn't quite understand that fully red is the way to go.

Wednesday, June 12

Favorite things!

My friend Carrie and I threw a favorite things party.
I loved doing these parties in HB, and then I just didn't get around to planning one here.
FINALLY, we got our act together and got it done.
It was so fun, and is such an easy party to throw. Everyone brings everything, and then we switch.
Simple and yet, SO FUN!
I am used to doing five $6 gifts, but this time we did three $10 gifts.
it worked out well! There were some bigger things this time and I liked that.

I gave my favorite Anthropologie bowl (the big size cause budge was bigger) and all the fixings for an Acai Bowl. I also bought goodwill spoons and painted the bones in cute colors, and along with the recipe. I thought they were darling, but then again, it is one of my favorite things.

Monday, June 3


Someone didn't want to go take a nap...

She thinks that face will get her an extended play time.
Good effort, but won't work.